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All know About Horse Racing Betting at DON99 Singapore

Placing bets on horse racing is one of the best methods of online gambling and is still one of the best sports ones can bet on. In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn about different types of horse racing, the biggest events, and the rules of horse racing.

All know About Horses Racing Betting at DON99 Singapore

Types Of Horse Racing

Although most people consider different types of horse races are still the same, there are many variations. Following are the main types of horse racing you can find in the best sportsbook.

Flat Racing

It’s a basic form of horse racing where the horses get to compete over the flat course with no jumps. Consider it as a test for stamina and speed and could happen over different distances. The Kentucky Derby is one of the most popular types of flat races.


Steeplechasing largely revolves around the horses dealing with multiple jumps, the races are very unpredictable and exciting. The Grand National is the biggest jump race across the globe.


When it comes to harnessing racing, the horses usually pull the two-wheeled contraptions known as sulkies, the driver will sit on the sulky and guide their horse around the racing track. There are different kinds of races: pacing and trotting, with pacing enabling the horses to move at faster speeds.


Endurance usually happens over extensive distances, often between 50 and 100 miles, the best horses competing in the 100-mile race will take between 14 and 15 hours to finish. A few popular endurance races are in the Old Dominion Ride and Tevis Cup.

About Horses Racing Betting at DON99

Horse Racing Bets

There are different types of bets in horse racing, these keep it more exciting for everyone involved. From the simple wagers on the race winners to complex forecasts, there are betting markets to suit every horseracing punter.

Each Way

This is a bet that usually pays out when the horse finishes in the top 3 places. This type of bet usually costs tice than the outright bet, although the extra outlay is often unbalanced by increased winning chances. The horse that finishes first wins more cash than others.


It’s a simple way to place bets on horse races. You just have to select the horse you large think would win and place your wager. If the horse crosses the line first, your wager would win.


The show bet usually extends the elements by one place, which means you bet on the horse to finish in the top 3. The winning odds would be lower but if you bet on the favorite, your winning chances would be higher than the place or outright bet.


Rather than place bets on horses to win, the place bet usually supports the horse to finish in the top 2. The payout is smaller as compared to the outright bet, although fewer risks are involved.

Across The Board

Across the board is basically 3 bets in one, because it largely includes show, place, and outright bets. If the horse you had bet on finishes first, then you’ll receive a payout for all 3 types of bet. The second-place bet results in payouts for show and place bets, and the third-place finish sees the bettor getting paid for the show bet.


With the tricast bet, bettors can predict which horses would finish 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. the reverse tricast wager is similar even though you do not have to predict the exact position.


The forecast wager predicts that horse that will finish in the 1st and 2nd place. The reverse forecast just sees you bet on the initial 2 horses, without having to worry about the exact order they finish.

First Four

Superfecta as it’s commonly known, this wager requires the bettor to choose the horses that finish in position 1st and 4th position, in that sequential order. This is also an expensive wager, but the winnings can be pretty high.


The accumulator wager sees the bettor combine 2 or more wagers. For you to win, all the parts of your bet should be perfect. You can create accumulators from the bets mentioned here, and you can as well include prop bets.

Horses Racing Betting

Horse Racing Odds

As you already know, there are different kinds of odds you can find at the best horse racing bookies including decimal, fractional and American. Many sportsbooks allow you to switch between the odd types with a single click of a button.

Essentially, American odds are commonly utilized in the United States, while decimal odds are often used in European nations. 

Betting On Horse Racing

Are you a beginner trying to get into horse racing? Or it could be you’re trying to understand different factors that might affect the odds of a horse. Following are the 5 horse racing tips that will better your chances of winning. 


The form of a horse usually shows how well the horse can perform. Therefore, the house that has finished in the top 3 on the last 3 outings has a better form than that which never made it to the finish line.


A horse’s trainer and jockey usually play a significant part in the performance of a horse. A horse with an experienced jockey and a renowned trainer has a better winning chance.

Bet On The Favorites

If you are new to horse betting, you should bet on your favorite. Essentially, experts have chosen that the horse you want to bet on is a favorite for a specific reason, so you should use their advice to choose the winner. While the odds might not be great, you’ll have a better chance of the bet becoming a winner.

The Going

As the name implies, the going is the state of the racing track. For instance, the going could be firm or sloppy after a heavy rainfall downpour. Different horses usually perform exceptionally in various conditions – for instance, a horse that performed better on a sunny day may not succeed through thick mud. Always make sure you’ve checked the going before each bet to make sure your selection is pretty comfortable with the prevailing conditions.


The distance of a race usually plays a major role in determining the horse that will win. A horse with stamina has a better chance of winning and this is what you should choose to bet on.

Understand Handicapping

It’s always important for you to understand exactly how handicapping systems usually work and what you can do to beat. Extra weight should be applied to horses that have performed exceptionally well. Nevertheless, success could come from picking the horses you think are better than others.

Singapore Horse Racing Betting Payment Methods

Horse betting in Singapore is much easier mainly because of the simple depositing and withdrawing options. A great number of payment options are available to bettors. These include bank transfers, e-wallets, credit cards, and more. eNets are usually associated with UOB, OCBC Bank, and DBS Bank, permitting users to make reasonable payments through their debit or credit card. Sticpay is another renowned e-wallet platform, that allows for quick payouts at Singapore’s betting sites.

Singapore pools horse betting

Singapore Pools is a government-owned sportsbook. Owned and managed by Singapore’s Totalisator Board. Singapore Pools is one of the few licensed bookies. It’s exempt from laws that had been set by RGA (Remote Gambling Act).

Although odds and markets at Singapore pools aren’t as impressive as with international sportsbooks, it still doesn’t attract lots of interest. Bettors can place bets on motor racing, horse racing, and football.

Online Betting Laws In Singapore

Betting laws were established in 2014. Until 2014 no laws were in place to regulate online gambling in Singapore. Nonetheless, new laws meant that different forms of gambling online weren’t allowed including online casino games, TOTO, and betting.

With unlawful betting becoming a major concern, Remote Gambling Act was then established. For this reason, only Singapore Pools were legal, since it has been exempted from this Act back in 2016. Nevertheless, a wide range of offshore sportsbook now accepts gamblers from Singapore that hold valid licenses from renowned gambling authorities. For this reason, bettors can now bet on sports legally with offshore betting sites.

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Horse Betting Singapore FAQ

What are the best betting sites for Singapore players?

With a wide range of renowned bettors now working in Singapore, choose the best betting site can be challenging. Nevertheless, depending on the strict criteria, we’ve ranked the top betting platforms in this post.

Betting laws in Singapore are still not easy to understand. As mentioned earlier, online Singapore Pools are legal. Nevertheless, many offshore sportsbooks now cater to bettors in Singapore.

How can I deposit funds into my betting account?

There are different payment methods you can use to deposit or withdraw funds into your casino account. Bank transfers, e-wallets, debit and credit cards are pretty common. The most common options are secure, convenient, and quick.

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