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Welcome to the blog that summarizes the knowledge of betting. We share articles on how to play online gambling, sports betting... shared by leading experts of DON99 with many years of experience working and playing at online casinos in singapore.
Slot Online Casino in DON99 Singapore

Online slot games is one of the most famous online gambling games among Singaporeans. They account for over 50% of all games played at online casinos. It can be played by players of all levels and it has reasonably high payout, more so if you wager with DON99, the finest and trusted online casino Singapore.

Slot Online Casino in DON99 Singapore

Online slots allow Singaporean players to bet on the outcome or combination of symbols from the spinning reels. Slot games come in various versions; different themes, genres, rules, paylines and more. DON99, the top online casino in Singapore works with top software providers such as Playtech, Realtime Gaming, Play’n GO, Betsoft, NetEnt, Microgaming, CMD368, Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play and more. 

DON99 has an abundance of slot games with beautiful visuals, easy gameplay, high return-to-player (RTP) rate which gives great chances to win real money. Besides Singaporean players, there are many people from different corners around the world who visit the best online casino site for one reason, to enjoy playing the best slot games.

DON99's online casino slot games comes in multiple visual effects and software solutions. There are many original concepts that are captivating to the players. Most of the slot games are played similarly, so no worries of trying out every slots in our disposal. Welcome all curious beginners and die-hard slots enthusiast, our slots' experts are ready to share their experience and enlighten you with the type of high-quality online slot machines available here.

The Working of Online Slots Games

DON99's online slot machines utilise random number generators (RNG) to select the numbers by luck. These numbers are attached to certain symbols that ultimately land on the slot's reels. You definitely don't have to worry about the fairness and transparency of our slot games. However, not all pays the same, you have to check the pay table available to understand the theoretical payout of every game before you begin.

To win in a slot game, one has to match identical symbols on the active payline. That is the winning combination. A payline is that line that crosses through a row of reels. The paylines can go zigzag, diagonally, horizontally, or vertically. The amount you win when playing slots directly relate to the amount you wagered, the number of symbols and the symbols character, which created the win.

When it comes to symbols, watch out for bonus symbols; scatter symbols, wild symbols, and more. The wild and scatter symbols could pop up anywhere on the reels and give the players an edge in the game. it constitute other symbols to help players make up the winning combination. Furthermore, they are bonus symbols that trigger different slot features, multipliers, free spins, bonus rounds, casino bonus and more. Alongside the slot bonuses, you will receive exclusive casino bonuses such welcome bonus, deposit bonus, unlimited daily bonuses & rebates, and more lucrative incentives.

Types of Online Slot Games in Singapore

a) Classic Slots

Want to relive the gaming experience of the good old days when there were only 3 reels slot machines? If so, then you should try out the classic slots. The classic slot games have 3 reels with some fruity symbols with about 9 paylines. In most cases, the pay table is displayed on the screen and the wager setting clicks are the same as the real clickers that you find in a brick-and-mortar casino. However, there are no bonus rounds, visual effects, or other amenities that you can expect to find at other video slots. These slot machines are created for simplicity.

b) Video Slots

Slot games have evolved over the years to become bigger and better with more appealing video slots. The number of reels have increased from 3 to 5 reels. The number of paylines harangues between 9 and 50. Some of the video slots you find online do not have the standard payline layout and awards when identical symbols show up on the adjacent reels, offering between 243 and 1024 ways to win.

Technically, video slots feature wild symbols as the rule for helping create the winning combinations and a game feature that’s activated by bonus symbols and scatters. The paylines are often awarded from right to left, but in a few games, this can pay in different ways. Software developers utilise the latest graphics to launch various video slots depending on the themes, starting from myths and legends of ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt to modern-day movies and comic books. You can spin it all in DON99, the best online casino in Singapore.

c) 3D Slots

3D Slots took a major step further with incredible visual effects that offer a more realistic feeling and impressive depth. These casino games provide lots of pleasure to your senses with thrilling action taking place before your eyes; uniquely crafted symbols appear on the reels, top-notch sound effects, lush introductions and video clips. 3D slots offer more than just a gambling experience. You can play it in DON99 for the best gaming experience.

d) Progressive Slots

Progressive slots usually takes the form of video and classic slots, but they have distinguish advantages that make them more appealing to players. Technically, every bet from every progressive game players are connected and they all become a part of every wager that goes into the progressive fund. The exact amount of the jackpot is displayed just above the reels of the progressive jackpot, which can quickly be more than SGD 1 million. Over the years, these amazing games have made some players rich, whereas others might have 'died' trying to win the progressive jackpot.

e) Mobile Slots

With the rise of mobile casino comes the rise of mobile slots. Due to technological advancements, we do not need to be tied down in front of our computers to play; we can have the same gambling experience anywhere and anytime via our mobile devices. Mobile slots appear the same as their PC counterparts and offer a wide range of gaming options. Some gambling options are often taken from the main screen to ensure the gameplay is flawless, but you can also easily access these with a single tap on the settings. These mobile slots are compatible with a wide range of devices including Windows, Android and iOS devices.

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Tips & Tricks to Win in DON99 Online Slots Singapore

1. Practice with free slot games

By practicing with our free slot games, you will be able to boost your slot skills and formulate strategies to maximise your victories in the slot games. After you have leveled up, you can play the real deal with real money.

2. Play slots utilising random number generator (RNG)

Our modern and updated slot games uses random number generator in the gameplay. Our slot games produce trillions of potential results per second, which ensures that all outcomes are generated randomly and fair.

3. Study the pay table before playing

Each slot game has its own pay table which identifies the value of each symbol in the reel. You will be able to determine the most lucrative symbol; the 'wild' and 'scatter' symbols, and winning combination from the pay table.

4. Identify your most rewarding slot to play

Besides studying the pay table of each slot games, these pointers will help you identify profitable slots for a rewarding gambling experience:

•             Make sure the slot has a high return-to-player (RTP) rate or payout percentage. The higher the rate, the better your chances of earning

•             Determine if your slot is a high or low volatility game. A high volatility slot offers large sum of payouts but with lesser chances to win, while a low volatility slot wins more but with smaller sum of payouts. Which will be your ideal online betting volatility?

•             Bonuses. Pick the slots with the highest reward; bonus rounds, free spins, multipliers and more can boost the rate of winning.

Start Playing DON99 Online Slot Games Today!

Our slots are incredibly easy to play as all you need is a minimum amount of skill, expertise and experience to bet and win jackpots. If you want to explore different games beyond slots; you can play DON99's live casino table games such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat to name a few, sports betting/sportsbook/e-sports, horse racing bet and more. DON99 gives you the best online casino Singapore 2022 and beyond.

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What is Jackpot and How to Win Them in Live Casino?

Jackpot prizes are the holy grail of the gambling world. It is the pinnacle victory for all gamblers as it gives the highest reward that makes one an overnight millionaire (or billionaire!). As good as it sounds, winning the jack pot is also as tough as it plays. At times, it takes one in hundreds of thousands or even millions to strike the jack pot. But don’t you worry as we have some tried-and-tested ways to win the jackpot. Read on!

What is Jackpot

Type of Jackpots

Jack pots are commonly found in every land-based and online casinos, and they are prominent in online slot games, slot machines. There are two famous variants of jack pots that offer mouth-watering payouts namely ‘fixed jack pots’ and ‘progressive jackpots’ which will be explained as such:

a) Fixed Jackpots

In short, fixed jackpot pays out a lump sum. A specific amount of money will be paid each time they're won. Regardless the amount of bet you have placed, the value of a fixed jack pot will remain the same. It is believed that the odds of winning for fixed jack pots are more favourable than progressive jack pots (we will get to that later), however, striking the jackpot still boils down to chance.

b) Progressive Jackpot

Progressive jackpots are jack pots with their value constantly increasing until a lucky player wins them. Until then, the amount can turn out to be very large. Progressive jack pot slots feature special prizes (basically money) that will keep on accumulating as it is played until someone wins it. The more players play, the larger the amount of money grows because a small percentage of each player’s bet is added to the pot. Once the progressive jack pot is won, the amount will be reset to a predetermined value. These jackpots have a lower hit frequency than fixed jackpots albeit a higher cash prize. Also, there are stricter terms and conditions that rules over the jackpot which make it even harder to win. So, do ensure that you go through them before playing.

c) Other Jackpots

Besides that, there are several lesser-known jackpots with small values such as low-fixed jack pots and medium-size fixed jackpots. This gives opportunity to people with a low bankroll to win jackpots. Regardless winning the smallest jack pot or not, it is something that will put every gambler in cloud 9.

Jackpots are far from being exclusive to slot games or slot players. They are highly available in many other live casino games such as Roulette, Poker, Blackjack, Craps, where there are progressive jackpots as a “side game”. It is like a bonus game or “side quest” where you are able to win it when something special occurs such as getting 4 aces in Blackjack or any other feats.

How to Win Them in Live Casino

How to Win Jackpots in Live Casinos?

Live casino gaming or live dealer games are one of the unique features of online casino sites. You can play table games by interacting with real-life dealers and players in real-time anytime and anywhere in your convenience. All you need is a stable internet connection for a smooth and seamless gambling experience.

Unlike the moment when you play slots using random number generators, live casino works exactly like a brick-and-mortar casinos. Hence, you will need some strategy to win your desired jackpot rather than spinning the reels mindlessly. Here are the best tips to win jackpots in live casinos.

1) Master the Basics

It is essential for all new players to know how to play before placing any bets. New players must master the basics to avoid losing a huge amount of money in the long run. Mastering the basics will put you at an advantage over other players and the gameplay will become a lot easier for you to play. While online casino slots are straightforward and simpler, mastering the basics will keep you at ease in live casino games.

2) Have a Stable Internet Connection

Remember to always check and ensure that you have a stable internet connection. A stable connection is important for desktop and mobile (android and iOS-operated) players because it prevents' lags and buffers which will affect the gameplay horribly. Imagine that you almost strike the jackpot prize, but a lagged internet connection takes it all away...so, always make sure the internet connection is stable.

3) Know the Variants

There are numerous live dealer games to play, and each game consist of various variants. For instance, take a look at the numerous slot games available in DON99. Each of the slot game have different return-to-player (RTP) rates and payline that defines the volatility of the game. It is the same with other live casino games such as Roulette (American Roulette and European Roulette) and Poker (Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Seven-Card Stud, etc). If it's possible and available, always check the paytable and T&Cs of each game before playing.

4) Set a Betting Limit   

First things first, set a betting limit and stick to it with discipline to avoid overspending and putting yourself in financial throes. Regardless that you are a frequent bettor or an expert gambler, a jackpot does not come often. Hence, bet with money that you are willing to lose and stop when you are at your limit. That way, you will save your bankroll from descending beyond saving.

5) Play with Reputable Websites

With the variety of online casinos popping up in the world wide web, it gives you more options of casinos to play. But beware, there are also numerous unscrupulous casino sites with its sole purpose to scam money out of you. Take care of your wellbeing; visit every site, do your research to learn about them before registering and placing bets. One of the safest site to play is DON99 Singapore. DON99 Singapore works with experience and reputable gaming providers (such as NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, Playtech, etc) that gives a safe and rewarding gaming experience.

6) Observe & Learn

Online live casinos give you the opportunity to spectate games without the need to place any bets. Take that moment to observe how other gamblers play their cards to help you determine a good or bad hand. This will help you to analyse any situation better and make better decisions in your game.

7) Utilise Casino Bonuses

The perks of playing in an online casino is that you are able to claim numerous bonuses to boost your chances of winning the jack pot. The bonuses can be in the form of free spins, bonus rounds or bonus money. All of that increases the jackpot-striking odds and giving you more money to place more bets. Nevertheless, remember to read up on the T&Cs and wagering requirements to know how to claim and utilise your bonus rewards.

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Jackpot may be hard to win but it is not impossible. There are numerous ways to boost your odds of winning such as the above when you are playing online casino slots or live casino table games. More importantly, do not chase your losses and practise responsible gambling at all times. Last but not least; play with the best, play with online casino singapore, the best and most trusted online casino in Singapore to win real money!

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Advantages of Playing Live Casino 2022

What advantages of Playing Live Casino 2022?. In this article, we’ll be diving into what live casinos are, and what benefits or advantages they can offer you. In the world of online casinos, “live casinos” have been growing in popularity.


If you’ve run into the concept of live casinos and wondered what they are, then look no further!

What Are Live Casinos?

Live casinos are online casinos that offer live games. 

They’re different from regular online casinos because live dealers run the game instead of automated software.

Live casinos are a great option if you can’t go to a casino in person or if you’d rather do everything online, but you still want an immersive experience.

How Do Live Dealer Casino Games Work?

In a live dealer casino game, a human dealer is shown in real-time, dealing cards and rolling dice on a real table. Gaming tables are also typically used, so that it’s even more realistic.

The dealer’s movements are recorded by video cameras that have high quality video, so you can see the cards clearly - just as if you were there in person.

Oftentimes, these video feeds are being filmed in actual casinos that have special rooms for live dealer casino games. 

This makes it feel more immersive, so that it’s like being in a brick and mortar casino!

What Platforms Do Live Casinos Have?

Most live casinos are available on websites that you can visit on your PC, as long as you have internet connectivity. 

However, not all live casinos support mobile access on their websites, which can be an inconvenience when you only have access to a smartphone or other mobile devices.

Decent live casinos should have mobile-supported websites, and the best live casinos should have mobile applications that are available for both Android and IOS.

Advantages of Playing Live Casino

What Do Live Casinos Offer?

Live casino games are basically the regular games that are available in casinos, except they’re live online casino games.

Most live casinos offer a variety of games, and pretty much all of them offer at least the classic lineup of roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and poker.

And, although bets aren’t necessary, live casinos also allow for online gambling, which is good news for gamblers!

How Are Live Casino Games Played?

Although live casino games are set up in a way that’s immersive, they are a bit different in comparison to games played in person.

When it comes to live casino games, blackjack, baccarat, roulette and poker have mostly standardized ways of being run.

Live Blackjack

Although live casinos can give players many choices when it comes to blackjack rules and dealing, the most common option is classic seven card blackjack.

Live Baccarat

Live baccarat typically has a multi-camera set up. This allows players to watch the dealer and the table from multiple angles.

It also usually has a window that shows statistics and past moves, so that you have an easier time forming your strategy.

Live casinos often offer two options for baccarat: standard, and speed baccarat.

Live Roulette

The main difference for live roulette is that a stickman spins the wheel, which may be disappointing for some.

Another difference is that cameras may be set up to record the wheel’s movement from above, and they may also show the video in slow motion so you can see the ball’s path.

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Live Poker

Most casinos only offer Texas Hold ‘Em poker, but you may find a few that offer other options.

Another difference is that live poker typically has two tables: an ordinary table and a VIP table.

Advantages of Playing Live Casino 2022

Benefits/Advantages of Playing Live Casino

There are seven main benefits or advantages when it comes to playing live casino: realistic visuals, immersive experience, natural processes, live interaction, convenient availability, no requirements, and additional perks.

Realistic Visuals

The biggest advantage of a live casino over regular online casinos is that it has realistic visuals.

Instead of a virtual world, you get to see real dealers run the game in front of a camera, including card dealing, dice rolling, and equipment handling.

And with the way the cameras are set up, the video is often shot from the perspective that you would have if you were actually seated at the table. 

Immersive Experience

Another advantage live casinos have over virtual casinos is that they are more immersive.

From the realistic speed, to the actual sounds that are generated by the gameplay, live casinos can give a multidimensional experience that virtual games can’t.

When this is paired with a high quality video stream, it can provide players with a certain sense of comfort that automated games can’t provide.

Natural Processes

Unlike virtual casinos, live casinos are more natural in their processes.

Everything is still random, but instead of relying on a random number generator, the randomness lies on the dealer and their equipment (like the cards and roulette balls).

This makes the game feel more organic, which many players love.

Live Interaction

Quite obviously, live casinos allow for live interaction as well!

Unlike virtual casinos, you get more of a chance to interact with real people, including the dealers (who often use engaging banter to entertain you), as well as other players in the online “room”.

Convenient Availability

When it comes to comparing live casinos to brick and mortar casinos, the biggest advantage is the convenience that live casinos offer.

Unlike brick and mortar casinos, you can access live casinos wherever you are, with no travelling required, and at any time of the day.

This makes them the right choice for people who want everything an actual casino offers, without leaving the comfort of their homes.

No Requirements

Another feature that sets live casinos apart is that they have no requirements on your part as a user or player!

For example, there’s no dress code you have to follow since you’re not on camera and nobody can see you, unlike if you go to a casino in person.

There’s also no requirement in terms of betting! Live casinos allow users to watch games without taking part in the game, which is perfect if you prefer to simply observe.

Additional Perks

The final advantage that live casinos have over physical establishments is that they often have additional perks, including bonuses, promotions, and incentives.

Some live casinos may also offer a free game mode, which allows you to place bets without using real money.


Live casinos have many advantages and benefits over regular online casinos as well as brick and mortar casinos.

Whether they are right for you or not, we hope this article helps you learn more about live casinos and what they can offer you! Be sure to check out Online casino Singapore because they offer some of the best bonuses and games in Singapore! 

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The Best Table Games in Live Casino DON99

Live casinos offer players an authentic Las Vegas casino experience in the comfort of their home. Players can play popular live dealer games via multiple trusted game providers on desktop or mobile devices (Android or iOS-operated), all streamed live in powerful HD quality.

The Best Table Games

Moreover, live casino offers a wide selection of games that includes timeless classic titles which are essential to every casino and gambler. Here, we give you the best table games to be played in live casino Singapore.

Live Roulette

Roulette is one of the most popular and must-have table games in every land-based and online live casino. There are minimal skills involved to play the game, which also makes it one of the simplest games to play and earn real money. All you have to do is place a wager on your selected sector containing a number and colour, or a cluster of numbers and colours on a roulette table. Then, the live dealer will spin the ball on the roulette wheel and if the ball lands on the sector you have bet on, you will win your fortune. T

There are several types of Roulette you can play such as the American Roulette that comes with 38 pockets, European Roulette with 37 pockets including 1 zero pocket, and French Roulette. Each type of roulette has varied house edge and payout, and European Roulette has the lowest house edge of around 2.7%.

Live Blackjack table games

Blackjack is mandatory in the catalogue of live casino table games. Blackjack is a classic card game that has existed for many years and is widely played by all gamblers then and now. In an online live casino, player gets to play against a real human being (live dealer) instead of an artificial intelligence (AI).

Blackjack, also known as 21, is a game where the player needs to accumulate the poker cards to a total value of 21 or closest to 21 to win the game. It is simple to be played with added strategies to boost the chances of winning against the dealers. In online casino Singapore, Blackjack has the top odds against the casino which makes for a rewarding gameplay. Blackjack is a thrilling, fast-paced game with a low house edge and that is why gamblers love it!

The Best Table Games in Live Casino

Live Craps

Craps also known as Shooting Dice or Street Craps is one of the best online casino table games to play; it has much excitement, action and also one of the simplest games to learn. This game involves a pair of dice where you need to roll the dice to a favourable number; throw a 7 or 11, and you will immediately win it. 

For Craps, you need to learn how to play it well to improve your chances of winning. There are several types of bets in Craps such as Place Bet, Come Bet, Pass Line Bets, Don’t Pass Bet and more. Most Craps players always prefer the Pass Line bet because it features a low house edge. However, the return-to-player (RTP) rate differs on the type of bets the player chooses to wager on.

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Live Baccarat table games

Baccarat is so popular among the masses, even it has become James Bond's most preferred casino table games. Baccarat card game shares many similarities with Blackjack; players have to reach a hand with a value of 9 or closest to 9 to win that fortune.  

There are 3 main versions of Baccarat in live casinos with live dealers namely Banque, Chemin de Fer and Punto Banco. You have the freedom to choose any versions of your preference. Play Baccarat at the best live casino in DON99 Singapore, as they give high payout amidst a low house edge, rebates and plenty of bonuses such as welcome bonuses and no-deposit bonuses.

Live Sic Bo

Playing Sic Bo in a live casino gives players an authentic gaming experience akin to a brick-and-mortar table games casino. Sic Bo also known as Tai Sai (translated into 'big & small') or Dai Siu, is a classic Chinese dice game which was originated in China and it is now widely played by the westerners in the United Kingdom and America. This game is still highly popular amongst Asian players.

A simple game, this game is all about predicting the outcome or result of 3 rolled dices. If the player can guess the sum correctly, he/she will win and if he/she guesses it wrong, he/she will lose.

There are several variations of Sic Bo such as Super Sic Bo, Sic Bo Deluxe and more. With different variations of Sic Bo comes with various types of bets such as single dice stake, big stake, double stake, triple stake and two-dice stake, each with different betting opportunities.

Live Poker table games

Poker games are highly popular among Singaporeans. Poker rooms generate around SGD 500 million each year in Singapore alone. Poker is an exciting card game that is best being played in a land-based casino or live casino table games where live dealers will shuffle the cards for you.

There is various type of poker games such as Texas Hold ‘em, Omaha Hi, Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo, Draw Poker, video poker, Joker Poker, 3-Card Poker, Deuces Wild and more. Each of them comes in a different level of difficulties and house edge. Poker can be played against the dealer or in a group. Play live poker at DON99 live casino Singapore, it is the best online gambling site to perform online betting in poker.

The Best Table Games in Live Casino Singapore 2022

Live Bingo table games

Live Bingo is a simple and interesting game to play, with guidelines matching the land-based version. Numbers are called at random until a player is able to cross off a line or pattern of numbers as fast as possible. The patterns usually come in a straight line be it vertical, horizontal, diagonal or some pre-determined pattern.

In Bingo gambling game, a card will be randomly picked for by the live dealer. You can choose a new card with different numbers if you are unhappy with the given cards. The action takes place on the bingo card. Players can purchase multiple bingo cards also known as bingo ticket which contains all numbers ranging 1 - 75. Just like the traditional Bingo game, players will have to cross off the numbers in the patterns and call out "Bingo!" in a live casino hall.

Live Keno

A very simple game of luck. Keno is as straightforward as it gets. You’ll get a card where you can select various numbers. Then, the caller/dealer will select certain numbers and if it matches yours, you will win. Keno is in fact a very popular lottery game in Singapore and you can find it at the top Singapore gambling sites such as online casino Singapore DON99.


Those are the best table games in live casinos which you can find in any online casino Singapore...and DON99 Singapore is the best casino site for the best gambling experience, with multiple live dealer casino games, slot games/slot machines, sports betting and horse racing bets for existing & new players to earn and enjoy.

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Blackjack Tips 2022 - Best Tips for Winning at Blackjack

This article will present you with a Blackjack tips for win. Blackjack is one the most beloved casino games, both in real-time and online casinos. Popular in both beginner and seasoned players' circles, Blackjack promises a good time, with often high payouts. Like any other casino game, playing Blackjack requires practice, some basic strategy, and a little bit of good luck.

Blackjack Tips 2022

What is Blackjack?

Blackjack is a widely loved casino game played usually with four or six decks of cards. New variants of Blackjack, like the Blackjack Switch, are also gaining considerable popularity. Instead of pitting players against each other, Blackjack is all about standing against the dealer. It is a simple game of comparing cards, and the one who hits 21 or closest to 21 wins. 

These are some simple rules to remember when it comes to playing any game of blackjack:

  1. The main objective is to achieve a total higher than the dealer, but still less than or equal to 21. 
  2. All players receive two face-up cards, while the dealer receives one face-up and one face-down. 
  3. Players are allowed to hit and stand. 

Blackjack Tips for a Winning Streak

Though no one can guarantee a sure-shot win in this game of luck, there are some strategies to help you maximize profits. 

  • Blackjack tips first, there is a basic Blackjack strategy you should work on and understand. This means you need to understand the game thoroughly, its rules, and various formats, and get familiar with the structure and gameplay. You always have to decide whether to hit or stand, and there is a lot to be wary of while making these decisions. There is plenty of research on how you can play each hand dealt with you and increase your chances of winning. You can effectively cut the house edge from 1-2% with strategic gameplay. You can find these tips online or purchase basic strategy charts. Some examples of these tips are: Always split aces and 8s. Hit or double down on aces and 6s. 
  • Another important strategy is the surrender strategy. If you find that the hand you've been dealt reduces your chances of winning, you can simply surrender your cards and forfeit the round, while surrendering half your wages. This might seem like a negative strategy of backing away from a game, but it is a smart one that allows you to save your money. A forfeit is always better than a loss at any Blackjack table. 
  • Further, you should always manage your bankroll properly. If you're unsure of a game, place low bets. Manage your wagers. Online blackjack provides ample options for placing bets. Playing with real money means that you need to be careful. So, plan out these financial aspects in advance. Make sure that even if you lose a few rounds, you still have enough money left with you. Figure out a smart betting system, and use it to your best benefit. 
  • Ultimate Blackjack Tips, Blackjack betting systems are progressive betting systems. They require you to start small with your bets and subsequently make your way up from there. The Martingale and D'alembert are the most popular betting systems in Blackjack. The Martingale begins with a minimum table bet and then progresses to double the previous bet. In the D'alembert system, you raise your bet by one unit if you lose, and reduce it by 1 unit if you win. It is complicated, but has been known to reap benefits and high payouts, and help you recoup your losses. 
  • Most players also suggest against playing insurance bets. Unless you are very sure of your cards and have been card counting, this is usually a highly risky endeavour. Mostly, the house has considerable advantages over players in insurance bets. It's hard to make constant wins, and it is highly possible that you lose a lot of your hard-earned money. 
  • Best Blackjack tips, Card counting, again, is not the best move to opt. Though it is perfectly legitimate, you might end up creating chaos for your own self. Instead, maximize on strategy. Learn some tricks and play safe. Effective card counting understands that the removal of smaller cards from the deck is beneficial to players and that large cards are valued cards. The more the large cards, the better your chances of winning after a split. A good idea to prevent losing at insurance bets would be to practice card counting for a few games, and only after you are sure of your skills, do you dive into insurance games. 
  • Keep an eye on the dealer's hand. The dealer's card can make all the difference at winning or losing. Make note of whether the up-card is a good one (7 to ace) or a bad/mediocre one (2 to 6.) Place your bets smartly, and hit and split your hand after careful consideration of how it might compare to the dealer's hand. 
  • The last Blackjack tips, If you are playing a single deck game, there is some simple strategy to be followed. For this, you can consult any strategy guide for table games. 

READ MORE: 5 of the Best Blackjack strategy - DON99 Casino

Closing Lines

The most important blackjack tips, remember you are not competing with other Blackjack players. You are only competing with the dealer. Make decisions accordingly. Blackjack is not a team sport or one where you need to be concerned with what others are doing. 

Most importantly don't be afraid to stop. If you've been having a losing streak, or just simply having been dealt no good hands, quit the game. You can always come back again. Don't place your bets on luck and hope, and take the easy way out. Stop, read up more on Blackjack basic strategies, and then venture back in.

Blackjack is an exciting game with high stakes that can be won over with strategic thinking and experience. Smart gameplay can land you huge payouts. Online casino Singapore is a wonderful place to learn about and engage in Blackjack before you head out of the Las Vegas casinos to enjoy the experience fully.

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5 Of The Best Blackjack Strategy - DON99 Blackjack

Most Blackjack players understand all there is to know about playing this live casino gambling table game. Most punters know Blackjack rules like the back of their hand about the House Edge, Insurance bet, Side bets, Re-Split, and just about every Blackjack nuance there is to know that make them adept in their play.

Blackjack Strategy

But not all Las Vegas brick & mortar casino punters and even online casino gamblers are conversant with Blackjack strategy. Many gamblers might have heard of card counters and erroneously assume that basic strategy is all about counting cards - this cannot be any farther from the truth. 

This strategy guide dispels all notions that the Blackjack strategy is all about card counting by providing a basic Blackjack strategy that all Blackjack players, including beginners, can adopt when playing a game of Blackjack.

Blackjack strategy #1. Split a pair of Aces and 8s:

It is the first strategy in this guide. You have to Split a pair of Aces or 8s no matter what the dealer’s upcard may be. When you Split Aces, you will improve your chance of winning, and when you Split a pair of 8s, you could reduce your losses depending on the dealer’s upcard.

Blackjack strategy #2. Double Down on Hard 11:

Another strategy you can adopt in Blackjack casino games is to Double Down on Hard 11 regardless of the dealer's up card. However, in a multi-deck Blackjack game in which the dealer has to Stand on a Soft 17, you should not Double Down, but instead, you should Hit with a Hard 11 when the dealer’s upcard is an Ace.

Blackjack strategy #3. Do not Split a Pair of 10s or 5s:

Another betting strategy in Blackjack is not to Split a pair of 10s or 5s. Note that having a hand with a pair of 5s is similar to having a Hard 10. You should take a 1 or more playing card draw on a 10 rather than choosing to Split a pair of 5s and having two Blackjack hands to play with. 

It is also better to have a couple of 10s in a Blackjack hand instead of having two hands with 10s in each. A hand with a combined value of 20 gives you a better chance of winning.

Blackjack strategy #4. Hit a Hard 12 where the Dealer's upcard is 3 or 2:

Hit a Hard 12 on the Blackjack table if the dealer's upcard is a 3 or 2. Do not be afraid of a Bust and Stand on your Hard 12. Note that you are more likely to lose money in the long run regardless of whether you Hit or Stand when the dealer’s hand consists of a 3 or 2 upcard. But if you Hit on a Hard 12, your losses are likely to be lower than if you Stand.

Blackjack strategy #5. Double Down on a 10 if the upcard of the Dealer is 9 or a lesser card value:

If the value cards in your hand combine to give you a 10, you have a better chance of winning against a dealer's hand with an upcard of 9 or a lesser card value. The best Blackjack strategy, in this case, is to Double Down on your 10.

Other Blackjack Strategy Tips:

In multi-deck Blackjack games where the dealer has to Hit a Soft 17, you should do the following:

  • Double Down on a Hard 11 where the dealer has an Ace.
  • Double Down on a Soft 19 on the dealer's 6 value card.
  • Double Down on an 18 against a dealer's 2 value card.

The dealer's upcard is a 6 or 5; you should Double Down on hand with a 13 right up to 18 value cards. You should Stand at all times with a hand consisting of a pair of 9s, especially when the dealer’s upcard is a 9 or a lesser card value. 

Use the Surrender option at all times with a Hard 16 if the dealer’s upcard is an Ace, 10 or 9. Also, use the Surrender option with a Hard 15 when the upcard of the dealer is a value card of 10. 

The Surrender strategy is ideally suited in an offline or online Blackjack game, but this option highly depends on the Blackjack rules and the number of decks of playing cards in use. 

When playing a single deck game, you should Double Down at all times on an 8 when the upcard of the dealer is a 6 or 5. However, do not Double Down with face cards adding up to an 8. 

Stand on a Hard 16 in a multi-card game if the dealer's upcard is a 10 and avoid making an insurance bet, especially when the dealer’s upcard is an Ace. Do not take insurance with 20 or 19 combined face cards in hand. An insurance bet has a payout of 2:1, which is less than a dealer’s chances of having a Blackjack hand. Many experienced punters refer to an insurance bet as a 'Sucker bet'.

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Summary of Basic Blackjack Strategies and Tips

Here is a summary of basic Blackjack strategies and tips that you can try out today.

  • You should Split a pair of Aces and 8s.
  • You should Double Down if you have a Hard 11 Blackjack hand at all times.
  • Do not Split a pair of 10s or 5s.
  • You should Hit a Hard 12 if the upcard of the dealer is a 3 or 2.
  • Double Down on a 10 if the upcard of the dealer is 9 or less.
  • You should Hit a Soft 18 when the upcard of the dealer is an Ace, 10 or 9.
  • Double Down on a 13 right up to an 18 if the dealer's upcard is a 6 or 5.
  • Stand on a pair of 9s if the dealer's upcard is 7.
  • Double Down on an 8 if the dealer’s upcard is a 6 or 5.

In Conclusion

Blackjack is a fun and highly rewarding online casino Singapore gambling table game. However, the amount of pleasure you derive from playing this game would depend on your skill level. Understanding the basic Blackjack tips and strategy in this guide will raise your Blackjack skill level and earn you decent payouts on a more regular basis. Memorising the Blackjack strategies in this guide takes time and lots of practice - so get started playing free or real-money Blackjack games today.

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Blackjack Perfect Pairs & How To Play It

A game that has retained its popularity over the years, Blackjack Perfect Pairs today is not restricted to real casino tables. This timeless casino card game can be played anywhere, anytime today, thanks to the optimised software powered by top-notch providers who ensure similar thrill, entertainment and rewards on Blackjack casino games.

Blackjack Perfect Pairs

Moreover, there isn’t one Blackjack game to play, but you can choose from a plethora of Blackjack variants from extensive catalogues at reputable live casinos.

Regardless of the Blackjack game you pick, you can master it over some time with practice and skill. Working out a strategy for yourself can help you enjoy enhanced winning chances. Although basic Blackjack strategies can offer you better odds, there could be occasions when you may not win. So, just in case you are scouting for a strategy that not only helps you play the game like a pro but simultaneously helps you master it, you can check out the perfect blackjack strategy charts. While the basic rules of Blackjack remain the same, you can become an expert in various Blackjack versions where the game is played with even more than a single deck, sometimes multi decks such as 4-8 decks.

Some casinos use a single deck or a greater number of decks as high as six decks. Moreover, you might come across online casino singapore where the dealer is required to stand with a soft total of 17 while others ask the dealer to hit with a soft 17. Just keep an eye as if the dealer has to stand with a soft 17; you will get better odds.

Blackjack Perfect Pairs? Definition & What Is It?

Blackjack Perfect Pairs refers to a side bet that has become popular over time. In this, the first 2 cards that you are dealt with becomes a pair with 3 different types of pair showing out at different odds. In the game, a pair is considered two cards having the similar value for cards between 2 and 10 on the one hand and the same value for kings, jacks and aces.

If you wish to participate in the perfect pairs Blackjack side bets, you have to do so before any cards are dealt. In that case, the side bet will be settled before the main game of Blackjack is played out, depending on the house rules of the casino you play at.

There are 3 kinds of pairs

  • Mixed pair that refers to the same number or facing card value but of a varied suit and colour.
  • Coloured pair that refers to the same number or facing card value of the same colour and different suit
  • Perfect pairs where you get the same number or face card value of the same colour or the same suit

Blackjack Perfect Pairs: How to play it?

Once you’ve made up your mind on playing perfect pairs, this is what you need to do

  • Place a Perfect Pairs side bet along with your main Blackjack game bet
  • You’ll see two cards dealt with you and two to the dealer
  • The Perfect Pair side bet is then completed
  • Correspondingly, your main Blackjack game plays out per the specified casino rules.

These land casino rules may slightly vary from the online rules. As they differ, you can take your time to decide where you want to play. If you are playing online, you can run the free trial games to practice before betting with real money if you are playing online.

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Perfect Pairs Odds in Blackjack

So, if you want to understand the real odds of getting a perfect pair, here’s how it works.

Say you select a game that is played with 8 decks of cards, and you will have 7 cards from the 416 cards in the dealer’s shoes that can make a perfect pair. So, this means you have a little more than 1 out of 59 opportunities of getting a card that you want to show up, and it means the chances of getting the desired card is more than that on a 30/1 payout.

If you are a new Blackjack player, it’s best to familiarise yourself with the Blackjack terms.

The term Blackjack or 21 refers to the best hand in Blackjack, and it typically is an Ace and a card with a value of 10. At most online casinos, be it an online Blackjack casino or a brick-and-mortar one, you can expect Blackjack to play 3:2.

Busting is when you go over 21. So, if you are wary of losing, all you need to do is keep yourself away from busting.

Double down or doubling refers to when a player places additional bets to equal their original bet and subsequently gets an additional card. Doubling down is possible only with the first two cards. So, if you have bet $10, and the dealer deals an 11 to you, you can place an additional bet of the same amount ($10) to receive an additional card. However, whether you obtain a 10 or a 2, you won’t be able to hit it again.

A hard hand that doesn’t have an A can count as 11, whereas a 7 and a 10 refers to a hard total of 17. If you want another card, just hit! Most Blackjack experts advise not to use insurance bets. You can keep your original bet in an instance where you and the dealer have tied. A soft hand is a hand that is an Ace valued at precisely 11. This Blackjack hand allows you to be aggressive as there’s no risk of busting. You can split your hands by putting in an additional wager equal to your original bet. You can stand on soft 19 versus a dealer’s 6. Alternatively, you can stay or surrender.

At some Blackjack table games, where the dealer stands on a soft 17, i.e. an Ace and the combination of the cards equalling 6, it is known as a stand 17 game. In some games, the dealer must hit on a Soft 17 to make it a Hit 17 game. In countries like Canada and Europe, dealers do not have a hole card, known as European No-Hole Blackjack.

You can memorise the phrases that explain when to stand, surrender, split or double. Note that you’ll need counting cards deviations, true count conversations and a betting strategy to beat the Blackjack game. Knowing the basic strategy charts in and out can get you the Perfect Blackjack with a 1% edge over the house edge as a 99% game is enough for that perfect play.

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Football Bets: 7 Important Factors to Consider Before Wagering

Football is arguably the most popular sport in the world. It is one of the most-watched sports in the world with many good profit returns from goodies such as team jerseys and other clothes, match tickets, shoes, accessories and other merchandise.

Football Bets: 7 Important Factors to Consider Before Wagering

In the gambling world, bettors also take this opportunity to win some good fortune from this beautiful and popular game. The huge volume of football matches all around the world has helped the sportsbook industry to grow as it allow bettors to place wagers on numerous league and tournament matches across the world (such as the English Premier League, LaLiga, Serie A, FIFA World Cup, UEFA Champions Leagues and more), with many online sports betting sites offering competitive odds and special deals... and the best site to bet is undeniably DON99 online casino Singapore.

Therefore, it is vital for punters to know all the ways of football betting. Here, DON99 runs you through the important factors to consider before placing football bets.

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A Short Introduction to Sports Betting

The betting odds are set by a bookmaker and represent the ratio between the level of stakes and winnings (payout) on a given outcome, should a sports bettor wish to place a bet on it. They are usually shown as fractions (eg, 2/1), and sometimes, it is shown as decimals (2.00), and you can decide which format that you prefer to use. For example, if the odds of a football match are 2/1 (or 2.00), it means you will win SGD2 for every SGD1 you bet.

1. Learn About Every Type of Football Bets Available

There are many betting methods such as half time, home team and away team, parlays, number of goals, and more. Each betting method has its pros and cons, therefore, it is vital to know what bets are there and how those bets work. Understanding your type of bet will help you make a wise choice and keeps you from any disadvantage from the bet that you’ve placed. Check out Pundit Feed, as it is one of the better sites to educate yourself about types of football bets that are available around the world.

2. Know the Essential Tips of Football Betting

Football betting is not about throwing your bets around mindlessly. Though it is also a game of luck, there are some tips to provide you the maximum advantage of those bets, possibly giving you a football betting success. Always remember to study the betting tips well!

3. The Analysis of a Team’s Recent Performance

Before you decide on a bet, research every individual and team's performance in a certain sports league or tournament. Also, analyse their recent past results and scoreboards to help you gain more relevant information that will help you determine the team’s overall form. Not to forget, keep your eyes on key players who will be contributing to your team's score line and performance. All that mentioned above is crucial in determining your worthy bet on a strong team that could win you fortunes.

4. Support Your Personal Favourite

You may be a loyal fan of a particular football club and you opt to support them all the way in their respective league. If your team is not the top dog to win, perhaps you could place a lower and safer bet that plays to your advantage. Sometimes, it is not always about winning, but it is the fun and thrill to bet and support your favourite (underdog) team to win, and you will be sharing the prize and glory!

5. Know the Odds of Football Teams Before Placing Bets

Prior to placing your bet in a football game, you are highly advised to get updated with the latest odds of every participating team in a league or tournament to determine which will be your most lucrative bet. The odds are generally determined by experienced football pundits and bookies alike. So, always listen and read what they have to say about the teams with the better odds.

6. Check Out any Offered Promotions

During any heated football fever period such as the UEFA European Football Championship and FIFA World Cup, many online gambling websites and bookmakers will offer a special campaign and promotions with attractive prize pools to be won. One fine website that you can definitely come for the best football betting experience is DON99 Singapore, the best and most trusted online casino in Singapore.

7. Follow your Instinct

Ultimately, nothing about gambling is of full certainty regardless of how much you have worked in your research to win your gamble. In football, a favourite team can falter unexpectedly, just as the saying goes; the ball is round. Hence, trust your instinct towards the bet you should place. Sometimes, an instinct is all it takes.


Take your love for football to the next level. Let’s play with us for there is no place like DON99 to place the best football bets. Come on over to DON99 Sportsbook Singapore for the finest sports betting experience

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I pick a winning bet in football?

There are many ways to determine a winning bet. You need to do some homework before placing a bet such as getting advice from tipsters and bookmakers, and understanding all the betting markets available out there. You may try some renowned strategies such as matched betting and rolling the accumulators. Also, play it safe by betting for smaller profit and always try different bookmakers.

2. What is the easiest football betting option to win?

There are several easiest options to win football bets such as 'Over/under goals', 'First half over or under goals', 'Double chance bet', 'Draw no bet' and 'Both teams to score'. These are all the easiest betting methods available to win your fortune.

3. What are the best types of bets in football?

There are numerous ways of betting and many of them are fun and lucrative in their own way. If you are looking for exceptional bets, there are several which will boost the bucks in your wallet such as 'All draw multiples', 'Away teams', 'Asian handicaps', 'Accumulator', 'Both teams to score', 'Round up' and 'Over/under goals'.

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The Football Betting Scene in Singapore

The sports betting market has a huge fan following around the world. While there are a plethora of sports you can enjoy on the virtual platform, football has been an all-time favourite. Players from Singapore can enjoy an ultimate football experience with an array of international betting sites.

The Football Betting Scene in Singapore

Licensed and regulated sites in Singapore allow players to bet on their choice of teams or national team with Singapore Dollars (SGD). There are hundreds of safe and secure online betting sites in Singapore where you can find the best-betting markets that offer good odds. 

With most sites offering support in English and Chinese, it is easy to navigate, bet and win in your favourite sport. 

Before you find a top-rated football betting site in Singapore, it is important to check out how betting sites operate in the state.

The Legality of Online Betting sites in Singapore

Different gambling laws regulate the gambling market in Singapore. Some of the common Betting Act and the Common Gaming Houses Act were drafted even before online betting was launched. The Casino Control Act was amended in 2010

although it never mentioned any online betting or gambling. The lack of clarity leaves a grey area but no one has been arrested or fined for engaging in betting online in Singapore. 

Top-notch Singapore bookmakers provide intriguing options, better value and access to a range of features to provide betting enthusiasts with an international betting experience. 

Under the latest online gambling regulation in Singapore, although only Singapore pools are allowed to offer online betting services, there is an exception granted from the Remote Gambling Act. 

There are plenty of international online bookmakers that accept Singaporean players. Moreover, you don’t have to pay any tax on your winnings as there are no applicable tax laws that affect your winnings from any international betting site. You can check more on Singapore’s betting laws and regulations for complete information on remote gambling services.

Real Money Football Betting 

You can bet on a top-performing football team with real money at a sports betting site. It might cost you a conversion fee when paying in SGD at international betting sites. You can check out ratings of top-rated casinos to find out whether your chosen sportsbook has a license to operate.  

A reputed Singapore online betting site will allow you to make convenient deposits and withdraw smoothly. Even when you play at an international bookmaker that doesn’t accept SGD, you can still place your bets with a conversion rate while using the same payment methods you can access at their site. Standard payment methods include credit and debit cards like Visa and MasterCard, bank transfer, and other popular e-wallets such as Skrill, Sticpay, Trustly and Neteller. 

If you are a football fan, you’ll love engaging in both Interwetten as well as E-Sports such as League of Legends and Overwatch. Playing at a reputed betting site can give you a more comprehensive selection of E-Sports matches and top-rated markets to bet on.

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Football Betting Markets in Singapore 

It is essential to understand the football market before beginning to bet. In Singapore, both SG Pools and online sportsbooks offer a wide range of football betting markets. 

The 1X2 three-way market can bet on the home team, teams that are away or on the draw. The 1X2 Goal is a two-way betting market where you cannot draw. 

When betting on any of the teams listed as either +0.5 or +1.5, you essentially have to add 0.5 or 1.5 goals to the team’s score to check if you are a winner. If you’ve bet on the other team at the end of the regulation, you will have to deduct 0.5 or 1.5 goals from the team’s score to determine whether you have won. 

Some betting markets allow punters to wager twice your selection, be it draws for home or away, i.e. once for the first half of the game and then for the full game. You can select any combination such as home/home, away/draw or draw/home. Some combinations that are less likely to occur offer the biggest odds often.

If you are scouting for a multi-way market where you can bet on the exact final score as you predict, the score market is the place for you as it can get you better returns on your stake. A total goal is a wager that allows you to guess the number of goals expected to be scored in the match. 

Other markets that you can bet on include total goals, first scorer, last score, team to score the first goal, half time 1x2, half time PTS, total goals by both teams and many more. 

You can also find markets that allow betting on a three-way market that adds a handicap. European Handicap 1x2 is similar to ½ Goal betting, just that in the former, you have an additional option to draw. 

If you are looking for a long-term wager on which team is likely to win the Championship, you can do so for all different leagues and tournaments, including the World Cup. While some markets are open for betting before the season or tournament starts, others enable betting later in the season, which can be done at different odds. 

Just make sure you choose a legit site to bet on your favourite league, player or tournament. A licensed and regulated international betting site will keep you updated with the latest market news and also enable betting on ongoing events so that you can play in real-time. 

Many live football apps can be easily downloaded onto your smartphone or tablet. World-class Singapore online betting sites ensure a seamless platform for Singaporean football bettors who enjoys betting on-the-go. You can expect to enjoy modern football fun that provides live coverage of football events, offers odds, match details, statistics, lineups and standings. 

From tournaments, teams and players to more, you can get every detail you need to make the most of your betting odds. Moreover, playing at a site that provides live notifications for match goals and highlights can be an enriching experience. 

You can try many other sports at top-rated Singapore betting sites. Be it horse racing through the Singapore Turf Club, basketball, golf, cricket, athletics or badminton, you might just bag a multitude of free bets on popular sports along with a grand Welcome Bonus on choicest online sports.

What do you need to bet on football in Singapore?

A bankroll, the ability to make your prediction, some knowledge of the football markets and lots of passion for the game. A online casino Singapore will render the rest of it. You can use your Android or iOS phone or computer to bet. Most sites accept pre-match bets as soon as the odds are available. You can bet live on ongoing matches too.

Just make sure you check the odds for selection and place your bet accordingly. A correct prediction will usher a win right away!

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The 10 Most Popular Sports to Bet in Singapore

If you’re interested in sports betting but don’t know which tournaments to follow, this list is for you. Here are some of the most popular sports that punters worldwide are betting on and making big money off.

The 10 Most Popular Sports to Bet in Singapore

1. Football 

Football or soccer is the biggest sport in the world, and it’s the sport that’s played the most globally. Football is the one place to start sports betting. Millions of fans are travelling every week to support their teams in this beautiful game, and even more, people pray to get off work early so they can go home and catch the action on television. 

Betting on football is so common among football fans that people often assume you’re speaking of betting on football when you talk about sports betting. If you head to a sports club or a pub before a football match, you can hear heated discussions about who will score the first goal. It’s also common to hear post-game analysis about where bets went wrong. 

5,230 million viewers tuned in to the UEFA Euro 2020 between June 2021 and July 2021, showing the world’s strength and popularity of sports. The FIFA World Cup finals are some of the most-watched broadcasts in Europe, the US and beyond. With online sports betting, punters can now access hundreds of leagues around the world, 24/7.

2. Horse-racing

Horse-racing was the sport of kings and the most popular with punters once upon a time. These days, football and tennis betting have left horse betting behind. But horse racing is still a massive market, especially in the UK, Hong Kong and some other parts of the world. 

In 2021, horse racing bets made Hong Kong punters a whopping KH$136.1 billion. In Japan, profits from local races went up 30.1 per cent to 912.29 billion JPY. Between April and September 2020, of course, betting revenue reached 1.04 billion British pounds in the UK. 

Horse race betting is a massive market with big events like the Royal Ascot, Grand National and Epsom Derby drawing huge wagers. However, the new generation of punters are less interested in horse betting, preferring football, tennis, and other sports. 

3. Tennis

If you’re not a fan of tennis, you may not realise that the game is not far behind football in terms of popularity among punters. It ranks only behind football and horse racing in terms of the money generated for bookmakers in the UK. It’s an exciting game, with tournaments held throughout the year. More and more punters are getting interested in betting on tennis. 

Big events like the Australian Open, French Open, US Open and Wimbledon have millions of viewers. They offer the most prize money and fame, and punters are the most interested in the outcomes of these tournaments. There are men’s and women’s singles, doubles and mixed doubles to bet on. Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Daniil Medvedev are some leading players to watch out for today. 

Tennis odds are available on any tennis match you can imagine, ranging from the Grand Slams to the Futures Tour, the lowest tier. The great thing about betting on tennis is: if there’s a match you want to bet on, you’re sure to find a bookie who’ll help you out. 

In tennis, you can bet on the tournament winner (outright), a match-winner (match betting), handicap betting, over-under betting, in-play betting and other bet options.

4. Basketball

In the US, punters typically place ACCA bets or accumulator bets, and these are made of multiple options combined into one bet. Punters in the US tend to typically bet across various contests, including basketball, American football, ice hockey and baseball. 

The NBA’s great basketball tournament makes for an exciting betting season for punters. The long NBA season offers’ punters many opportunities to bet on NBA events from October to July. The games can be high-scoring events as each team has only 24 seconds to score. So bookies tend to use a line or spread to equalise the chances of either team winning a wager. 

Other typical basketball wagers include Moneyline (different odds based on who will win), Totals (the combined score of each team), Quarter or 1st Half Lines, Half Time lines, Parlay or teaser, and Futures betting.

5. American Football 

American football is played professionally and at the college level with great enthusiasm in the US. The minor league games culminate in the Superbowl, which is the annual tournament of the National Football League (NFL). As far as volume goes, American football is the most popular sport for betting in the US. A huge number of games are played over the week, offering punters plenty of opportunities to win. NFL betting is smaller than NBA betting in volume, but it still provides a big betting market at home and abroad. 

6. Golf 

Golf offers punters plenty of options to bet on each week. The biggest golf events to bet on are the major PGA tournaments, the US Open, team events like the Ryder Cup, the British Open and the Masters. Golf is one of the most played sports globally, with 60 million people around the world playing the sport regularly. 

The sport has been one of the biggest risers in sports betting in the last few years. There are 78 players at any moment on the course, and there are plenty of betting formats. Big golfing events tend to run across three days, and some significant events are four days long. There are plenty of odds, opportunities and variable outcomes in golf than in many other sports. 

7. Rugby

Like Golf, Rugby Union is a recent riser in the betting charts. Many new countries are rising through the game’s ranks, with 30 rugby-playing countries globally. The 2019 Rugby World cup was historically the biggest rugby event. The Six Nations Championship in Europe and the Home Nations tournament in the Southern Hemisphere are two big annual events to watch for. 

In addition, punters can look out for the Super Rugby League Premiership, the Top 14 and the Champions Cup for more betting opportunities.

8. Boxing 

Punters have been betting on boxing for years. The market is not as big as football or tennis; it’s still quite big. MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) is relatively new, but with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) betting history, MMA betting is quickly catching on. In boxing, betting on the underdog is likely to be more profitable.

9. NHL

The National Hockey League is not as popular as the other sports. But this means the market for betting on ice hockey in the US is softer, and the market is not as efficient as it is for other popular sports, which can give punters a bit of an advantage. 

When betting on hockey, it helps to check out the closing lines and familiarise yourself with implied probability and the many stats that make up hockey. 

10. E-Sports

E-Sports are fast-growing in the betting market in terms of volume. E-Sports include virtual racing and other virtual sports that bookies are increasingly offering odds on. In India, E-Sports cash awards have grown at a whopping 123.3% between 2016 and 2018. There are several types of games you can bet on in E-Sports, including tournaments; Battlegrounds, MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena), League of Legends, CS: GO and more.

READ MORE: Sports Betting: Singapore’s Favourite Bet

Some bookies will offer odds for any sport you want to bet on. This list is by no means comprehensive depending on where you are in the world and the bookie in question; you may also want to bet on cricket, a strategic game that comes in many forms, such as Twenty20 and Tests cricket. Cricket betting sites let you choose which type of cricket you want to bet on. 

These days you can bet on your mobiles no matter where you are. With many gambling sites, online casinos singapore and online sportsbook sites, you can bet on all your favourite sports anytime, anywhere.

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