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Understanding the Poker Games Available

Online casino poker games, as already known, are in various types, and every legitimate gambling destination decide on which is perfect for their audience. Some casinos are known for providing interesting slot games in various forms, while others are specifically known for their exceptional casino games, such as card and table games (e.g., roulette, blackjack, baccarat), live dealers, etc.

Video Poker: Understanding the Poker Games Available

However, there are other games such as video pokers, specialty games like keno, craps, bingo, and so on, that some of these casinos do well to provide players.  

Video Poker games for one, are quite popular because they come in different variations. They are interesting casino games with independent strategies and rules. But how do players know what video poker game to play without properly getting enlightened about the games available, and of course, the rules? Well, here is a guide explaining what video poker machines are, and the different types available on the web.  

What are Online Video Poker Games?

Poker games is a unique game selection, only available at specific online casinos. It is a game that allows players play against the house, knowing the fact that the odds are likely in favour of the players. It is indeed a game of strategy, and without a doubt, players can easily calculate if they could beat the house or not – unlike slot machines where the winning odds are made known to the operator and the game software company. 

Video Poker games was first invented in 1901 by Charles Fey, who called the first poker: “Skill Draw.” This first draw poker game consisted of 50 cards, making the odds of getting a Royal Flush half that of full deck cards (52 cards). Later, in 1970, the first video poker machines were invented by Dale Electronics, and subsequent years later, different software companies developed their own unique variants. 

What are The Types of Video Poker Games?

Owing to the impact of various software companies in the iGaming industry such as Nevada, IGT, , this game is now available in different types or variations, with each having variants. These games are also distinguished by different features such as pay tables, payout, odds,  return to players (RTPs), multipliers, and so on. There are 6 popular types with the best odds, and they include: 

Deuces Wild

Deuces Wild is a popular and enjoyable video poker game available in many gaming venues all across the world, including Singapore. This poker games variation comes as a single deck consisting of 52 cards in different shapes and sizes. The idea about this game is that the four deuces or twos available are called the Wild Cards, and are the second best hands, following the Royal Flush. These cards can do two things: replace any dealt card, and used to complete a winning hand. However, the lowest poker hand in this game is the “Three of a Kind”

There are different variants of the Deuces Wild, such as the Full Pay Deuces, Not-so-Ugly Deuces, and so on, with each having its own gaming strategy, and RTPs. 

Jacks or Better

If video poker games were placed in the other of simplicity, Jacks or Better would be the first. They are beginner-friendly games, having a decent payback percentage of 99.54%, or less depending on the variant. The Jacks or Better is the lowest hand in this game, and it consists of a pair of Jacks, Aces, Kings, and Queens. Thus, there is a good chance that players will win according to their bets because this hand is evenly paid. 

Furthermore, different variations of single-hand Jacks or Better are capable of doubling winnings as long as it is a bonus game. 

Bonus Poker 

The Bonus Poker games shares certain things in common with the Jacks or Better. However, the payouts of this game are more distinguished because they consists of four of a kind poker hands. The combination of winning hands will earn players some points for a coin bet. Besides, this Bonus Poker has a full pay version of 8/5, which automatically means Full House payout is 8x bet, and Flush payout is 5x bet. 

There are different variants of the Bonus Poker, including the Original and the Deluxe version. However, one which is popular is the Double Double Bonus Poker. 

Double Double Bonus Poker

This is the most popular video bonus poker game because of the additional bonus payoffs and the “kicker” that comes with it.

Aces & Faces

When it comes to complex, no video poker game does it better than Aces & Faces. It is a game inspired by Jacks or Better – also with a full deck or 52 cards, only that the payouts increases on all four of a Kind poker hands. These hands consists of Aces and Face Cards such as Jacks, Kings, and Queens.

From the regular 8/5 Aces & Faces game, a hand of four aces is higher than a Straight Flush. As expected, there are other variants of this game. 

Tens or Better

Tens or Better are not so different from Jacks or Better. The only difference here is that: the game comes with a pair of tens, as the lowest poker hand. 

Joker Poker

When it comes to entertainment, Joker Poker is quite the thrill. It is a game consisting of a standard deck of 52 cards with an extra card, called the “Joker.” The Joker is the Wild Card and can be used to form a five of a Kind hand. The Natural Royal Flush is the highest paying hand in this game, while the Kings or Better, Royal Flush (with Joker), and Straight Flush are the second, third, and fourth hands. 

Currently, there are three variants of Joker Poker with varying RTPs. 

How to Play Video Poker? – Getting Started on Developing Video Poker Strategy

New gamblers who want to play video poker at any best online casino Singapore of their choice can do the following: 

  • Register at any online casino offering video poker games on an Android or iOS device
  • Make a real money deposit and get casino bonuses
  • Place a bet on any of the poker game variations – Jacks or Better is preferable 
  • Hit deal to get five card poker hand
  • Develop video poker strategy and win

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What is the Difference Between Full Pay and Low Pay Video Poker?

Full Pay Video Poker games have higher payback percentages (up to 100%) while Low Pay Video Poker games have lower payback percentage (often bellow 95%)

What is the Difference Between Single-Hand and Multi-Hand Poker?

Most video poker games are single-hand, meaning gamblers can only deal one hand at a time. On the other hand, multi-hand video poker games allow triple play or more (up to 5), simultaneously. 

What are Progressive Jackpot Poker?

It is a generous video poker games, giving players the opportunity to win a great jackpot – mostly from video poker players participating in tournaments. The payback of a progressive jackpot poker is often around 100% or higher.

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