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How to Play Roulette Online In Singapore 2022

Roulette is full of excitement, mystery, and thrill. It is one of the most famous casino games in land-based and online casinos like Blackjack and Craps. The reason behind its massive popularity is that it has simple rules, and there isn’t much strategy involved in the gameplay.

It is an easy guide if you are new to the game and wish to try your luck at a Roulette table. It will teach you the basics of playing Roulette and the rules you need to know to get started.

How to Play Roulette

The Basic Roulette Game Rules

The game has a  spinning wheel and a betting table where the players are supposed to place their bets. The wheel has numbers 1-36 and one zero or double zeros. The number of zeros in the wheel determine what kind of Roulette game you are playing. 18 numbers on the roulette wheel are red, and the rest are black. 

You need to buy Roulette chips before you head to the Roulette wheel. When you enter a Roulette game, the dealer asks each player to make their bets. After the set time limit, the bets are closed, and the dealer then spins the roulette wheel and throws a white ball in the other direction of the rotation. 

The ball lands on a number when the wheel starts to slow down, and this number determines whether or not a player has won and is eligible for a payout.

Types Of Roulette Games

There are a few different types of Roulette games that differ in terms of the table layout and the design of the Roulette wheel. The three most famous types are American, French and European Roulette.

The European Roulette is one of the more famous versions of Roulette and has 36 numbers with a single green zero. It is also the most standard kind of Roulette wheel.

The American Roulette has two zero segments. The extra zero makes the chances of winning even lower in this case, and hence American Roulette has a lower winning rate. In addition to this, the placement of numbers is also different from the European version.

The French Roulette is like the European version, with one zero. However, here is a new rule: if the ball falls on the green zero, the player gets 50% of their bet chips returned to them. It is known as la partage. The French Roulette also has an en prison rule where the chips of the previous game are locked either on black or red or even or odd for one extra round. If the player wins the round, the chips are returned to them. The French Roulette is the type with the highest chance of winning.

Finally, there is also a triple zero Roulette table with an additional zero added to the wheel. This table is rarely available and has the lowest winning potential for the players and sometimes the highest house edge compared to single zero and even double zero tables.

Types Of Roulette Bets

The types of Roulette bets are divided into two categories; the inside bets and the outside bets. The inside and outside are very easy to understand; it denotes where the bets are put on the Roulette board. So, the bets put on numbers are referred to as inside bets, whereas those placed in other areas are considered outside bets.

The type of Inside bets include:

  1. Straight Up- The bet is placed on a single number on the table.
  2. Split Bet- Here, the bet is placed in between two numbers, and hence if the player lands even one of them, they win.
  3. Corner Bet- The square bet also covers the four numbers on the table. So, the chip will be placed on the point that is between the four numbers.
  4. Five Number Bet- This bet is only applicable to American Roulette table games with double zero wheels. This bet covers 1, 2, 3 and 00s.
  5. Street Bet- This bet covers 3 numbers in one row.
  6. Line Bet- The line bet covers 6 numbers collectively in two rows. 

The Types of Outside Bets Are

  1. Column Bet- The bet includes 12 numbers.
  2. Dozen Bet- This also covers 12 numbers.
  3. Low Bet and High Bet- The low number covers all numbers between 1-18, and the high number covers all the numbers between 19-36.
  4. Red/Black Bet- The players place bets on either red or black numbers.
  5. Even/Odd Bet- This bet is placed either on even numbers or odd numbers. 

Easy Roulette Strategy Tips

Since you have understood the types of bets and how to place them, you should know how to make the most out of this game of chance. Here are some easy to follow tips:

  1. Playing the European version of the game will have a better chance for you to land the winning number than the American double-zero version. 
  2. Always look for the minimum and maximum bets allowed for the game and see if it matches your bankroll. Make sure to set a bankroll and not go blindly to start playing online Roulette.
  3. The beginners who want to increase their odds of winning should primarily focus on the outside bets. Since the outside bets cover more numbers, you have a bigger chance to win.
  4. Always interact with the croupier if you play live dealer games online or at the land-based casinos. The dealer will always know more than you and help you understand the game better.

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To Sum Up

Roulette is an excellent real money game filled with excitement and thrill. However, the players should never forget that it is a game of chance, and there are always chances of losing your money. If you are a beginner and do not want to play for real money, you can first play the demo versions or trial versions available at various casinos. Once you have a hang of the gameplay, you can start betting real money. So, register yourself at the best online casino Singapore and start playing.

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