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7 Strategies to Win Horse Racing Bet in Singapore

What is the always winning horse racing strategy? Have you got the strategy of playing horse racing in singapore? We will all be in this article of ours. Stay tuned for more horse racing knowledge

Horse racing is one of the most famous gambling activity in Singapore (and Malaysia), so much so, that it is a traditional game among Singaporean bettors. The 180-year-old Singapore Turf Club (formerly known as Singapore Sporting Club) is the main operator, betting centre and providers of horse racing bets in the nation.

Horse Racing Strategy

Some of the major horse racing events are held on that iconic racetrack such as:

1. Singapore Gold Cup

Held in Singapore Racecourse, Kranji, this is a Thoroughbred horse race that usually occurs around the end of November, annually. A top class event that sees the clashes of the fastest, the domestic Group One category (a 2,000 metre or 2 kilometre) turf race for 3-year-old breed and older domestic horses.

2. Singapore Derby

This competition takes place anually around mid-July at the Singapore Racecourse. This domestic Group One event for Thoroughbred horses are raced over a distance of 1800 metres.

3. Lion City Cup

This is regarded as Singapore’s most monumental domestic sprint race. Held on every April since 1974, the domestic Group 1 race horse event takes place over a distance of 1200 metres and is open to 3-year-old horses and older.

4. Raffles Cup

Also contested at Singapore Racecourse in Kranji, this race is the second leg of the Singapore Triple Crown Challenge. Held at every October, the domestic Group 1 event is open to horses aged 3 years and older, to be raced over a distance of 1800 metres.

7 Strategie-to Win Horse Racing don99

Regulated & Authorised

All the racing events with their sports betting services are safe, secure and legal as Singapore Turf Club is regulated and authorised by Singapore Pools and the Singapore Totalisator Board, which is owned by the government of Singapore. Also, they usually transfer excess funds to charitable organisation.

Top 7 Strategies to Win Horse Racing Bets

Although horse racing in Singapore is safe to play, it does not mean you can often win big. Also, blind wager does not help in your race betting, all you need is some top strategies to win your horse racing bets. Without further ado, we provide you with some live betting top tips to win your well-deserved payouts!

1) Horse Racing Strategy: The Form of the Horse

The current form of the horse can be gauge from their recent race results and overall performance. If the horse has been winning recent races or at least finishing in the top 3 place consistently, then it is a good horse to bet on.

Also, find the sweet balance between rest time and races. If the horse raced too much in recent times, it may be too tired to perform their best. if the horse has not been racing for a long time (around the past 2 years), it is also a losing bet as the horse is not in tip-top condition to win.

Lastly, look out at their performance on different distances, obstacles and ground conditions. Some horses perform excellently and badly in certain condition and distances. So, pick your horse wisely!

2) Know the Breed/Pedigree

Breeding plays a huge role in the racing industry. At the end of their racing career, the best breed of race horses are bred to create more breeds of crazy fast racers. A pure-bred race horse makes a premium range of pedigree which possesses a natural, built-in turbo engine for racing. The Thoroughbred, Arabian, American Quarter Horse are some of the fastest breeds in the world, holding multiple records throughout history.

Currently, Singapore does not have a breeding business. Therefore, their nation’s Thoroughbred bloodstocks are imported from Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, North America, Japan, England, France and Ireland.

3) Know the Horses Official Ranking

If you are lazy to ponder about a potential winning horse, then take the easier and also reliable way out by looking at their official ranking. Those rankings are ranked according to experts analysis. The higher a horse’s number, the better their ranking will be. A high-ranking horse usually are the favourites to win. Some races enforce handicaps ruling by placing weight on high-ranking horses to have them racing in a levelled playing field. If that happens, you must find out how much weight that horse is carrying as it will effect the race results and your payout.

4) Horse Racing Strategy: Observe Your Horse

All living beings have emotions, and horses are not excluded. Take your time and visit your selected horse; does it seems happy, healthy and race-ready or is he looking sad, agitated, tired and sick? The wellbeing of a horse plays a major role in their performance, more so being a winner to rake in cash. In short, a happy horse is a winning horse.

5) Check Trainer’s & Jockey’s Data

Horse owners, trainers, jockeys and bookmakers have crucial data that tells about the horses pedigree and current performance. Those people spent a lot of time with their horses that justifies they have the most reliable and accurate information about the horses. Before you place your bets, you may visit these people for further details, which could help you to place bets that win.

6) The Ground Condition

Singapore is a country with tropical climate which makes the weather pretty unpredictable. Some days will be hot and humid, while some days will be wet and rainy. Look out for the weather and know what the ground condition is going to be on any given race days; whether it will be firm, soggy, muddy, dry or soft. This ground condition will impact some horses performance, be it they will excel or flop during race day. Generally, a firm, dry ground is the ideal condition for a fast and comfortable racing condition.

Horse Racing Strategy to win

7) Horse Racing Strategy: Know the Betting Odds

Before you place bets, check out the betting odds on the race guide provided. You are able to see the latest odds in betting centres and online betting sites such as DON99, the trusted and best online casino in Singapore. This will enable you to analyse the odds and help you plan the type of bets to wager. Besides, DON99 produces forecast for you to ensure for a wise betting decision. These odds are good indication of a horse’s form and performance, a good odd is most probably representing a great horse. So watch out for the odds!

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Say no more! Those tried and tested strategies above will increase gamblers chance of winning horse racing bets in Singapore. So hurry up, utilise those tips at booking centres or online casino Singapore to win your fortune today!

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