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American Roulette | Play American Roulette in Singapore 2022

Also known as the little wheel game, Roulette continues to be a popular table game even today at both land and live online casinos. The game is cherished by players for its easily comprehensible rules, simple layout and fantastic gameplay. The game has evolved over the years, and today Roulette fans can play a range of Roulette variants.

American Roulette

While the basic game rules are akin to the Classic Roulette, you can choose from intriguing game formats. The American Roulette is a renowned variant of Roulette that you can play at almost every top-rated online casino. This Roulette variant offers an exhilarating experience to players sporting a double zero and 38 numbers. 

The large payoffs from smaller bets attract more and more players to the game, where they can enjoy a Las Vegas-like Roulette gambling experience. 

Basic rules of American Roulette 

In a game of American Roulette, different players can place bets on their dedicated spots on the American Roulette table. Roulette bets can be placed only before the dealer closes the ongoing betting session. Gamblers need to remember that their bets can’t exceed the table limits. Once the dealer takes bets and spins the ball, he announces the winners and pays them. 

While the Random Number Generator (RNG) Roulette games allow players to enjoy automated Roulette sessions, you can also enjoy live dealer American Roulette in the presence of human croupiers. In the case of the latter format of the game, just like in a real casino game, the dealer touches the players’ chips with losing bets. The highlight of the American Roulette wheel is its double zero pockets which increases the house edge. The payouts in the game are made for different types of bets based on the paytable.

Bet types in American Roulette

The betting process in American Roulette is similar to any other game variation. The extra zero pocket adds to the betting options like the split on 0-00. In any Roulette variant, the payout remains the same. However, the winning probability is much lower in American Roulette than in European or French Roulette. 

Here are the different types of bets that you can choose to make. A thorough understanding of these can help you make a comprehensive decision on what to bet on. 

Inside bets

These refer to the possible bets located on the inner section of the Roulette table. So, if you are placing a chip on a single number on the Roulette wheel, it is to be considered an inside bet. Roulette inside bets offers a higher payout but lower winning chances. The different kinds of inside bets are as follows:

Straight-up bet 

A straight-up bet can be placed on a single number- 0 and 00 can offer a 35:1 payout. 

Split bets 

Split bets can be placed on the line between the two adjacent numbers like 0 and 00. They offer a corresponding payout of 17:1.

Street bet 

Street bets can be placed on the line at the end of 3 numbers in a row. Placing a street bet can fetch you 11:1.

Corner bet

These bets refer to a group of 4 numbers located at the corner where those numbers touch. Betting on this offers an 18:1 payout.

Five bet

Unique to American Roulette, this bet can be placed at the corner by 1 and 1. You can expect such bets to pay out 6:1. 

Line bet

Line bets include two rows of 3 numbers where the bet is placed at the end of those two rows. Line bets pay 5:1.

In six-line bets, you need to get one of the 6 numbers in two adjacent rows, and if one of those six numbers win, you can claim a payout of 6:1. 

Outside bets

Aside from the inside bets, Roulette offers possibilities of placing outside bets. Outside bets are based on a broader category of numbers where you bet on a particular type of number instead of betting on a specific number. Some experts suggest new players start with the outside bets as the winning chances are better in the outside bets, although they offer a lower payout. 

Column bets

In column bets, bets are placed on a 2-1 box at the column’s end with a corresponding payout of 2:1.

Dozen bets

A dozen bets refer to a group of numbers placed on the first of 12 boxes, and likewise. They offer a corresponding payout of 2:1.

Colour bets

Colour bets include either all black or red number bets. They pay 1:1, which is paid out when the Roulette ball lands on the chosen colour that you predicted would win with a stake.

Odd/Even bets

It refers to whether you bet on the even numbers or the odd numbers. Odd/Even bets payout   1:1 if your ball lands on a respective winning number.

Low/high bets

These bets refer to betting on all high or low numbers, and it also pays 1:1. 

House-edge: American Roulette versus Classic Roulette 

European Roulette has been around for a longer time than its American version. The former consists of only 37 numbers from 0-36 instead of its American prototype that flaunts 38 numbers. Also, European Roulette has a single zero instead of the two zero pockets in American Roulette. 

The European version of the game has an average house edge of 2.3% and can go up to 2.7, whereas the American Roulette has a house advantage of 5.26%, almost double that of the Classic Roulette.

Pros of playing American Roulette 

Gamblers from across the world love American Roulette, and it is the double zero that changes the winning odds of the game. Every outcome pays out at even money, allowing you to double your money if successful and lose your stake when unsuccessful. The double green zero in American Roulette gives the casino an edge on such bets, which is increased when you have a double zero tossed into the mix.

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Live American Roulette

American Roulette can be enjoyed in real-time, thanks to the iGaming industry’s stalwart software providers who has made this possible. Created to offer a spectacular and immersive experience, Live American Roulette can be accessed at most top-rated online casino singapore. The Roulette wheel has 38 pockets numbered from 0-36 and two zero pockets, and Live Roulette allows players to bet on individual numbers and groups of numbers. Did you know that the RTP (Return to Player) for Live American Roulette is 94.74? 

Most reputable casinos host the Live American Roulette game streamed from real casino studios in exotic gambling destinations. Not only can you enjoy an exhilarating Roulette session streamed in HD, but you can also play it in several languages, styles and with different stake limits. Make sure you stick to your bankroll in online gambling. 

You can find a crowned casino to play your favourite Live American Roulette on your iOS or Android smartphones or tablets and enjoy seamless gaming along with impeccable features, special Roulette bonuses and promos, including scrumptious welcome bonuses.  

Some casinos powered by software biggies such as NetEnt feature American Roulette that can be played free without depositing any money. You can always give the trial game a spin before placing real money bets. 

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