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The 8 Ideal Traits of a Racing Horse

Placing a horse racing bet is simple, but choosing the right horse is hard. There are numerous key traits to look out for when you pick a winning horse. You want a horse that is bred for racing, well-built, minimal injury issues, and fit. You want a horse that can almost guarantee a win. Here, DON99 Singapore provides you the ideal traits to look out for in a racing horse. The more conformation of horses you are able to identify with our guidelines, the easier for you to scout your horse with a keen and trained eyes for a champion.

The 8 Ideal Traits of a Racing Horses

1. Know the Horse Breed or Pedigree

The first trait to know before placing your bet is to ensure what breed of horse that are available to bet on. Some breeds are bred for total racing prowess with magnificent speed such as the Thoroughbred race horse, Standardbred, Arabian, American Quarter Horse and Akhal-Teke to name a few.

Also, take a deeper look at the horses bloodline to know if the sire and dam are former racers that had a decent racing career in the past. Some horses may come from a lineage of sprinters, long-distant racers, trotters or stayers. In a nutshell, the better a horse’s parents, the more valuable and stronger the genome of their offsprings. So, look for trusted breeders or bloodstock agents who provides the finest quality of racing horses. For the ideal race horse, it is best to look for Thoroughbred breed with bloodline from the three dominant sires; Darley Arabian, Godolphin Arabian, Byerley Turk.

2. Bone Structure

Look at your race horse at every angle and ensure that your horse has “plenty of bones” for its size; a big heavy horse with thin, weak-looking leg bones will result in lameness, so, avoid it at all cost. The horse’s bone, like the human anatomy, needs to be proportionate to complement every part of the body.

Here’s a brief guideline on how to look at your horse:

Looking from the front

– The leg bone should travel down in a straight line from chest to knee, to hoof. If it is not in line, the horse’s leg is ‘offset’ with its cannon bone not in line. This will put extra pressure on the horse’s knee during its gallop and it will give them plenty of soreness. Also, ensure that there’s plenty of space between the top of the horse’s front legs and chest to properly support that rapidly beating heart.

Looking from the side

– It is important to see that the knee position needs to be slightly over the hoof. If the knee is behind the hoof, it will cause extra strain on the knees especially for jumpers which will result in constant soreness.

Feel the Horse’s legs

– Feel the legs for any bumps, splints or heat. If there aren’t any, then it is a good leg for race day.

Good feet structure

– This indicates that the horse is able to carry its own weight efficiently. Avoid horses with feet that turn in or out, or dish in circles during walk and trots. This type of feet will give extra pressure on the joints and will risk higher possibility of injuries.

Traits of a Racing Horses

3. Balance/Proportionate Body

Horses comes in different sizes. Regardless, an ideal race horse needs to be well proportioned; the neck, back, hip, legs need to be of equal length and in a size that complements the whole body. Pick older horses for a more fully grown potential and proportionate body for optimal performance. Most 2-year old foal have higher withers or quarters. Hence, be patient and wait until they are 5-year old to see optimal developments in those horses.

4. Muscle Tone

Muscles and strength are one of the main keys to athleticism. The power from a race horse is mainly generated from its back legs and hindquarters. You have to look for a good amount of muscle at those part of the horse to ensure for a great performance on the race track. Muscles across a horse’s shoulders and forearms will contribute to their competitive performance across various type of events. You will not see much muscles on yearlings, so do not judge a young horse too fast. It is advisable to look for older horses if you want instant results.

5. Coat of the horse

A coat is also known as the hair of the horse and horses comes in various coat color! The coat is an important feature of a horse; a horse with a gleaming shiny coat signifies a healthy horse. It shows that the horse is well-fed, received good physical and mental care, and groom to perfection. A horse with flashing, shiny coat will have high value of sale and they are the top pick for high racing performance. 

A horse that has a gleaming shiny coat are the ones you need to look out for. It is an important feature that usually indicates the horse’s wellbeing. If they look well in their coat then it tends to be a sign that the horse itself is feeling very well, a bit like us!

6. Movement of the Horse

“A scratchy stride” and “covering the ground with ease” is a familiar phrase to hear when you are analysing the movement of horses. These tells a lot about a horse in the long run. 

Ideally, a good racehorse should move well no matter what the pace may be. However, some horses move differently in certain paces. Akin to elite long-distant runners or sprinters, look for horses with lengthy strides and a quick cadence; these are optimum horses in covering more ground in a fast period of time effortlessly with an economy of energy. Now, that is a champion horse to look out for!

If you do not see that traits stated above, observe how the horses walk or trot. A decent horse uses it’s whole body to move, their tail will swish over their hocks as they move, the back hoof comes over the mark left by its front foot, how effortless it covers the ground, and observe carefully how hard (or easy) the jockey is riding the horse. Those are some of the basic traits to look out for in a well-moving horse.

8 Ideal Traits of a Racing Horses

7. Temperament of a Horse

A warmblood horse is easier to bond with humans which make them easier to be trained into an outstanding race horse. Also, a calm horse is able to handle the stress of the competition and have a high level of focus on the task in hand. A fiery horse such as the Thoroughbred stallions are sweaty type that tend to burn unnecessary energy by being feisty before the race starts. So, be on the lookout for a horse that is calm, relaxed, friendly and well-nature for your betting glory.

8. Horses with Facial Appearance

A trait so subtle yet vital for an athletic body and prowess. Look out for horses with bright eyes, big ears that are pointing forward, big nostrils and a wide jaw. Big bright eyes and ears signifies that the horse is more alert, the big nostrils and wide jaw allows for a lot of oxygen intake into the lungs.

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It is not easy to find the ideal horse with all the traits above, so, it is essential to take your time to find the perfect horse for your betting success. Come on over to online casino Singapore for the ideal horse race betting experience. Our website is affiliated with a legal and trusted jockey club; Singapore Turf Club, which is approved and managed by the government of Singapore.

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