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5 Reasons to do Online Horse Racing Bet at DON99 Singapore

Similarly with 4D toto, Horse racing has been one of the classic bets to be played by Singaporean since the last century. Fast forward today, the emergence of advanced internet technology has brought horse racing bet to the next level…and DON99, the best and trusted online casino Singapore, provides the most convenient and practical site to perform your horse racing bet. Here are reasons to perform horse racing bet via DON99.

5 Reason to do Online Horse Racing

DON99 Singapore provides a horse race betting platform that is acquainted to the Singapore Turf Club, the main operator and service provider of horse racing bet in Singapore. The club is regulated by Singapore Pools and Singapore Totalisator Board, which is all owned by the government of Singapore. This makes for a completely safe, secure and legal betting experience. Also, did you know that the Singapore racecourse and grandstand is one of the best in the world, which allows all the horses to race in the ideal condition.

2) Betting Made Convenient & Hassle-Free

Gone are the hassle of visiting bookmakers and using telephone service, for DON99 does it all in one site. DON99’s website is simple and user-friendly for sportsbook horse racing bet which makes it usable and accessible by everyone. Just access the designated horse page, pick your horse, bet type, and how much you want to wager. All of this can be done in your desktop and mobile devices anytime, anywhere in your preferred comfort.

Reason Online Horse Racing bet in singapore

3) Wide Racing Coverage

Every bettors will not miss a single betting action in DON99. This online casino Singapore encompasses a wide range of horse racing types and betting options for every punters. For further information, you may visit our site to read the form guideline before you embark on your horse racing bet with us. However, here’s some of the major and interesting race and bet types you can find in Singapore:

 a) Types of Race

– Flat Racing

The horses compete over a flat course with no jumps and obstacles. Comprises of varied distances, it is a fast and straightforward race where the one with the greater speed and stamina wins.


Just like the human steeplechase race, this is a race that deals with multiple jumps. It is an exciting and thrilling event that will leave bettors at the edge of their seats. You have to pick a horse that can run fast and hop high.

– Harness

A horse have to pull the two-wheeled contraptions (Sulky) around the racetrack. A driver will be seated on the sulky to guide the horse. A harness race comes in two sub-categories; ‘trotting’ is how fast the horse walks and ‘pacing’ is about horses moving at a faster, almost run-like pace.

– Endurance 

This race occurs over extensive, long distances at between 50 – 100 miles. Similar to a human marathon race, a horse needs to have powerful endurance and speed to complete the race in a significant good timing.

b) Types of Horse Bets in Singapore

Each type of bets have its level of risk. It is a matter of what risk you are willing to take. Here are the major betting types available in the Singapore horse racing scene:

– Each Way Bet

This bet consist of 2 system; one is to bet on a particular horse to win, meanwhile, another bet for a particular horse to be placed in any position of the race. If the selected horse wins the race, bettors will win for both bets. If the horse wins in any wagered position, bettors will only win that part of the bet.

– Outright Bet

This is a bet on a particular horse to win the race. If the horse wins champion, you will win the bet.

– Place Bet

This is a bet on a horse to finish in the range of top 2 position. Obtain any position in the top 2 and you will win.

– Show Bet

Wager on a horse to finish in the range of the top 3 position. The winning chances may be steeper, but the payout is even steeper when you win!

– Across the Board

A trio of bets; placing Show, Place and Outright bets in one bet. This allows you to win more than 1 bet or all of it. If your horse wins champion, you will win all 3 bets. If it finishes second place, you will win the Show and Place bets. If it finishes at third place, you will win the Show bet only.

– Tricast

Punters need to predict which particular horse would finish in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd position.

– Forecast

When you place Forecast bets, you have to predict which two horses will finish in the top 2 position. You can choose to bet those horses to finish in or without exact order.

– First Four (Superfecta)

A challenging and expensive wager which comes with a lucrative payout if you win. You need to select the horses that will finish in the top 4 position in exact order. 

– Accumulators

A bet that combines multiple bet selections which is also known as the all-in-one bet. All of the bets in the selections need to win for you to win the (as the name implies) Accumulator bet. Arguably, it is the toughest and most lucrative stakes.

Reason Online Horse Racing

4) Full-Blown Bonuses, Rebates & Promotions

Online casinos usually give out high amount of bonuses, rebates and rewards to punters. This is because they have a lower overhead cost than a land-based casino, which makes the former more generous in their giveaways. DON99 are known to provide one of the highest bonuses and rebates, along with many rewarding promotions. In DON99, you will begin with 100% Welcome Bonus and Special Welcome Bonus upon registration, follow on with 10% Daily Deposit Bonus, 5% Unlimited Deposit Bonus, horse racing exclusive bonus and rebates, and more. This incentives assist players in many ways to let them win more and loss less.

5) Better Odds in DON99 Singapore

The betting odds in DON99 online casino Singapore is one of the best you can get anywhere in the world wide web. You can play any games with the highest rewards here such as live casino, slot games, sports betting and horse racing bets. DON99 keep their overhead cost at a minimum to give back more to the players.

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…with the support of Singapore Pools and our favourable odds, this makes DON99 the safest, trusted and best online casino singapore to perform your horse racing bets.

Regardless, you must always remember to play responsibly as gambling excessively will be bad for your wellbeing and wallet!

Over 30,000 players trusted Don99 Online Casino in Singapore.

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