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The 10 Fastest Horse Breeds in the World for Horse Racing

Singapore is famed for their horse racing industry which is operated legally by the Singapore Turf Club. One of the crucial factor to win in horse racing bets is to know the breed of your horses, because some breeds are made for speed.

The 10 Fastest Horse Breeds in the World

Different breeds have different qualities – but in a racing industry, the most important and prized trait is the quality of speed. With that, many pedigrees have been developed with the speediest genetics for racing success.

What you will be reading below is our listed top 10 fastest horse breeds in the world for horse racing bets. Our chosen horses are measured in several ways; short distance sprinters and long-distance gallopers, or better, the best of both abilities.

It's not all about raw top speed too, hence, we have carefully found the exceptional horses for your betting glory.

1. Akhal-Teke

Descended from the now-extinct Turkoman Horse, the Akhal-Teke is one of the oldest horse breed in the world, originated in modern-day Turkmenistan with only 6,000 of them left in the world today. They are bred for stamina and covering vast distances in the shortest possible time. That is why they are prized horses for long-distance racing and war. They also perform well in eventing, dressage, showjumping and other equestrian events.

An average Akhal-Teke horse stands at around 147-163cm (58-64 inches) tall and have a distinctive metallic coat which gave them the pseudonym "Golden Horse". They have a fiery temperament which makes them hard to bond with people. But if they know someone really well, an exceptionally strong bond will be formed.

2. Arabian

This particularly striking and handsome breed is one of the fastest breeds in long-distant races (top speed at around 64km/per hour). The Arabian horse is among the most ancient horse breed, bred in the harsh climate of the Arabian Peninsula for conflict and war. They are well-kept inside the tents by the Bedouin tribesmen to keep them safe and in optimal state.

Their close proximity with humans forms a very people-friendly demeanour along with traits like high intelligence, cooperativeness and willingness. Plus, they are very alert breeds with high spirit which makes them suitable for the battlefield. They are considered a lot to handle for inexperienced horse owners.

3. Thoroughbred

The Thoroughbred is one of the most famous race horse in modern horseracing events. This type of horse is bred in England in the 17th-18th century. The local mares are bred with the Arabian, Turkoman and Barb stallions to create powerful Thoroughbred breeds. The bloodline of modern Thoroughbreds came from the lineage of famous stallions which are the Darley Arabian, Godolphin Arabian and Byerly Turk.

These breed of horse are tall, slim-built with a fiery and lively temperament. They are speedsters that excels in races of around 1 mile in distance and can hold their top speed over distances of around 1.2-2km (0.75-1.25 miles or 6-10 furlongs). Currently, a Thoroughbred named Winning Brew holds the Guinness world record as the fastest horse of all time, with a top speed of 43.97 miles/per hour in their respective distance capabilities.

fastest Horse Breeds

4. Andalusian

Another ancient breed of horse that was bred on the Iberian Peninsula, the Andalusian is also known as Pure Spanish Horse or the Spanish Pura Raza Española. It is intelligent yet docile and a handsome breed with long flowing mane and a long tail that moves with elegance.

They were valued in the past as warhorses because of their outstanding stamina, speed and agility. Now, their abilities are used in long-distance horse races, dressage, show jumping and equestrian activities.

5. American Quarter Horse

The American Quarter Horse is named for its famed pace over the quarter mile distance. This horse are able to clock at speeds up to an astounding 55 miles/per hour, making it the fastest horse known to mankind. However, it cannot beat some breeds such as the Thoroughbred horse over longer distances.

American Quarter Horse first emerged when the English Thoroughbreds were brought to North America to breed with the local stallions. The result; a fast and agile horse breed that was ideal for working with cattles were born.

A sprint master, this breed is ideal for short-distance races and western riding events such as barrel racing. This breed is also well-known for its willingness to work and possessing a calm demeanour.

6. American Paint Horse

The fusion between the Thoroughbred and the American Quarter Horse genes brings about a super horse that can reach high speeds; the American Paint Horse.

Currently, one of the most popular breeds in the US, these are horses with coloured and coat pattern which are kept by some keen-eyed horse owners who like their aesthetic outlook.

The American Paint Horse has low centre of gravity and powerful hindquarters which make them highly suited for western riding disciplines and explosive short distance races.

7. Appaloosa

The Appaloosa comes in distinctive patterned coat with explosive speed, strength and endurance. They were originally bred by the Native American Nez Perce Tribe for hunting, which make them very navigable on undulated terrain. Therefore, they are highly suited for long-distance trail riding.

They are among the most popular horses in the US which is also a crossbreed between the Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse. A very powerful horse indeed.

8. Standardbred

Though this breed isn't considered a top competitor in galloping races, its unique strength comes in the form of trotting. These are the fastest trotters and they can trot up to 30 miles/per hour.

Therefore, Standardbreds is an ideal breed in harness racing event. Their friendly nature and intelligence make them a good choice of horse for beginners. Their willingness to learn and versatility makes them popular for other events and usage in daily life such as pleasure riding. Standardbreds are descended from Thoroughbred breeds, which can be traced to a horse named Hambletonian 10 also known as Rysdyk's Hambletonian.

10 Fastest Horse Breeds

9. Mustang

Mustangs are well-known as wild horses. Now, they run wild and breed freely which culminates to a many variations of Mustangs. These breed are domesticated Spanish horses brought to American shores. Some Mustang still retain the characteristics of the original Spanish Horses, but you need to test them thoroughly to find out.

Mustangs are generally friendly, versatile and calm. However, some may have wilder personalities which can be a challenge for beginner horse owners.

For racing purposes, some pureblood Mustangs are bred with Thoroughbred and American Quarter Horse to give birth to Mustangs with impressive speed, endurance and power. These Mustangs, along with their wild nature, make for a good trail riding horse, long and short-distant races and dressage.

10. Mongolian Horse

In Mongolia, breeding and riding horses are deeply ingrained in the local culture. There are even more horses than the citizens of Mongolia themselves.

Mongolia is a country where summer can reach to above 86°F (30°C) and winter can drop to as low as -40°F (-40°C). The horses forage for their own food and remain outside all year making them a natural for the harsh and unpredictable condition of the country. 

Therefore, these are special horses which are able to naturally perform under certain specific or in any demanding conditions. For racing, Mongolian horses bred from the Khentii and Sükhbaatar steppe provinces are considered the fastest. Not to forget, given the tough climate and land condition, the Mongolian Horses have incredible stamina and endurance; they can maintain a gallop for 10km (6.25 miles). These semi-wild horses are used for the Mongolian Derby, the longest horse race in the world ranging at 1,000km (626 miles) in length.

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Above are the list of the world's fastest horses which are suitable for the race track. Remember to pick your horse according to their suitability of the race condition such as race distances, courses and obstacles. A last piece of advice, always do a background check on the horse breeders before you place your bet as they are the key people behind the breeding of the choice of your horse. 

Come, experience the best horse racing bet at DON99, the trusted and best online casino in Singapore.

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The 8 Ideal Traits of a Racing Horse

Placing a horse racing bet is simple, but choosing the right horse is hard. There are numerous key traits to look out for when you pick a winning horse. You want a horse that is bred for racing, well-built, minimal injury issues, and fit. You want a horse that can almost guarantee a win. Here, DON99 Singapore provides you the ideal traits to look out for in a racing horse. The more conformation of horses you are able to identify with our guidelines, the easier for you to scout your horse with a keen and trained eyes for a champion.

The 8 Ideal Traits of a Racing Horses

1. Know the Horse Breed or Pedigree

The first trait to know before placing your bet is to ensure what breed of horse that are available to bet on. Some breeds are bred for total racing prowess with magnificent speed such as the Thoroughbred race horse, Standardbred, Arabian, American Quarter Horse and Akhal-Teke to name a few.

Also, take a deeper look at the horses bloodline to know if the sire and dam are former racers that had a decent racing career in the past. Some horses may come from a lineage of sprinters, long-distant racers, trotters or stayers. In a nutshell, the better a horse's parents, the more valuable and stronger the genome of their offsprings. So, look for trusted breeders or bloodstock agents who provides the finest quality of racing horses. For the ideal race horse, it is best to look for Thoroughbred breed with bloodline from the three dominant sires; Darley Arabian, Godolphin Arabian, Byerley Turk.

2. Bone Structure

Look at your race horse at every angle and ensure that your horse has "plenty of bones" for its size; a big heavy horse with thin, weak-looking leg bones will result in lameness, so, avoid it at all cost. The horse's bone, like the human anatomy, needs to be proportionate to complement every part of the body.

Here's a brief guideline on how to look at your horse:

Looking from the front

- The leg bone should travel down in a straight line from chest to knee, to hoof. If it is not in line, the horse's leg is 'offset' with its cannon bone not in line. This will put extra pressure on the horse's knee during its gallop and it will give them plenty of soreness. Also, ensure that there's plenty of space between the top of the horse's front legs and chest to properly support that rapidly beating heart.

Looking from the side

- It is important to see that the knee position needs to be slightly over the hoof. If the knee is behind the hoof, it will cause extra strain on the knees especially for jumpers which will result in constant soreness.

Feel the Horse's legs

Feel the legs for any bumps, splints or heat. If there aren't any, then it is a good leg for race day.

Good feet structure

- This indicates that the horse is able to carry its own weight efficiently. Avoid horses with feet that turn in or out, or dish in circles during walk and trots. This type of feet will give extra pressure on the joints and will risk higher possibility of injuries.

Traits of a Racing Horses

3. Balance/Proportionate Body

Horses comes in different sizes. Regardless, an ideal race horse needs to be well proportioned; the neck, back, hip, legs need to be of equal length and in a size that complements the whole body. Pick older horses for a more fully grown potential and proportionate body for optimal performance. Most 2-year old foal have higher withers or quarters. Hence, be patient and wait until they are 5-year old to see optimal developments in those horses.

4. Muscle Tone

Muscles and strength are one of the main keys to athleticism. The power from a race horse is mainly generated from its back legs and hindquarters. You have to look for a good amount of muscle at those part of the horse to ensure for a great performance on the race track. Muscles across a horse's shoulders and forearms will contribute to their competitive performance across various type of events. You will not see much muscles on yearlings, so do not judge a young horse too fast. It is advisable to look for older horses if you want instant results.

5. Coat of the horse

A coat is also known as the hair of the horse and horses comes in various coat color! The coat is an important feature of a horse; a horse with a gleaming shiny coat signifies a healthy horse. It shows that the horse is well-fed, received good physical and mental care, and groom to perfection. A horse with flashing, shiny coat will have high value of sale and they are the top pick for high racing performance. 

A horse that has a gleaming shiny coat are the ones you need to look out for. It is an important feature that usually indicates the horse’s wellbeing. If they look well in their coat then it tends to be a sign that the horse itself is feeling very well, a bit like us!

6. Movement of the Horse

“A scratchy stride” and “covering the ground with ease” is a familiar phrase to hear when you are analysing the movement of horses. These tells a lot about a horse in the long run. 

Ideally, a good racehorse should move well no matter what the pace may be. However, some horses move differently in certain paces. Akin to elite long-distant runners or sprinters, look for horses with lengthy strides and a quick cadence; these are optimum horses in covering more ground in a fast period of time effortlessly with an economy of energy. Now, that is a champion horse to look out for!

If you do not see that traits stated above, observe how the horses walk or trot. A decent horse uses it's whole body to move, their tail will swish over their hocks as they move, the back hoof comes over the mark left by its front foot, how effortless it covers the ground, and observe carefully how hard (or easy) the jockey is riding the horse. Those are some of the basic traits to look out for in a well-moving horse.

8 Ideal Traits of a Racing Horses

7. Temperament of a Horse

A warmblood horse is easier to bond with humans which make them easier to be trained into an outstanding race horse. Also, a calm horse is able to handle the stress of the competition and have a high level of focus on the task in hand. A fiery horse such as the Thoroughbred stallions are sweaty type that tend to burn unnecessary energy by being feisty before the race starts. So, be on the lookout for a horse that is calm, relaxed, friendly and well-nature for your betting glory.

8. Horses with Facial Appearance

A trait so subtle yet vital for an athletic body and prowess. Look out for horses with bright eyes, big ears that are pointing forward, big nostrils and a wide jaw. Big bright eyes and ears signifies that the horse is more alert, the big nostrils and wide jaw allows for a lot of oxygen intake into the lungs.

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It is not easy to find the ideal horse with all the traits above, so, it is essential to take your time to find the perfect horse for your betting success. Come on over to online casino Singapore for the ideal horse race betting experience. Our website is affiliated with a legal and trusted jockey club; Singapore Turf Club, which is approved and managed by the government of Singapore.

There are plenty horse riding events here for you such as equestrian, dressage and horse races of various distances. Plus, DON99 Singapore payout is highly lucrative which will make you bet for more! Bet for the first time with us, and there will not be a last time for you!

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The Complete Guide to Horse Racing Bet in Singapore

Horse racing is Singapore's (and Malaysia) most prestigious gambling activity. Being a well-loved game, it has become a cultural tradition among Singaporean bettors. Betting on horse races are fun and rewarding. Before you do, check out this complete guide to horse racing bet in Singapore.

The Complete Guide to Horses Racing

Major Horse Racing Events in Singapore

Singapore Gold Cup

Held in one of the world's iconic racetrack -  Singapore Racecourse, Kranji - This is a top class Thoroughbred horse race that takes place annually at the end of November. You will witness the clash of the fastest; the domestic Group One category (a 2,000-metre or 2-kilometre) turf race for 3-year-old breed and older domestic horses.

Singapore Derby

An annual competition that occurs around mid-July at the reputable Singapore Racecourse. This domestic Group One event for Thoroughbred horses are raced over a distance of 1800 metres.

Lion City Cup

Singapore's most significant domestic sprint race which is held on every April since 1974. The domestic Group 1 race horse event takes place over a distance of 1200 metres and is open to 3-year-old horses and older.

Raffles Cup

Held on every October, this race is the second leg of the Singapore Triple Crown Challenge. The domestic Group 1 event is raced over a distance of 1800 metres and is open to horses aged 3 years and older.

Guide Horses Racing

Licensed, Regulated & Authorised

Physical betting centres and online casinos such as DON99 Singapore provides a horse race betting platform that is affiliated to the 180-year-old Singapore Turf Club. They are the main operator and providers that offer a safe and legal environment to perform sports betting as the club is regulated and authorised by Singapore Pools and the Singapore Totalisator Board, which is controlled by the government of Singapore. Also, did you know that the Singapore racecourse and grandstand is one of the best in the world, which allows all the horses to race in the ideal condition.

Most-Bet Races in Singapore

- Flat Racing

Comprises of various distances, it is a horse race competing over a flat course without obstacles. It is a straightforward and fast race where the speediest triumph!

- Steeplechase

This race deals with multiple obstacle jumps. It test the horse's strength and speed. A thrilling event that leave bettors pumped and excited. You better pick a horse with a high jump!

- Harness

A driver/guide will be seated on a two-wheeled contraptions (Sulky) which will be pulled by a horse around the racetrack. The harness race consist of 'trotting' which is how fast the horse walks and 'pacing' which the horses are moving at a faster, almost run-like pace.

- Endurance 

A long distance race that occurs between 50 - 100 miles. Like a human marathon, a horse needs to have great endurance and speed to complete the race with good timing.

Bet Types

1) Outright Bet (Win Bet)

This simple bet is all about placing a wager on your selected horse that you think will win. You have to analyse your horse meticulously to ensure that it is the finest horse to cross the finish line as the champion.

2) Place Bet

This is a wager on a horse to cross the finish line in 1st or 2nd place. The payout is lower because the pool of monies wagered will be split between the 1st and 2nd place horse.

3) Show Bet

Just pick a horse to finish in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd position in a race. You will be rewarded with high payout if your selected horse finish in any top 3 position. You will lose your bet if the selected horse finishes out of the top 3.

4) Each Way Bet

This is a 2-bet system where you can wager on two things; first bet, select a horse that will win champion. Second bet is on a selected horse to finish in any position up to 5th place. If the first bet wins, you win both bets. If the horse wins the second bet (horse placing from 5th to 2nd), you will only win the second bet.

5) Across the Board Bet

This is a 3-in-1 horse bet with Show, Place and Outright (Win) bets in one bet. If your chosen horse finishes first, the bettor wins all 3 bets; if the horse finishes in second place, the bettor wins 2 bets (Place and Show); if the horse finishes in third place, bettors win the Show bet only while losing the other 2 bets.

6) Forecast Bet

A flexible and challenging bet for punters. The Forecast bet comes in several variants. A famous Forecast bet lets' gamblers to choose two horses to finish in 1st and 2nd place in the exact order. Another variant of Forecast bet allow gamblers to bet on two horses to finish in the top 2 position without exact order. 

7) Tricast Bet

The Tricast bet requires' punters to choose three horses to finish in the top 3 position in the exact order. Example:

  • Horse 8 will finish in first place.
  • Horse 3 will finish in second place.
  • Horse 2 will finish in third place.

8) First Four (Superfecta)

This requires' bettors to wager on minimum 4 horses that will finish in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th position in exact or any order, depending on the variant of the First Four wager:

a) Straight First Four Bet

The bettor needs to select four horses to finish in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th position in the exact order for a successful payout.

b) Boxed First Four Bet

Bettors need to select four horses to finish in the top four in any order. As long as your chosen four horses end up in the top 4, you will win the bet.

c) Stand Out First Four Bet

Bettors need to select one horse to win 1st place, while the remainder three horses to finish in 2nd, 3rd and 4th position in any order. Once that happens, the bettor wins the payout.

9) Accumulators

An all-in-one bet; bettors have to combine multiple bet selections in one bet. You must win every bet in it to win the grand Accumulator bet. The Accumulator bet rewards a more lucrative payout than placing separate single bets because to win the Accumulator is much tougher than winning single individual bets. If one bet in the Accumulator lose, the entire Accumulator bet will be unsuccessful. You can create your own Accumulator from the list of bets stated above.

Guide Horses Racing Bet in Singapore

Strategies to Win Horse Racing Bets

1) Select Horses in Excellent Form

A horse in optimum form is a horse that has produced recent excellent race results, is well rested, has been training to their peak form, in the ideal age, and has the sweet balance between rest time and races. These are the ideal traits to look out for a great achiever.  

2) Pick the Fast Breed

You have to find out the ancestry of your selected horse. A pure-bred race horse bred from a premium range of pedigree such as the Thoroughbred, Arabian and American Quarter Horse will possess natural, built-in turbo talent for racing. Currently, Singapore does not operate any breeding business. Hence, the Singapore horse are imported from Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, England, France, Ireland and North America.

3) Know the Horses Official Ranking

The latest horses official ranking is an indication of a potential winning horse. These ranks are ranked by experts analysis themselves. Therefore, it is a reliable information to wager on. The safest bet is to bet on horses with a good ranking. Also, some races may enforce handicap ruling by placing weight on high ranking horses to have them racing in a levelled playing field. It is wise to find out how much weight is placed on them to make sure your bet is worth the risk.

4) Observe Your Horse

Horses have emotions too and the wellbeing of a horse plays a vital role in their performance on the racetrack. They experience good and bad days like humans. You may visit your selected horse to see if its happy, healthy and race-ready or is he looking sad, agitated, tired and sick? In short, a happy horse is a winning horse.

5) Analyse the Trainer's & Jockey's Data

Horse trainers, jockeys and bookmakers are people who spend a lot of time with the horses. Hence, it justifies they have the most reliable and accurate information about a horse's breed and current performance. Before placing your bets, you may visit these people for further details, which could help you to place bets that win.

6) The Ground Condition

Singapore has a tropical climate which makes the weather unpredictably hot and humid or wet and rainy. Take note of the weather to know the ground condition on any given race days. Depending on the weather, the ground may be firm, soggy, muddy, dry or soft. Different ground condition will impact performances of different horses; Some may excel on soggy grounds and some may excel on dry, firm grounds. However, the ideal condition for most horses are firm, dry ground as it is ideal for a fast and comfortable racing condition.

7)  The Betting Odds

Always check the betting odds on the race cards/betting guide provided prior to placing your bet. Punters are able to know the latest odds in betting centres and online betting sites such as DON99, the trusted and best online casino in Singapore. This lets you analyse the odds and assist you in your wagering plans.

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Now, you are ready to embark on your horse racing bet in Singapore. One of the best place to perform your racing bet is DON99, the best and trusted online casino in Singapore.

DON99 website is completely safe and reliable in their online gambling features. They also produces forecast, form guides, and betting tips for you to make a wise betting decision. Don't forget, there are plenty of bonuses, rebates and rewards for you to grasp. Stay safe and gamble responsibly with DON99 Singapore!

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5 Reasons to do Online Horse Racing Bet at DON99 Singapore

Similarly with 4D toto, Horse racing has been one of the classic bets to be played by Singaporean since the last century. Fast forward today, the emergence of advanced internet technology has brought horse racing bet to the next level...and DON99, the best and trusted online casino Singapore, provides the most convenient and practical site to perform your horse racing bet. Here are reasons to perform horse racing bet via DON99.

5 Reason to do Online Horse Racing

DON99 Singapore provides a horse race betting platform that is acquainted to the Singapore Turf Club, the main operator and service provider of horse racing bet in Singapore. The club is regulated by Singapore Pools and Singapore Totalisator Board, which is all owned by the government of Singapore. This makes for a completely safe, secure and legal betting experience. Also, did you know that the Singapore racecourse and grandstand is one of the best in the world, which allows all the horses to race in the ideal condition.

2) Betting Made Convenient & Hassle-Free

Gone are the hassle of visiting bookmakers and using telephone service, for DON99 does it all in one site. DON99's website is simple and user-friendly for sportsbook horse racing bet which makes it usable and accessible by everyone. Just access the designated horse page, pick your horse, bet type, and how much you want to wager. All of this can be done in your desktop and mobile devices anytime, anywhere in your preferred comfort.

Reason Online Horse Racing bet in singapore

3) Wide Racing Coverage

Every bettors will not miss a single betting action in DON99. This online casino Singapore encompasses a wide range of horse racing types and betting options for every punters. For further information, you may visit our site to read the form guideline before you embark on your horse racing bet with us. However, here's some of the major and interesting race and bet types you can find in Singapore:

 a) Types of Race

Flat Racing

The horses compete over a flat course with no jumps and obstacles. Comprises of varied distances, it is a fast and straightforward race where the one with the greater speed and stamina wins.

- Steeplechase

Just like the human steeplechase race, this is a race that deals with multiple jumps. It is an exciting and thrilling event that will leave bettors at the edge of their seats. You have to pick a horse that can run fast and hop high.


A horse have to pull the two-wheeled contraptions (Sulky) around the racetrack. A driver will be seated on the sulky to guide the horse. A harness race comes in two sub-categories; 'trotting' is how fast the horse walks and 'pacing' is about horses moving at a faster, almost run-like pace.


This race occurs over extensive, long distances at between 50 - 100 miles. Similar to a human marathon race, a horse needs to have powerful endurance and speed to complete the race in a significant good timing.

b) Types of Horse Bets in Singapore

Each type of bets have its level of risk. It is a matter of what risk you are willing to take. Here are the major betting types available in the Singapore horse racing scene:

Each Way Bet

This bet consist of 2 system; one is to bet on a particular horse to win, meanwhile, another bet for a particular horse to be placed in any position of the race. If the selected horse wins the race, bettors will win for both bets. If the horse wins in any wagered position, bettors will only win that part of the bet.

Outright Bet

This is a bet on a particular horse to win the race. If the horse wins champion, you will win the bet.

Place Bet

This is a bet on a horse to finish in the range of top 2 position. Obtain any position in the top 2 and you will win.

Show Bet

Wager on a horse to finish in the range of the top 3 position. The winning chances may be steeper, but the payout is even steeper when you win!

Across the Board

A trio of bets; placing Show, Place and Outright bets in one bet. This allows you to win more than 1 bet or all of it. If your horse wins champion, you will win all 3 bets. If it finishes second place, you will win the Show and Place bets. If it finishes at third place, you will win the Show bet only.


Punters need to predict which particular horse would finish in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd position.


When you place Forecast bets, you have to predict which two horses will finish in the top 2 position. You can choose to bet those horses to finish in or without exact order.

First Four (Superfecta)

A challenging and expensive wager which comes with a lucrative payout if you win. You need to select the horses that will finish in the top 4 position in exact order. 


A bet that combines multiple bet selections which is also known as the all-in-one bet. All of the bets in the selections need to win for you to win the (as the name implies) Accumulator bet. Arguably, it is the toughest and most lucrative stakes.

Reason Online Horse Racing

4) Full-Blown Bonuses, Rebates & Promotions

Online casinos usually give out high amount of bonuses, rebates and rewards to punters. This is because they have a lower overhead cost than a land-based casino, which makes the former more generous in their giveaways. DON99 are known to provide one of the highest bonuses and rebates, along with many rewarding promotions. In DON99, you will begin with 100% Welcome Bonus and Special Welcome Bonus upon registration, follow on with 10% Daily Deposit Bonus, 5% Unlimited Deposit Bonus, horse racing exclusive bonus and rebates, and more. This incentives assist players in many ways to let them win more and loss less.

5) Better Odds in DON99 Singapore

The betting odds in DON99 online casino Singapore is one of the best you can get anywhere in the world wide web. You can play any games with the highest rewards here such as live casino, slot games, sports betting and horse racing bets. DON99 keep their overhead cost at a minimum to give back more to the players.

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...with the support of Singapore Pools and our favourable odds, this makes DON99 the safest, trusted and best online casino singapore to perform your horse racing bets.

Regardless, you must always remember to play responsibly as gambling excessively will be bad for your wellbeing and wallet!

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TYPES and TIPS Horse Racing Bet in Singapore

Horse racing bets are a tradition in Singapore (and Malaysia). It has existed for several decades in the nation and it is one of Singaporeans favourite gambling events. Singapore Turf Club, situated at 1 Turf Club Avenue, is the main bookmaker and operator of Singapore's horse racing bets.

The club is regulated by Singapore Pools and Singapore's Totalisator Board, which is owned by the government of Singapore. It is essential to know that Singapore Pools is one of the few licensed bookies. It is exempted from laws set by the Remote Gambling Act.

TYPES and TIPS Horse Racing

For that reason, all bets are made safe and secure. In this comprehensive guide, you will be informed about different horse bet types, race events and how to determine a good bet. 


The Singapore racecourse is one of the best in the world that holds many top-class horse racing events. Following are the main type of horse races you can find in Singapore.

a) Flat Racing

It's the basic form of horse racing where the horses compete over the flat course with no jumps or obstacles. It is a feat of stamina and speed over different distances, to see who emerges the strongest.

b) Steeplechase

Steeplechase is a race with the intensity of a flat race and it deals with multiple jumps. It is a very unpredictable and exciting event that will make all bets and bettors go wild on race days. The Grand National is the biggest steeplechase event across the globe.

c) Harness

Each horse have to pull the two-wheeled contraptions known as sulky. A driver will be seated on the sulky and guide their horse around the racetrack. There are several types of harness races namely pacing and trotting; pacing enables the horses to move at faster speeds while trotting is akin to a fast walk.

d) Endurance

Akin to a marathon, endurance race occurs over long, extensive distances, often between 50 and 100 miles. A strong and fast race horse can complete the 100-mile race in between 14 and 15 hours. Some of the popular endurance races in world are the Old Dominion Ride and Tevis Cup.


There are various types of horse racing bets each of them are thrilling on its own which will keep punters entertained all day. Here are the betting markets to suit every horse racing punter.

a) Each Way Bet

This is a 2-bet system; one bet on a horse to win the race and other for the horse to place in any position of the race. If the horse wins the race, you win for both bets. If the horse wins in any placed position, you will only win the place of that bet.

b) Outright Bet

One of the simplest way to place bets on horse races. You just have to wager on the horse that you think will win. If the horse crosses the line first, you will win the bet.

c) Show Bet

Arguably, the simplest bet to make. Just simply pick a horse to finish in the top 3 places. The winning odds may be lower, but the payout is high.

d) Place Bet

This is a bet on a horse to finish no worse than 2nd place. The payout is smaller as compared to the Outright Bet, although fewer risks are involved.

e) Across The Board

A 3-in-1 bet (Show, Place and Outright bets in one bet). If your selected horse finishes first, you will win all 3 types of bet. If your horse finishes at second place, you will receive payout for Show and Place bets. Lastly, if your horse finishes at third place, you will be receive payout for Show bet only.

f) Tricast

In Tricast bet, bettors need to predict which horses would finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. This is an added excitement and challenge to you gamblers.

g) Forecast

The Forecast bet predicts which horse that will finish in the 1st and 2nd place. The reverse Forecast bet lets you bet on 2 horses to finish at top two places without the exact order.

h) First Four (Superfecta)

As the name implies, this bet requires the bettor to pick the horses that will finish in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th position in exact order. This is a tough and expensive wager, which comes with very high payout if you win.

i) Accumulators

This all-in-one bet allows the bettor to combine multiple bet selections in one bet. For one to win, all of the selections need to be successful for the bet to win. You can create accumulators bet from all the betting types mentioned here. It will be one of the most lucrative payout you will ever get if you win.


Before you place your horse racing bet, take a look at the race/form guide provided to find out every details about a certain horse, the types of bet available, the odds and the payout. This information are vital for a successful bet, and we give you the top 6 pointers to look out for.

1) Form

The form of a horse shows how well a horse can perform. Lookout for the horse's recent form. If the horse has been in the top 3 on the last few outings, it indicates that the horse is in good winning condition in comparison to average performing horses.

2) Trainer/Jockey

The relationship between a horse's trainer/jockey plays a significant role in the performance of a horse. An experienced and empathetic horse trainer/jockey is able to bring the best out of a race horse, which creates a better chance of winning. A horse owner and horse trainer/jockey may be 2 different people, so look out for the latter when picking a race horse.

3) Bet On the Favourites

The safest option is to always bet on the favourite. The favourite horse might have low odds, but the chances of winning is a lot higher. On the other hand, you could get an expert advice on which horse you should bet on to increase your chances of winning.

4) The Going or Ground Condition

It refers to the state of the racing track. For instance, the ground condition of the track can be firm, muddy or filled with pot holes. For instance, some horse may perform better on a dry, firm ground whilst some may perform better in wet, muddy conditions. But generally, the ideal horse race is best done on a dry, firm ground. Hence, always check the going and your horse strength before placing your bet on your chosen horse.

5) Distance

Like human athletes, some horses have fast twitch muscles and high intensity power that is ideal for a sprint race. Meanwhile, some horses have slow twitch muscles with high endurance and stamina which make them ideal for long-distant races. Therefore, select the right race horse base on the event you are participating.

6) The Handicap System

Usually, extra weights are applied to a horse that have performed exceptionally well. The bet you placed on a 'handicapped' horse will give you higher payouts if it wins. Nevertheless, always pick the horses you think will perform the best for your bet.


Singapore has plenty of simple depositing and withdrawing options which makes horse racing bets so favourable among Singaporean bettors. There are also large number of payment options available including bank transfers, e-wallets, credit cards and more. DON99 betting site is affiliated with POSB, UOB, OCBC Bank and DBS Bank which ensures a trusted, easy and secure money transaction. There are no qualms when performing your horse racing bet in Singapore.

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Singapore is the best place for a world-class horse racing bet experience. It is even better when you do it through DON99, the best and trusted online casino in Singapore to perform online betting.

In DON99 you will be able to play live casino games, sports betting, slot games and horse racing bet with a peace of mind and full-blown excitement. Enjoy and gamble responsibly with DON99 Singapore!

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14 Interesting Horse Racing Facts You May Not Know

Horse racing has been a popular sport that spans millennia. The origins of horse racing can be traced back to the nomadic tribespeople in Central Asia around 4500 BC. As it became a tradition among various cultures in the world, modern horse racing as we know today start its development in the 12th century.

14 Interesting Horse Racing

Amongst the type of races (including jump and harness races), flat racing remains the most popular racing event because of its thrills and intensity. The Thoroughbred racehorses are the most common breed for racing because it has one of the most powerful endurance and stamina for racing prowess.

Today, it is a beloved pastime as people gather at racetracks to bet and watch the fastest horses compete to their fortune glory.

Here are fun facts about horse racing you may not know.

1. 43.97 MPH is the Fastest Speed Recorded by a Racehorse

The racehorse Winning Brew puts its name in the Guinness World Records for recording the highest race speed of 43.97 MPH over two furlongs. Winning Brew achieved this record at Penn National Race Course in Grantville, Pennsylvania, on 14th May 2008.

2. Most Thoroughbreds Begin Racing at Two Years Old

It is common to find most Thoroughbreds begin their racing careers at just two years old. This is because two and three-year-old are their most energetic, youthful period and in their prime for racing. Some horses do race until five or six years old before retiring and begin their stint in the horse breeding industry.

3. All Thoroughbreds Share the Same Birthday

No matter the date they are born, all Thoroughbreds share a common birthday. Some big races have an age limit, hence, this rule is enforced to make it simpler to keep track of the horse's age. For instance, race horses must be three years of age to compete in the Kentucky Derby.

Another trivia you should know is that birth dates of Thoroughbreds born in the Northern Hemisphere is January 1. Whilst in the Southern Hemisphere, their birthdays are August 1. 

Many breeders in the Northern Hemisphere will plan their breeding thoroughly so the foals can be born as close to January 1 as possible. This gives more time for their peak development and maturity, in time for their first race. Sometimes, the breeders utilise lights to fool the mares and stallions to mate early gestation period so that they will give birth to foals quicker.

Interesting Horse Racing

4. Also Known as “The Sport of Kings”

In 1605, King James I had a big obsession with the sports that he established Newmarket as a royal resort with much priority for horse racing events. His interest was so strong that Parliament urged him to refocus on his duty as King. 

As the sport continues to grow, his son, King James II, turned Newmarket into the headquarters of British racing. Horse racing became popular among the royalty and aristocrats of British society, earning the title “The Sports of Kings.”

5. Queen Elizabeth II is an Avid & Famous Horse Racing Fan

And she owned many successful race horses over the years, which have earned more than 1,600 wins. Her horses have won all British Classic Races including the Epsom Derby and the Grand National. Oh! There are even races named after her such as Queen Elizabeth II Challenge Cup Stakes, Queen Elizabeth II Commemorative Cup, and Queen Elizabeth II Stakes.

6. Horse Racing is Britain’s Second Most-Watch Sport 

Football is the most favourite sport to watch in Britain, and horse racing comes in second. There are over 6 million spectators who visit Britain's racetracks every year which contributes to this lucrative billion-dollar industry.

7. A Multi-Billion-Dollar Industry

In the United States alone, horse racing brings approximately $36.6 billion into their economy every year. Also, it gives many job opportunities to people as there are around 472,000 people working in the horse racing industry. The staff include trainers, stewards, jockeys, racetrack food workers and more.

8. The Jockey Club Must Approve Thoroughbred Names

There are much effort and thoughts when naming a horse. Owners must adhere to guidelines set by the Jockey Club prior to naming their Thoroughbred horse. Owners can submit up to six names for the Jockey Club to decide with naming (crucial) criteria:

- No longer than 18 characters including spaces and punctuation

- No naming after graded stakes races and or race tracks.

- No names consisting entirely of numbers, except for numbers above thirty. 

- No naming after actual people unless received written permission from that said person. 

- Names cannot be reused until at least five years after the horse has left racing and breeding. 

- No naming after Hall of Fame or Eclipse Award winners.

Horse Racing Facts You May Not Know

9. A Jockey Must be Qualified

Not just anyone can be qualified as a jockey. There are many criteria to be met for this role, and some of the main ones are:

- Individuals must be 18 years old or above to get jockey license.

- Jockeys should ideally weigh around 48-54kg (108-118 pounds) because weigh is an important aspect of racing.

- No height limit, but jockeys ideal height is around 4’10”- 5’6”.

- One must have knowledge and experience with horses and racing.

Many jockeys earn their degree at North American Racing Academy (NARA), Kentucky. NARA is the only jockey school in the country and one of the best in the world. Some jockeys earn their qualification through horse racing apprenticeship.

10. From Lip Tattoos to Microchipped Horses

Traditionally, all racehorses are required to have a letter that corresponds with the horse's birth year and four or five numbers tattooed at the inside of their lip for identification purposes.

In 2017, as the world progresses digitally, the identification was switched to microchips as tattooed figures are hard to be read. The microchip can be scanned to view the full details of the horse with better readability. Tattoos are wholly discontinued in 2020 and every Thoroughbred must be microchipped upon registration with the Jockey Club.

11. The Kiplingcotes Derby is the Oldest Horse Race in the World 

The Kiplingcotes Derby commences from the year 1519. It is officially the oldest horse race in the world that still takes place today. A four-mile race across the farm's track and field, it is an annual event that takes place in East Riding of Yorkshire, England. There is no age limit for horses to compete in the race.

Rain or shine, the race must go on every year or be canceled forever to keep up with their 500-year tradition. The race is also ran during the heat of the Covid-19 pandemic with only two riders racing each other in 2020.

12. The Most Expensive Horse Ever Sold Was a Racehorse

Fusaichi Pegasus, a Thoroughbred, is the most expensive horse (and racehorse) ever sold at a whopping $70 million to breeder Coolmore Stud in 2000. Born in 1997, the colt was bought by Fusao Sekiguchi for $4 million. Sekiguchi combined his first name with "Ichi", the Japanese word for "best" to create the name Fusaichi Pegasus.

Unfortunately, as a breeding horse, Fusaichi Pegasus performs averagely for the price he was sold for. Perhaps, a racing horse should always remain as a racing horse for life.

13. Only One Horse Has Ever Won the Grand Slam of Thoroughbred Racing

13 horses have won the Triple Crown, but American Pharaoh is the first and only horse in history which has won the elite Grand Slam of Thoroughbred racing in 2015. A horse must win the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, the Belmont Stakes and the Breeders Cup Classic in the same year to win the Grand Slam. A tough and respected feat indeed! During American Pharaoh's racing career, he has won nine of his 11 starts and earned $8,650,300!

14. Secretariat Holds the Record for the Fastest Time in 3 Major Races

Secretariat also known as 'Big Red', one of the greatest racehorse of all time, won the prized Triple Crown in 1973 and setting the fastest records (still unbroken) in all its three races; Kentucky Derby in 1:59.4 minutes, Preakness Stakes in 1:53.00 minutes, and the Belmont Stakes in 2:24.00 minutes. Secretariat also won the biggest distance at 31 lengths!

Until his death, Secretariat has won 16 of his 21 starts, earning up to $1,316,808 in his racing career. It was discovered that he has a heart over two times bigger than the average horse. With that, he is the only horse to accomplished feats that no other horse can.

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Those are some of the most interesting horse racing facts you must know to enhance your gambling experience in horse racing bets. Come and perform your best horse racing wagering with online casino Singapore.

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10 Tips to Win Big Jackpot in Online Slots

DON99 Singapore is known for their abundance of lucrative games including their online slot machine. How about earning beyond 'lucrative', such as striking the biggest jackpot in DON99 slot games? We know you want that, so here are our top 10 tried-and-true tips to win big jackpot in online slots.

10 Tips to Win Big Jackpot in Online Slots

1) Only Play at Trustworthy Online Casinos

It is highly recommended that you sign up and play at reliable and trustworthy online casinos only such as DON99 Singapore. We assure players with a safe, secure and fair gambling environment. Another good method to screen for reliable casinos is to check out high-quality reviews made by popular and legitimate websites. Reviews can help a lot in finding the best and reliable online casinos with ease. If you are looking for a good slot to play, try out the progressive slot that provides progressive jackpots.

2) Play the Progressive Jackpot Slots

Unlike the conventional slot games, progressive slots have jackpots that changed constantly as you play. The cash prizes increase every time a player places a bet. The progressive jackpots are programmed to store at least 8% of the bettor’s bets to add in the jackpot. Generally, the casinos keep 3% of all bets as profit. The remaining amount of money is given out to players, which is at around 89%.

And that is one of the reasons why the mega jackpots featured in progressive games are very popular among casino players, as they can go up to millions. One of the features of progressive slots is that each time a player gets the chance of winning the Mega Jackpot, it restarts immediately with an assured minimum amount. Fortunately, those jackpots are linked to various casinos simultaneously. Secure gateways connect many players to progressive slots online, which offers huge amount of money.

3) Go for Midsize Wins

Similar to other conventional slots, you are allowed to lock winnings you have made on progressive slots in order to strike the Mega Jackpot. However in many cases, most players prefer to focus on medium-sized wins instead of striving hard for the huge jackpot. This approach is suitable for levelheaded punters or those with a lower bankroll. It is an ideal approach as it makes one contented with their reasonable wins instead of succumbing to greed of winning big. This prevents from compulsive attitude and gambling addiction.

4) Play Slots with Higher Volatility

Slots with a high volatility often feature a large number of big wins in a short period of time. The amount of wins may be few in this kind of slot, but once you win, the payout is extremely high. This type of slots provide some of the best chances of winning big jackpot and make you an instant millionaire. Are you game enough to attempt with maximum bet?

5) Set Your Wagering Limits

Straightforward yet the most crucial tip. As long any games involve real money, you should always make sure that you have set your limit and stick to them. Setting your limit on the amount of money and time you want to spend in every gaming session will save you from a lot of trouble. This tip prevents you from getting carried away with your gamble, especially when you are winning money. The more money you win, the higher chances of losing as long as you continue playing. Also, if you fail to keep track of your time, you might end up losing more money than you have earned.

6) Know The Betting Odds & House Edge

Before you begin your gamble, it’s good to know the different house edges and odds that are offered. Of course, the logical thing to do is to pick any casino games or slots with the best odds and house edges against the casino. Also, read up on the paytable of a slot game and be familiar of the wagering requirements before you begin. Furthermore, seek for slots with high RTP (Return-to-Player) rate for higher payouts. Slot games are very easy to play and don’t require so many skills. Hence, when the benefits are good, that is the profitable slot for you.

7) Never Chase Your Losses

Losing is inevitable in the art of gambling. Gambling is mainly a game of chance and not everyone is lucky all the time. Online slot games use random number generator (RNG) which generates' trillions of random results. Your luck basically depends on the working of the RNG. If you are suffering from losses, halt your gameplay. Do not attempt to win it back as it will only incur more losses and puts you in debt. Even if you use the best strategies in slots, it's still very hard to beat the house. Don't forget that casinos need your losses for their profits.

8) Pick Slots that Offer Bonus Features

Some slots like those available in DON99 casino site offers many incentives in the form of casino bonuses, rebates and promotions in addition to your payouts. The incentives are deposit bonus, welcome bonus, free spins, bonus round, bonus games, daily rebates and more. You have to find the slots with many scatters and wild symbol to land, as these are special symbols which give plenty of jackpot games, bonuses and multipliers. All you need to do is spin the reels and hope it lands on the ideal winning combination of symbols! 

9) Practice with Free Games

New players shouldn't be so quick to jump into the fray of playing online slots with real money. They should be familiarised with the game by playing with free slot games that offers unlimited free play. The more one practices with free games, the better one gets at playing slots. Subsequently, one will boost their luck and odds of winning the big jackpot in online slot games.

Alternatively, you can learn how slot machines work by placing a small amount of bet. With that, you are able to access and learn about the complete features in a slot game. 

10) Play with Trusted Gaming Developers & Providers

Slots players must pick slot games from trusted and experience gaming developers and providers. Players must ensure that they provide a variety of slots with high payouts and RTP. Lucky for you, DON99 Singapore only collaborates with providers such as Playtech, NetEnt, Microgaming, Evolution Gaming and more. Their slot games give plenty of opportunities to garner huge wins and rewarding pay lines.

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If you follow those top 10 tips provided above, you will always be assured of winning big jackpot with real money at online casino Singapore and other online casinos. If you had enough of slot games, you can try out DON99's sportsbook, horse racing bet, and live casino games of blackjack, baccarat, roulette, poker and more.

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The 10 Major Advantages of Playing Mobile Slots On-the-Go

With the advancement of internet technology, over time, slot machines have evolved into mobile slots, with games being played in our favourite smartphones. The mobile compatibility and its simplicity of gameplay has made them extremely popular amongst the masses of gamblers. It is easy to learn and lucrative once mastered, the more so when one is playing at DON Singapor.

The 10 Major Advantages of Playing Mobile Slots

Mobile slots or slot games in general is one of the casino games that people use to earn side income. There are too much positive value about mobile slots to mention, hence, we filter the top advantages of playing mobile slots on-the-go for you right here, right now.

1) Convenience

Mobile gambling brings the fun of land-based casinos right into your home. Say goodbye to the hassle and cost of making your way to brick-and-mortar casinos, as you can now play it at any time and any place in your convenience. Also, you do not need to be concern about your dress code or how you look when you are playing via your mobile devices.

With your downloaded slot apps in your mobile phone, you can access and exit the mobile casino slots anytime you want. All you need is a decent data and wi-fi coverage to play.

2) Total Privacy

Mobile and online gambling provides the uttermost privacy to players. There will be peering eyes and prowling figures hovering over your shoulder or stalking you from the shadows. There will be no undesirable interruptions from external surroundings such as other players or spectators. Therefore, you are able to gamble in comfort without giving a damn of your surrounding, because you are in your home anyway. These boost the focus of the players and providing them higher chances of winning the slots. This flexibility gives you freedom in your hands.

3) 24/7 Customer Support

Online slot games work like any casino sites with their efficient and beneficial customer support. Yes, you can have access to the customer support at any time when you need assistance. Many gamers have questions that needs further clarification or to report any glitch in the system which needed rectification. Therefore, you can always contact their customer service for help. DON99 online casino Singapore customer support comes in the form of 24/7 live chat system, WhatsApp, WeChat and email. You can even follow their Facebook and Instagram page for more information. DON99 is always ready to provide the best assistance.

4) Bonus, Rebates & Rewards

Mobile and online casino games are famed for their neverending lucrative rewards. By playing mobile slots, players are able to enjoy casino bonuses and rewards upon registration; it begins with welcome bonus, no deposit bonus, daily unlimited bonus & rebates, free spins and other rewards for your pleasure. Online casinos utilise these reward system to be ahead of their competitor and to attract more gamblers to their site. For the gamblers, it adds more to their cash prizes and they will still earn if they lose.

5) Higher Payouts

The return-to-player (RTP) rate in online and mobile casinos are always higher than physical casinos. Also, they provide even more jackpots than traditional land-based slot games. This is so because online/mobile casinos have lower overhead cost than land-based casinos. The latter needs a high cost to maintain their casinos. In the online world, there are more low-limit games that you can play and reduce your risk of losing money. There is no minimum deposit too, as you can play from free slot machine games to the highest wager, it is all up to your capabilities. These perk allows you to manage your finances properly in online/mobile casinos...and also giving you a shot at the progressive jackpot, the holy grail of slot fortune!

6) Simple & Smooth Payment Methods

With internet connection comes the ease of transaction of money, files, messages and more. In the world of online gambling, apart from their exciting and convenient gameplay, online casinos provide easy and convenient transaction of deposit and withdrawals. You can make payment using credit/debit cards, Neteller, PayPal, internet banking and some online casinos even accept cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, DON99 Singapore works with notable banks such as POSB, UOB Bank, DBS Bank and OCBC bank to ensure a safe and secure transaction. 

7) Large Variety of Games

Most online casinos and slot app such as provided by DON99 houses a large variety of slot games. The slot games come in varied themes, soundtrack, features, bonuses and payouts. A mobile user will be spoilt with the choices of slot games in their smartphone. Besides slot games, you have the freedom to play other mobile casino games such as casino table games (blackjack, roulette, baccarat, poker, etc), sportsbook, horse racing bet and more. Good news, some casino websites provide free games for your practice and leisure, so you do not have to pay money to feel the thrill.

8) Flawless Navigation

To be smartphone-friendly, it has to be easily navigable. Mobile apps are generally designed to be extremely user-friendly and easy to use in comparison with online casino websites for the desktop. There is a reduction of fancy features in mobile phones to minimise buffer/lag time for a fast browsing experience. Hence, mobile gambling is highly suited for everyone which includes the least tech-savvy to the tech experts.

Apps, on the other hand, are designed to be as simple as possible. You can usually click on the type of game you want to play, select one of the available options, and play away in a matter of seconds. There are no distractions, news flashes, blogs, ads, or other things that get in the way.

9) Apps Always Work Smoothly

In continuation to the above, online casinos place a lot of effort into creating a stable gaming app. This app is the epitome of mobile gambling which provides all your favorite casino games, including mobile slots. As simple and user-friendly as they are made, there are also plenty of on-screen effects, fun details, leveling system that unlocks new games and features as you play. All casino apps are fully functional and highly optimised for a smooth run in Android and iOS-operated mobile devices. Gamblers can have the best interactive and gambling experience anytime and anywhere in their convenience.

10) Simpler than Online Casinos

Mobile casinos are the new convenience, simplicity and advancement in the world of online gambling. As long you have a decent internet connection, all it takes is a few minutes to download, install and sign up for your mobile casino experience. The navigation is simple and less complicated than desktop online casinos. Plus, most people uses their smartphones more than their desktop computers.

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Mobile slots is one of the top gambling game in the world and it is still rising even higher. Play the best mobile slots with DON99 Singapore. Rest assured, with us, you will be playing with the best software providers such as Evolution Gaming, Playtech and Pragmatic Play to name a few. Come, play to win real money in the most secure and safest gambling environment in online casino Singapore.

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How to Make Real Money with Online Slot Games?

Slot machines are one of the most played casino games in the world. They are both popular in land-based and online casinos. Playing slot games is very simple and exciting. It does not require much strategy to win. Hence, this game is popular among curious beginners and seasoned players alike.

How to Make Real Money with Online Slot Games?

In the world of online gambling, slot games come in various forms with diverse rate of profitability. So, if you want to earn a fortune via slots games, you must pick the right slots to play while utilising the right method of play. As simple as it seems, slots are tricky as it spins especially when it comes to real money slots. Here are some of the best ways to earn real money in online slot games.

1. Know How Slot Machine Works

Always learn how something works by reading or researching before embarking on it, and the same goes to slot games. First thing you have to understand is that most modern slot games utilise the random number generator (RNG) software that generates trillions of random results per second. Hence, most slot machines especially those in DON99 are truly random and secure. You have to pray that the lucky stars is on your side.

2. Pick Your Best Slots

Each slot has different themes, soundtracks, symbols, paylines, reels, bonuses and features which makes every one of them lucratively unique on its own. Here are the essentials to look out for in your slot:

* Return-to-Player (RTP) rates or payout percentage

This refers to how much the casino pays out to you from every wager. Slots usually have an average RTP of 93-94%. However, the higher the RTP, the more you will earn. So pick the slot with the highest RTP possible for your shot at the cash.

* The volatility of slots 

It refers to how frequent a slot game pays out. Understanding slots volatility is crucial for your slot gaming enjoyment. Each volatility has their perks, so, pick your best real money slots wisely!

a) High volatility = Fewer wins but bigger wins (usually comes in huge jackpots)

b) Medium volatility = Average wins with medium value of cash prizes.

c) Low volatility = More frequent wins but with lower cash prizes.

Please be noted that regardless of volatility, the RTP will almost always be the same.

* Bonuses 

Some slots reward bonus games and other incentives to provide a higher chance of winning or to add more to their real cash prizes. Some of the most common reward out there are free spins, multipliers, bonus rounds, no deposit bonus, and exclusive casino bonuses such as welcome bonus, daily deposit bonus and rebates.

* Pick new slots 

Most slot games utilises the random number generator (RNG) system which makes your slot games truly random and secure. New casino slots usually have more progressive jackpot slots that provides for a more lucrative gameplay.

3. Practice with Free Games

Before you start playing real money games, you should get familiarised by playing the free slot games. This lets you to know the in-and-out of your selected slot games, helps you formulate slot strategies and boost your slot skills tremendously. This will make you win money effortlessly.

4. Study the Pay Table

Generally, the pay table informs you about the wagering requirements of a slot. The pay table shows the worth of each symbol and informs you about the availability of wild and scatters symbol. Those mentioned symbols are crucial in obtaining additional incentives. It also displays the winning combinations; the most important data contained in the pay table.

5. Manage Your Bankroll

Firstly, set a budget for your slot games and stick to it. Then, pace out your allocated funds while playing in casino sites. Stop playing once you have reached your limit. If you insist to continue gambling, it will lead you to deeper gambling problems. Also, that allocated bankroll will be your investment to earn profit and income in your slot venture.

6. Play Games with Smaller Jackpots

Generally speaking, games with the smaller jackpots are easier to win. This are low volatility slots as it give frequent wins with lower payout. The higher your winning frequencies, the more likely you will walk away with real money.

Games with big jackpots, on the other hand, are games of high volatility. It is likely to make you lose more in the short term, but once you win, you will cash out a big sum. This type of slots take a lot of playing hours to build huge jackpots which will greatly lower your chances of winning.

7. Know the Game Developers

A reputable game developer or provider will make your gambling experience more better and lucrative. Notable game providers such as Evolution Gaming, Playtech and Pragmatic Play are known to deliver big wins, giving high payouts and additional bonuses. Also, those kind of game providers are safe, secure and transparent in their gameplay where you can with a peace of mind. 

8. Stop When You are Winning

It is never a good idea to continue playing when you are on a winning streak. Always keep in mind that every casino slots sites need gamblers to lose for the casino to earn their profit. You will lose no matter how many wins you have earned. Winning can be really addictive as well. Once you start winning, you want to win more. These will make you continue playing until you lose it all. So, once you start winning, perform your withdrawals as soon as possible.

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There goes the best tips for you to make real money via online slot games. We got one more tip for you; play the best online slot games at DON99, the best and trusted online casino Singapore. Besides slots, you can opt to play other online casino games such as live casino table games (blackjack, baccarat, roulette, poker etc), sports betting/sportsbook, horse racing bets and more.

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Top 10 Best Slot Game Providers in Singapore

Slot games are, without a doubt, amongst the most famous gambling games in the world. Slot machines are widely played in online and land-based casinos due to their simplicity and attractive rewards. For that reason, many gaming software developers have emerged to develop and provide the best slot games to win real money.

Top 10 Best Slot Game Providers in Singapore

There are many companies that have been developing games for more than 20 years, with every company producing countless variety of games for gamblers enjoyment. However, some company’s online slots are much higher quality, lucrative and user-friendly than others, hence, one has to ensure which software providers they will be playing with for a great slot experience. Here, we disclose to you the top 10 best slot games providers being played in Singapore.

1. NetEnt

The online gambling world is incomplete without NetEnt. NetEnt was founded in 1996 in Sweden and it is one of the most innovative and trusted developers in the iGaming industry. NetEnt provides top quality and premium slots games that offers many creative features for the players’ enjoyment.

There are more than 200 slot games in the provider’s collection; some of the great slot games are Gonzo’s Quest, Butterfly Staxx, Twin Spin, Warlords, Jack and the Beanstalk, Guns N Roses, Starburst, Twin Spin, Dead or Alive II, Divine Fortune and Gods of Gold: Infinireels. NetEnt slot games give you countless chances to win with a single spin, which make it one of the most rewarding play in town. If you are bored of slots, you can try out NetEnt supplies of online casino games such as scratch cards, baccarat, blackjack, roulette, sic bo and more.

2. Red Tiger

A sister company of NetEnt, Red Tiger was founded in 2014 with the purpose of tapping into the Asian market. The name itself sounded Asian, which is appealing enough for Asian gamblers to play with them. To date, Red Tiger has 4 different licenses and 10 EGR Operator Awards (EGaming Review). The company is so successful that it could declare its independence one day.

Red Tiger’s slot games are made with iconic Asian themes and more importantly, lucrative! The Megaways slot series by the company has up to 117,640 paylines in total, unlimited multipliers and bonus rounds without upper limit, where you stand a chance to win millions! Try out these Red Tiger slots; Piggy Riches, Reel Keeper, Dynamite Riches, Rainbow Jackpots Power Lines, Wings of Ra, Gems Gone Wild: Power Reels and more. Red Tiger often develops Asian-themed slots, but there are other themes available in their collection, so be prepared to be spoiled with choices.

3. Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play is a fast-growing and leading online casino provider in the online gaming industry. They have an outstanding multi-product portfolio that are fully regulated with 4 licenses. A winner of 8 awards, they were founded in 2015 and is the owner of two more brands: Extreme Live Gaming (develops live casino games) and VSoftCo (develops virtual sports games). For that reason, they have an extensive collection of slots and table casino games which are lucrative, thrilling, fun and being powered by HTML5.

Pragmatic Play has over 100 video slots which are developed with HTML5 and a multiplatform support. It works excellent on both desktop (Windows and Apple) and mobile devices (Android and iOS-operated). Most of Pragmatic Play’s slot games have an average return-to-player (RTP) rate of over 90% and plenty of jackpots to be won. Their games contain plenty of wild and scatter symbols, and multipliers where the numbers increase rapidly for each wins, which gives you the opportunity to win a large fortune. Some of the awesome Pragmatic Play slots are Buffalo King, Mustang Gold, Wolf Gold, The Dog House, John Hunter & the Book of Tut, Starz Megaways and Great Rhino Megaways.

4. Yggdrasil Gaming

Founded in 2013, this provider has quickly become a trusted and respected name in the online gambling industry. They operate in 24 licensed jurisdiction across the globe and have grasped multiple awards throughout their active years. Today, Yggdrasil Gaming has a catalogue of over 180 slot games packaged and powered by the revolutionary enabling technology Game Adaptation Toolkit & Interface (GATI™). By utilising the latest technology, they are able to provide the best online gaming solutions to the players.

Some of the latest and awesome slot games released by Yggdrasil include Lightning Joker (a fruit-themed 3-reel slot), Avatars-Getaway Guardians (a video slot with a twist), Lucky Neko-Gigablox, Arthur’s Fortune, Neon Rush, Multiply, Wilhelm Tell, and Blood Moon Wilds.

5. QuickSpin

A modest yet high quality gaming provider, QuickSpin creates 70+ top performing video slots in the online gaming industry with standards on par with the veterans. They reveal the backstory to the creation of every one of their slots so that players can immerse into a deeper experience and understanding of QuickSpin slot games; an impressive way to catch the heart of players. Quickspin releases 13 new slots every year with 6 prototypes and 30 concepts available for play at all times.

Some of the latest slots from QuickSpin that you can play include Nero’s Fortune, Wild Cauldron, Golden Glyph, Diamond Duke, Polar Paws, and Panther’s Reign.

6. International Game Technology

The Stark industry of the gambling world. International Game Technology is a highly innovative and creative global company that creates a variety of gambling technology. They are always researching and developing the latest technology especially for the online gaming industry, to provide the best gambling experience for everyone out there. Moreover, they have provided and developed plenty of top performance slot games where you can find in Singapore's online casino. Amongst their best slot games Sphinx Wilds, CATS, Cleopatra, DaVinci Diamonds, and Triple Red Hot 777.

7. Play’n GO

Play’n Go, a veteran in the gaming industry, was founded in 1997 and currently has over 300 employees. A large gambling corporation with a 24-year history in the industry, the company has expanded with the latest technology and innovation. One of their breakthrough is the special delivery platform called Omny Channel; all games run seamlessly on both mobile and desktop devices, and you are able to continue a game on your desktop PC where you left off playing on mobile and vice versa

Play'n Go has 5 licenses and a member of the Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS). IBAS determines and regulates the ethical standard in the online gambling industry, and being a member of it makes one a reliable and trustworthy provider. One of the reason why Play'n Go makes the list because their games are one of the most trusted in the world. They also have a collection of hundreds of games with innovative features and generous payout such as Book of Dead, Troll Hunters 2, Reactoonz, Rise of Merlin. Fire Joker, Rise of Olympus and more.

8. Betsoft

Incredible graphics, high animation quality, great storyline, innovative features, lucrative payout. Betsoft has it all! The company was founded in 2006 and with 15 years of experience, they are able to provide players the best gaming experience with HTML5 technology and an immersive gameplay. Their games can be played seamlessly via desktop and mobile devices which makes gambling convenient for everyone. Betsoft are regulated by 5 different licenses and the fairness of their games are guaranteed by both GLI and QUINEL.

Betsoft has an array of slot games with outstanding CGI-level animations and 3D graphics, which will make player glued to the screen forever. Furthermore, most of their games have very high return-to-player (RTP) rate including bonuses such as free spins, re-spins, risk game and pick. Some of the best recommended Betsoft slots include Slotfather II, Take the Bank, Back to Venus, Wolf Moon Rising, Slots Angels and Quest to the West.

So, are you ready for a cinematic gaming experience?

9. Microgaming

Microgaming has claimed to have developed the world's first true online casino software when they were established in 1994. But one thing we know for sure is that Microgaming is one of the market-leading companies, releasing over 800 casino games and counting throughout their history of existence. They have been serving gamblers for few decades and they are still expanding without boundaries with regular release of new games.

Microgaming is famed for their abundance of generous progressive jackpots and bonuses. Aside from other casino games, their slot games are one of the best in the world. It is highly reliable, trustworthy, beautifully animated and most importantly rewarding! To date, Microgaming has the highest jackpot value in the world. So players, you want to win your fortune of a lifetime, Microgaming is here to give you the opportunity!

10. Playtech

Playtech is one of the largest gaming developers in the world and they are listed on the London Stock Exchange. Today, the company has offices in 17 countries and holds 140 global licenses, with approximately 5,000 employees worldwide.

Established in 1999, they have gained ample experience and have made a name for themselves for blending quantity & quality in one package. To date, they have provide countless high-quality games (live casino table games, sports betting, slots, etc) and their video slots are played by millions of people all around the world.

All casino games from Playtech are playable on every casino website in the world. Their games can be played on all desktop and mobile devices (such as PC, laptops, tablets and smartphones) because they uses the latest HTML5 technology to ensure it's multiple compatibility. Furthermore, Playtech games contain numerous rewards such as free spins bonus, no deposit bonus, bonus games and more to provide for a higher chances of winning.

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All the developers/providers above give free games/free slots for you to practice your games before playing for real money. New players can rest assured they will not be playing at a loss. Moreover, each of them have great customer support to assist you whenever you need help. Want to play with those great providers? Then come over to DON99, the best online casino Singapore for the most rewarding online slot games ever!

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