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Poker game is arguably the most famous casino game in the industry. A casino is not perfect without poker. It are card games that come in various variation. Each variation is a cash game on its own, each with their own rules, difficulties, payout and method of play.

Online Poker

However, there are only a few famous versions that are most played in casinos. Here, we explore the top 3 famous online poker games to play and win real money in 2022.

Texas Hold ’em

Texas Hold ’em is the most popular type of poker game in the world. The top world poker tournaments such as the main events; World Series of Poker and World Poker Tour features the no-limit game version of Texas Hold ’em. Therefore, it’s highly recommended for every poker player to learn this.

texas holdem poker

The objective of this game; players have to create a poker hand by using the five community cards along with the ‘hole cards‘ on the gameboard. Right after the final betting phase of the poker showdown, the best five-card hand wins the entire pot of the round based on the respective poker hand rankings.

How do we play this? In Texas Hold ’em (No limit hold‘em or with limit), each player is given two face-down cards known as ‘hole cards‘ that only the player can see. Next, five cards are dealt in phases to the middle of the table in three stages, facing up for everyone to see. These five face-up cards are community cards known as ‘the board‘. 

A game of Texas Hold ’em consists of multiple phases, with a betting round in between each phase. The game can end at any phase when there is only 1 player left.

  • Pre-flop phase: each player are dealt with their ‘hole cards’.
  • Flop phase: three cards are revealed as part of ’the board’.
  • Turn phase: the fourth card is revealed as part of ‘the board’.
  • River phase: the fifth card is revealed as part of ‘the board’.
  • Showdown phase: All remaining players compare their final card draw hands to determine the winner.

Omaha Hold ‘Em

This is the second most popular poker game. It is a poker variant that utilise the Pot limit. The pot limit means that there is a fixed limit to the total pot. It is very suitable for beginners or those who wants to play with a lower risk and lower bankroll.

omaha poker

Omaha Hold ‘Em popularity is almost on par with the Texas Hold ‘Em that it is said that Omaha Hold ‘Em will dethrone Texas Hold’em, eventually being the number 1 most played poker game in the world. Now, read on to know what sets Omaha apart from the rest:

  • each player is dealt with four ’hole cards’ instead of two cards at the first phase.
  • creating a poker hand needs two ’hole cards’ and three cards from ’the board’.

It is that two key differences that sets them apart from each other while other format remains the same. Omaha Hold ‘Em begins the pre-flop phase, follow by the flop phase, turn phase, river phase and ends with the showdown phase. Similarly, a betting round occurs between each of those phases.

However, beginner players make the most blunder at the showdown phase. Many overlook the poker rules whereby two ’hole cards’ and the remaining three cards from ’the board’ is required to be used. Hence, many made the wrong hand. Also, this is where the primary excitement of Omaha Hold ‘Em poker comes from.

Players can make a much wider range card hands with four ‘hole cards‘. With that advantage, it is common to see high-value card hands during the showdown phase. On top of that, a wider range of card hands creates more bluffing as well; with more cards facing down, it creates more uncertainties and more chances for bluffs.

That is why some poker players find more excitement and action in Omaha Hold ‘Em over Texas Hold ‘em.

Seven-Card Stud Poker game

Before the popularity of Texas Hold ’em, the 7-Card Stud was the most popular poker variation. it is considered as a traditional or classic form of poker, which is popular among the old-timers of poker players.

7 card stud poker

Seven-Card Stud games is played quite different from Omaha and Texas Hold ‘em. The major difference is the lack of community cards, which is rampant in Omaha and Texas Hold ’em. Besides that, the Seven-Card Stud is played like any other poker games that consist of multiple phases whereby cards are dealt to each players during each phase and betting rounds occur between these phases. Lastly, the game ends when there‘s only one player left at any given phase.

Seven-Card Stud begins with two cards being dealt face down as the ’hole cards’. It is followed up by a third card known as the ’door card’ or ’third street’ which is facing up. Then, the first round of betting commences. This is where players have to decide whether to fold or proceed.

A good starting hand is very important. Hence, learn and master the best hand with high cards to start off with. Once you got the hang of it, pick and stick to the top ten best high hand/poker hands combinations. If you are a newbie, it is advisable not to play too many starting hands as it will be high stakes for you.

You will notice many players cut their losses at the early stage by folding immediately when they have a low hand because it is difficult to win with a low hand unless you are really lucky. Those with the lowest hand better not try to risk it. Also, someone may decide to bluff with a bad hand.

When you proceed to the next phase, the fourth card (known as the fourth street) will be given to you, facing up. Then, another round of betting follows suit. This may repeat until the seventh street before the showdown phase begin. To win, the best five-card combination wins the game during the showdown.

Many cards are facing up in the Seven-Card Stud. This poker game variant gives more advantage to players to perform the card counting trick. So, observing your opponent cards closely is vital to your Seven-Card Stud game victory.

Poker Games

What’s Next After the Top 3 Poker Games?

Did you know that the 3 poker games discussed may lose its popularity in time? This is due to the fact that the world of poker is changing every year in accordance to the trend and players’ needs. Certain poker type such as Draw Poker, Lowball and Chinese Poker may be more popular in certain region of the world. We never know which poker game may come out to be the next best thing or the most popular variants to be played globally.


The top 3 poker game variants discussed in this article is still the most popular ones to date in 2022. It is easy to learn as the basics are all the same for every variants of the poker card games. You just need to be familiarised with the differences that sets them apart from each other.

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FAQ Online Poker

What is Online Poker?

Online poker is essentially a version of the conventional card game of poker that is played via the Internet. There are several online poker sites that all provide various variants of poker with a broad selection of games and stakes.

Is it legal to play poker online for real money?

Online gambling Singapore is permitted if done via a licensed provider. Only Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club have currently been awarded exemption certificates under the RGA. Other operators, on the other hand, may be awarded exemption certificates in the future.

Can I play Online Poker games for free?

Finding a trustworthy site to play free online poker might be difficult, particularly if you want to have some fun without spending any money.

How does Online Poker work?

The games played online are the same as those played in person; the card numbers are the same, and the players do not move any differently than they would in a live game. You can play online poker whenever and from wherever you want.It cuts down on time spent preparing for physical poker.

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