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Punters are able to win loads of money if they participate in sports betting, and bet on the right team/players/competitor with the right wagering options and stakes. You need a good bookmaker and reliable source of information to help you master the art of sports betting. An online betting exchange offers everything that you need in the process of sports betting. CITIbet specialises in horse racing and greyhound racing bets, and if your passion lies with those games, CITIbet’s the one to look out for.


Horse & Greyhound Racing

These majestic animal races had been around since the ancient days and it is still going strong today. You are allowed to place bets in these races and watch the horses and greyhounds races to your fortune glory.

Along with the advancement of internet technology, CITIbet is known for providing users with the most accurate live score information. This allows you to stay up to date with the live score of the races without being physically present at the betting centre. This information enables you to wager at the right time and place, and you will be able know the results instantly.

Today, CITIbet has provided the most beneficial and exciting sports betting experience to punters from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, the whole of Asia, and New Zealand and South Africa as well. Punters can play it anytime, anywhere in the comfort of their homes. Read on to find out more about CITIbet excellent betting reputation.

CITIbet’s Specialty

Citibet is specialised in race betting such as the following:

CITIbet provide’s punters with top-notch betting facilities and accurate information. The website runs by using a HTML 5 which makes for a seamless and smooth browsing and gaming experience. With the site’s resources being focused on animal racings, the Company has placed much effort and focus to present the best information and tools possible for horse, harness and greyhound racing. For Singaporeans, this is the best website for your online horse racing bets.

Horse racing and greyhound racing is very popular around the world, which means all races are organised to its highest quality to keep punters entertained. Especially in CITIbet, new race starts at almost every 10 minutes, and for that, punters will never have a dull moment with CITIbet.

Citibet horse racing Singapore
Citibet horse racing Singapore.

Global Coverage

Although CITIbet is an Asian online betting site, they cover racing events from all around the world as well. Besides offering the awesome Singapore (Singapore Turf Club) and Hong Kong racing events (The Hong Kong Jockey Club or HKJC), they offer many international races with exceptional style and have their own importance in the racing world. Punters are able to bet on races from near until the far reaches of the world. Punters can keep an eye on multiple races happening at the same time all around the globe. You can bet at any jockey or animal with the betting options of your choice.

CITIbet Superior Betting Experience

No matter where you are, you will feel like you have been transported to the race venue thanks to CITIbet’s up to date, real-time reporting system. This system allows you to place a bet in the middle of a race and your submission will be taken into account. Quickly placing a bet online while watching a race is the ideal way of getting that adrenaline rush.

There is no one-way bet. You don’t have to just bet on winners as you can bet on many other circumstances such as how many horses to take the top 3 position or against a certain horse or greyhound. This boosts your winning opportunities in many ways. You will be able to view other players’ bets, which you will be given the opportunity to bet or ‘eat’ a ticket of another player. This proves that CITIbet is a very interactive and exciting betting site.

There are various modes of playing to choose from. Here are the ideal modes for you to play depending on your budget:

  • SG Mode: This payment is determined by the amount of tickets you have bought and their price.
  • HK Mode: You’ll pay a certain percentage of a ticket’s value.

Completely Safe & Affordable to Play

Safety and trustworthiness is the most important aspects with any online gaming site. Punters are always concern about fraud, scams and security of an online gaming site. Good news, CITIbet has passed the following tests and is deemed safe to use:

  • The Google Safe Browsing application gives the website a ‘Safe’ status.
  • McAfee tests did not find any significant security issues on the site.
  • The MyWOT tests give CITIbet a 60% trustworthiness rating.

These tests are done regularly to maintain the security and credibility of CITIbet. Punters can be assured that there are NO illegal betting, money laundering and illegal operators within CITIbet. This site abide by the local laws of gambling and comply to the racing jurisdictions of greyhound and horse racing. Hence, punters can be assured that the site is safe for play and they can use the features without a single concern.

CITIbet offers an affordable gameplay. You can play with as little as SGD5, which lets you play on a small scale to learn the ropes before venturing for higher stakes. CITIbet has a low bookmaking margins, which guarantees that you will get the best deal possible. A bookmaker personnel will assist you in keeping tabs on your bets, but his services will be paid through your pockets.

citibet horse racing

Great Customer Support

CITIbet caters their services to a wide range of audience through Asia and some non-Asian countries. Their website and services conducts in English, so it is understood by everyone around the world. Therefore, literally everyone can enjoy this betting platform.

CITIbet has a professional and friendly customer support crew who will be on standby 24/7, catering to every time zone in the world. Punters can reach out to them via the official contact number by phone call, WhatsApp and Wechat. They will respond to your enquiries and resolve your issues in a timely manner.


CITIbet has proven itself to be a trustworthy site time and again. This is the most reliable and trusted site to place your horse racing and greyhound racing bets. You can find CITIbet in DON99 Online Horse Racing. DON99 is the best and most trusted online horse racing Singapore, providing top-notch online gambling experience to punters from Singapore and abroad. Come on over to DON99 and give CITIbet a try today, and be impressed by it’s lucrative and enjoyable gameplay.

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