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Guide to Video Poker Strategy

What is video poker strategy? You’ve got a strategy or way of playing poker to always win. Check out my poker strategy post for more cool tricks!

Video poker is a popular digital gambling game found in casinos and it is truly one of a kind. It combines the elements of probability and poker strategy, making it one of the most-loved games played by gamblers.

In casinos, video poker is considered to be a rewarding game as it involves real money. If you think that the game is interesting, it actually gets more exciting and easily accessible all thanks to the internet. Today, you can play the game with the same twists and turns in the form of online video poker, comfortably from any place.

Video Poker Strategy

If you are eager to learn more about online video poker to increase your skills as well as the odds of winning, read this complete guide for video poker. By the time you’re done reading this article, you will be equipped with the optimal poker strategy for playing.

How to Play Video Poker: Step-By-Step Guide

Video poker is a casino game based on a five-card draw. In Singapore, you can play video poker in an actual casino or online casinos like DON99. There isn’t a big difference in how the game is played in either of the two variants.

In an offline mode, you just need to find a slot machine and grab a seat. In an online mode, you are required to create an account on any trustworthy casino website and start playing instantly. 

The gameplay is the same for both these modes, as explained below:

Step 1: You are dealt a hand of five cards. These cards are determined automatically using a random number generator. A real-life dealer is not involved, the five cards simply show up on the screen. 

Step 2: Once you have seen the five cards, you have the option to discard those which you do not desire and get new cards. The combination of the cards you receive is what determines your victory or loss, so being able to get a replacement for any card is a great benefit for players. 

Step 3: The cards you have at this stage are your final cards now because you can only get replacements once. Depending on what kind of combination is there in your card hand, your payout is given to you. 

What are Pay Tables in Video Poker?

There are various kinds of combinations that video poker players can receive in the game. Some of these combinations are special such as:

  • Flush: All five cards are of the same suit, not necessarily consecutive. 
  • Royal Flush: A combination of Ace-King-Queen-Joker-10 belonging to the same suit.
  • Straight Flush: Any five consecutive cards from the same suit.
  • Straight: All five cards are consecutive in rank, can belong to any suit.
  • Jacks or Better: Either a pair of jacks is present in your poker hand, or high cards such as a pair of Kings, pair of Queens, or pair of Aces. 
  • Full House: Three out of the five cards are of one rank and the other two are of one rank. Cards can be from any suit. 
  • Three of a Kind: There are three cards of the same rank in your poker hand.
  • Four of a Kind: Out of the five in your card deck, there are four cards of the same rank.

When you are dealt any of these combinations, you are said to have a winning hand. The expected return for each of these special combinations is determined using a pay table. This contains the various card combinations and the award for each, listed in a tabular form.

Before starting to play the game, be sure to take a look at the pay table so that you are always aware of payout at all times.

What is the Best Video Poker Strategy?

Since there are lots of different combination possible every time you are dealt a hand of five cards, there is no single rule you can stick to. Instead, keeping in mind the following tips for a better poker strategy overall:

  • For a better game and more chances of winning, be smart about what cards to hold and which to discard from your video poker hand.
  • In case you get three of a kind or four of a kind, hold those cards and discard the others, for a chance to get a full house. 
  • When you get a pair of cards and also have a high card like King, Queen, Jack, or Ace, hold the low pair and discard the high cards.
  • Look out for tournaments on rewarding websites like DON99. They give you bonus payouts and a much better video poker experience.

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Bonus Poker Information for More Knowledge

Here are some video poker strategy FAQ that we are not leaving open-ended and will surely help you keep the bankroll buzzing.

Which video poker game has the best odds?

For almost every video poker variation such as deuces wild, full pay, etc. the biggest factor are your poker strategy cards for determining your victory. However, the Double Bonus Poker offers better odds statistically. 

Are video poker machines really random?

The answer is yes, especially in online casinos. This is because if these gambling establishments do not play fair, then they are blacklisted. This is why not only video poker but all  other games even including blackjack are fair.

Are video poker games rigged?

Games that involve probability don’t have guaranteed wins, which is why some players may feel that the games are rigged. However, no fair and honest online casino in Singapore would risk getting blacklisted and it is safe to assume that games are not rigged.

Get Started with Video Poker

Now, you are well prepared to start with a game of video poker online and beat the house edge with your tactics. If you play with patience, you might even hit progressive jackpots, although that’s rare. 

You can have the fun of Las Vegas right from your home, simply by creating an account on DON99. With hundreds of positive reviews, it’s definitely a good platform to get started. 

Make sure that whichever website you opt for, it is not blacklisted for unfiar practices. After all, real money is involved in the games and being alert will always help.

The above article has brought you many poker strategy shared by experts. However, learn carefully and make wise decisions when playing gambling!

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