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The Complete Guide to Horse Racing Bet in Singapore

Horse racing is Singapore’s (and Malaysia) most prestigious gambling activity. Being a well-loved game, it has become a cultural tradition among Singaporean bettors. Betting on horse races are fun and rewarding. Before you do, check out this complete guide to horse racing bet in Singapore.

The Complete Guide to Horses Racing

Major Horse Racing Events in Singapore

Singapore Gold Cup

Held in one of the world’s iconic racetrack –  Singapore Racecourse, Kranji – This is a top class Thoroughbred horse race that takes place annually at the end of November. You will witness the clash of the fastest; the domestic Group One category (a 2,000-metre or 2-kilometre) turf race for 3-year-old breed and older domestic horses.

Singapore Derby

An annual competition that occurs around mid-July at the reputable Singapore Racecourse. This domestic Group One event for Thoroughbred horses are raced over a distance of 1800 metres.

Lion City Cup

Singapore’s most significant domestic sprint race which is held on every April since 1974. The domestic Group 1 race horse event takes place over a distance of 1200 metres and is open to 3-year-old horses and older.

Raffles Cup

Held on every October, this race is the second leg of the Singapore Triple Crown Challenge. The domestic Group 1 event is raced over a distance of 1800 metres and is open to horses aged 3 years and older.

Guide Horses Racing

Licensed, Regulated & Authorised

Physical betting centres and online casinos such as DON99 Singapore provides a horse race betting platform that is affiliated to the 180-year-old Singapore Turf Club. They are the main operator and providers that offer a safe and legal environment to perform sports betting as the club is regulated and authorised by Singapore Pools and the Singapore Totalisator Board, which is controlled by the government of Singapore. Also, did you know that the Singapore racecourse and grandstand is one of the best in the world, which allows all the horses to race in the ideal condition.

Most-Bet Races in Singapore

– Flat Racing

Comprises of various distances, it is a horse race competing over a flat course without obstacles. It is a straightforward and fast race where the speediest triumph!

– Steeplechase

This race deals with multiple obstacle jumps. It test the horse’s strength and speed. A thrilling event that leave bettors pumped and excited. You better pick a horse with a high jump!

– Harness

A driver/guide will be seated on a two-wheeled contraptions (Sulky) which will be pulled by a horse around the racetrack. The harness race consist of ‘trotting’ which is how fast the horse walks and ‘pacing’ which the horses are moving at a faster, almost run-like pace.

– Endurance 

A long distance race that occurs between 50 – 100 miles. Like a human marathon, a horse needs to have great endurance and speed to complete the race with good timing.

Bet Types

1) Outright Bet (Win Bet)

This simple bet is all about placing a wager on your selected horse that you think will win. You have to analyse your horse meticulously to ensure that it is the finest horse to cross the finish line as the champion.

2) Place Bet

This is a wager on a horse to cross the finish line in 1st or 2nd place. The payout is lower because the pool of monies wagered will be split between the 1st and 2nd place horse.

3) Show Bet

Just pick a horse to finish in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd position in a race. You will be rewarded with high payout if your selected horse finish in any top 3 position. You will lose your bet if the selected horse finishes out of the top 3.

4) Each Way Bet

This is a 2-bet system where you can wager on two things; first bet, select a horse that will win champion. Second bet is on a selected horse to finish in any position up to 5th place. If the first bet wins, you win both bets. If the horse wins the second bet (horse placing from 5th to 2nd), you will only win the second bet.

5) Across the Board Bet

This is a 3-in-1 horse bet with Show, Place and Outright (Win) bets in one bet. If your chosen horse finishes first, the bettor wins all 3 bets; if the horse finishes in second place, the bettor wins 2 bets (Place and Show); if the horse finishes in third place, bettors win the Show bet only while losing the other 2 bets.

6) Forecast Bet

A flexible and challenging bet for punters. The Forecast bet comes in several variants. A famous Forecast bet lets’ gamblers to choose two horses to finish in 1st and 2nd place in the exact order. Another variant of Forecast bet allow gamblers to bet on two horses to finish in the top 2 position without exact order. 

7) Tricast Bet

The Tricast bet requires’ punters to choose three horses to finish in the top 3 position in the exact order. Example:

  • Horse 8 will finish in first place.
  • Horse 3 will finish in second place.
  • Horse 2 will finish in third place.

8) First Four (Superfecta)

This requires’ bettors to wager on minimum 4 horses that will finish in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th position in exact or any order, depending on the variant of the First Four wager:

a) Straight First Four Bet

The bettor needs to select four horses to finish in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th position in the exact order for a successful payout.

b) Boxed First Four Bet

Bettors need to select four horses to finish in the top four in any order. As long as your chosen four horses end up in the top 4, you will win the bet.

c) Stand Out First Four Bet

Bettors need to select one horse to win 1st place, while the remainder three horses to finish in 2nd, 3rd and 4th position in any order. Once that happens, the bettor wins the payout.

9) Accumulators

An all-in-one bet; bettors have to combine multiple bet selections in one bet. You must win every bet in it to win the grand Accumulator bet. The Accumulator bet rewards a more lucrative payout than placing separate single bets because to win the Accumulator is much tougher than winning single individual bets. If one bet in the Accumulator lose, the entire Accumulator bet will be unsuccessful. You can create your own Accumulator from the list of bets stated above.

Guide Horses Racing Bet in Singapore

Strategies to Win Horse Racing Bets

1) Select Horses in Excellent Form

A horse in optimum form is a horse that has produced recent excellent race results, is well rested, has been training to their peak form, in the ideal age, and has the sweet balance between rest time and races. These are the ideal traits to look out for a great achiever.  

2) Pick the Fast Breed

You have to find out the ancestry of your selected horse. A pure-bred race horse bred from a premium range of pedigree such as the Thoroughbred, Arabian and American Quarter Horse will possess natural, built-in turbo talent for racing. Currently, Singapore does not operate any breeding business. Hence, the Singapore horse are imported from Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, England, France, Ireland and North America.

3) Know the Horses Official Ranking

The latest horses official ranking is an indication of a potential winning horse. These ranks are ranked by experts analysis themselves. Therefore, it is a reliable information to wager on. The safest bet is to bet on horses with a good ranking. Also, some races may enforce handicap ruling by placing weight on high ranking horses to have them racing in a levelled playing field. It is wise to find out how much weight is placed on them to make sure your bet is worth the risk.

4) Observe Your Horse

Horses have emotions too and the wellbeing of a horse plays a vital role in their performance on the racetrack. They experience good and bad days like humans. You may visit your selected horse to see if its happy, healthy and race-ready or is he looking sad, agitated, tired and sick? In short, a happy horse is a winning horse.

5) Analyse the Trainer’s & Jockey’s Data

Horse trainers, jockeys and bookmakers are people who spend a lot of time with the horses. Hence, it justifies they have the most reliable and accurate information about a horse’s breed and current performance. Before placing your bets, you may visit these people for further details, which could help you to place bets that win.

6) The Ground Condition

Singapore has a tropical climate which makes the weather unpredictably hot and humid or wet and rainy. Take note of the weather to know the ground condition on any given race days. Depending on the weather, the ground may be firm, soggy, muddy, dry or soft. Different ground condition will impact performances of different horses; Some may excel on soggy grounds and some may excel on dry, firm grounds. However, the ideal condition for most horses are firm, dry ground as it is ideal for a fast and comfortable racing condition.

7)  The Betting Odds

Always check the betting odds on the race cards/betting guide provided prior to placing your bet. Punters are able to know the latest odds in betting centres and online betting sites such as DON99, the trusted and best online casino in Singapore. This lets you analyse the odds and assist you in your wagering plans.

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