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10 Tips to Win Big Jackpot in Online Slots

DON99 Singapore is known for their abundance of lucrative games including their online slot machine. How about earning beyond 'lucrative', such as striking the biggest jackpot in DON99 slot games? We know you want that, so here are our top 10 tried-and-true tips to win big jackpot in online slots.

10 Tips to Win Big Jackpot in Online Slots

1) Only Play at Trustworthy Online Casinos

It is highly recommended that you sign up and play at reliable and trustworthy online casinos only such as DON99 Singapore. We assure players with a safe, secure and fair gambling environment. Another good method to screen for reliable casinos is to check out high-quality reviews made by popular and legitimate websites. Reviews can help a lot in finding the best and reliable online casinos with ease. If you are looking for a good slot to play, try out the progressive slot that provides progressive jackpots.

2) Play the Progressive Jackpot Slots

Unlike the conventional slot games, progressive slots have jackpots that changed constantly as you play. The cash prizes increase every time a player places a bet. The progressive jackpots are programmed to store at least 8% of the bettor’s bets to add in the jackpot. Generally, the casinos keep 3% of all bets as profit. The remaining amount of money is given out to players, which is at around 89%.

And that is one of the reasons why the mega jackpots featured in progressive games are very popular among casino players, as they can go up to millions. One of the features of progressive slots is that each time a player gets the chance of winning the Mega Jackpot, it restarts immediately with an assured minimum amount. Fortunately, those jackpots are linked to various casinos simultaneously. Secure gateways connect many players to progressive slots online, which offers huge amount of money.

3) Go for Midsize Wins

Similar to other conventional slots, you are allowed to lock winnings you have made on progressive slots in order to strike the Mega Jackpot. However in many cases, most players prefer to focus on medium-sized wins instead of striving hard for the huge jackpot. This approach is suitable for levelheaded punters or those with a lower bankroll. It is an ideal approach as it makes one contented with their reasonable wins instead of succumbing to greed of winning big. This prevents from compulsive attitude and gambling addiction.

4) Play Slots with Higher Volatility

Slots with a high volatility often feature a large number of big wins in a short period of time. The amount of wins may be few in this kind of slot, but once you win, the payout is extremely high. This type of slots provide some of the best chances of winning big jackpot and make you an instant millionaire. Are you game enough to attempt with maximum bet?

5) Set Your Wagering Limits

Straightforward yet the most crucial tip. As long any games involve real money, you should always make sure that you have set your limit and stick to them. Setting your limit on the amount of money and time you want to spend in every gaming session will save you from a lot of trouble. This tip prevents you from getting carried away with your gamble, especially when you are winning money. The more money you win, the higher chances of losing as long as you continue playing. Also, if you fail to keep track of your time, you might end up losing more money than you have earned.

6) Know The Betting Odds & House Edge

Before you begin your gamble, it’s good to know the different house edges and odds that are offered. Of course, the logical thing to do is to pick any casino games or slots with the best odds and house edges against the casino. Also, read up on the paytable of a slot game and be familiar of the wagering requirements before you begin. Furthermore, seek for slots with high RTP (Return-to-Player) rate for higher payouts. Slot games are very easy to play and don’t require so many skills. Hence, when the benefits are good, that is the profitable slot for you.

7) Never Chase Your Losses

Losing is inevitable in the art of gambling. Gambling is mainly a game of chance and not everyone is lucky all the time. Online slot games use random number generator (RNG) which generates' trillions of random results. Your luck basically depends on the working of the RNG. If you are suffering from losses, halt your gameplay. Do not attempt to win it back as it will only incur more losses and puts you in debt. Even if you use the best strategies in slots, it's still very hard to beat the house. Don't forget that casinos need your losses for their profits.

8) Pick Slots that Offer Bonus Features

Some slots like those available in DON99 casino site offers many incentives in the form of casino bonuses, rebates and promotions in addition to your payouts. The incentives are deposit bonus, welcome bonus, free spins, bonus round, bonus games, daily rebates and more. You have to find the slots with many scatters and wild symbol to land, as these are special symbols which give plenty of jackpot games, bonuses and multipliers. All you need to do is spin the reels and hope it lands on the ideal winning combination of symbols! 

9) Practice with Free Games

New players shouldn't be so quick to jump into the fray of playing online slots with real money. They should be familiarised with the game by playing with free slot games that offers unlimited free play. The more one practices with free games, the better one gets at playing slots. Subsequently, one will boost their luck and odds of winning the big jackpot in online slot games.

Alternatively, you can learn how slot machines work by placing a small amount of bet. With that, you are able to access and learn about the complete features in a slot game. 

10) Play with Trusted Gaming Developers & Providers

Slots players must pick slot games from trusted and experience gaming developers and providers. Players must ensure that they provide a variety of slots with high payouts and RTP. Lucky for you, DON99 Singapore only collaborates with providers such as Playtech, NetEnt, Microgaming, Evolution Gaming and more. Their slot games give plenty of opportunities to garner huge wins and rewarding pay lines.

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If you follow those top 10 tips provided above, you will always be assured of winning big jackpot with real money at online casino Singapore and other online casinos. If you had enough of slot games, you can try out DON99's sportsbook, horse racing bet, and live casino games of blackjack, baccarat, roulette, poker and more.

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