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Sports Betting: Singapore’s Favourite Bet

Singaporeans love sports. They are an active society who partakes in daily exercises and sporting events including sports betting. Yes, they even love to gamble with sports, which makes sports betting (sports training too) really famous among Singaporeans. Such are a society who do not want to miss out from anything rewarding.

Sports Betting: Singapore’s Favourite Bet

Sportsbook or sports betting has been one of the most famous and exciting gambling activities for Singaporeans. It is simple and thrilling, at times it can be super rewarding if one is lucky. But all in all, it is a fulfilling pastime that makes one feel like a football team manager.

How well do Singaporeans and you know about their sports betting scene? Here are some facts to digest.


Good news. Sports betting in Singapore is completely legal and they are regulated by acts such as the Betting Act and Common Gambling Act. When the Remote Gambling Act was enacted in 2014, Singaporeans can bet online with two domestic operators namely Singapore Pool and Singapore Turf Club. For your information, placing bets online with foreign operators still lies in a grey area, so bet on your own risk.


Today, it is obvious that online sports betting is becoming the norm in Singapore and any part of the world due to its convenience. Singapore’s domestic operators and other foreign ones have websites to perform online sports betting with some fantastic offers and perks. All they have to do is register an account and place their deposit. Punters can cash out easily using their bank accounts or other payout methods. If you do not know, DON99 provides the finest and trusted platform for your sportsbook activity!


Why? Because foreign operators provide better odds than domestic ones. It gives more attractive odds especially when you are betting with high stakes. Moreover, there are numerous mouth-watering bonuses and promotions from foreign sportsbook operators. Some even give refund on football wagers if the match ended in a nil-nil (0 - 0) draw.

Want to get the best website with the best operators? Come to DON99.

DON99 provides the best platform for online sports betting with the most reliable sportsbook operators such as United Gaming, M8Bet and CMD368.


Football is the most famous sports in the world, including Singapore. Singaporeans bet a lot on major European leagues such as Barclays Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, UEFA Champions League and more. Besides that, they follow up and bet on football leagues across Asia such as the Chinese Super League, Japanese J League, South Korean K League 1 and more. Singaporeans just love the extra monetary thrill when supporting their favourite teams.

The next popular sports Singaporeans bet on is tennis, follow up by motor racing, basketball, and horse racing. Horse racing is another league on its own, we will touch on that in future articles.

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Apart from the love for sports and gambling, Singapore is a nation of highly developed economy (one of the top in the world). Hence, their standard of living is high with great spending power, which statistically tells that they can afford to do sports betting as a hobby. Singapore is an ideal place for sports betting, more so with DON99, the finest and trusted Singapore online casino.

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TOTO Lottery: All About Singapore’s Favourite Bet

TOTO lottery is arguably the most famous gambling activity online casino in Singapore. People spent buying TOTO numbers more than they venture into a casino, reasons are; TOTO numbers are cheap to buy but not so cheap if one were to buy higher stakes in a bulk, it is easy to play as all it takes is to pick your lucky numbers, the payout is lucrative especially the jackpot, it is 100% legal and it is convenient as TOTO shops can be found almost anywhere in Singapore.

TOTO Lottery All About Singapore's Favourite Bets

Let’s commemorate Singapore’s beloved lottery with all you need to know about TOTO.

TOTO: A Brief Story

TOTO is a legalised form of lottery sold in Singapore, which was established in 1968 to control the widespread illegal gambling in the nation during the 1960s. TOTO is wholly controlled and run by Singapore Pools, the only legal lottery operator in Singapore, which is owned by the Government of Singapore.

People can purchase TOTO numbers from any Singapore Pools outlets across Singapore, making it convenient for citizens from every part of the country. The draws are conducted every Monday and Thursday at 6:30pm (Singapore time). The draw time will be changed to 9:30pm in case of a cascade draw. For more excitement, you can view a live TOTO draw at the Singapore Pools main branch. Buying TOTO is also contributing to the greater good as the profits go to the Singapore Totaliser Board which uses the money for charity and other noble causes.

All About Singapore's Favourite Bets

TOTO Method of Play

TOTO is a very simple game to play. To put it simply, the goal of TOTO is to correctly guess the 6 winning numbers, from digit 1 to 49, that will appear in the draw. The more winning numbers appear, the more you will win, given that is your purchased number. Here are 4 different ways to place your TOTO bets.

  1. QuickPickIf you do not want the hassle to think of numbers. You could opt for the QuickPick option, where the computer randomly selects 6 numbers from digit 1 to 49 for you. No bet slip is required for this option.
  2. Ordinary EntryThis is the most common and straightforward method. Anyone of all levels will be able to understand and use this. Select and shade the 6 numbers, from digit 1 to 49, on the bet slip. Shade the relevant space to select which round of draw that you want to participate. Cross your fingers, wait for the draw results.
  3. System EntryIn System Entry, choose 7 to 12 numbers, from digit 1 to 49, in the bet slip. This is a more advanced method of betting, which cost more but also increases the probability of winning money.
  4. System RollIn System Roll, you will pick 5 out of the 6 numbers, also with digit choices from 1 to 49. The 6th number will be the Rolling Number (R). The R can be any of the remaining 44 digits. With this method, you will be placing 44 different bets with price starting from $44. Rest assured, because the 6th number is guaranteed a winning number.

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TOTO Winning Prizes

As referred to Singapore Pools, here are the prizes for the winning TOTO bets.

Prize GroupNumbers MatchedPrize Amount
Group 1 (Jackpot)6 Winning Numbers38% of prize pool(Minimum guaranteed amount of $1,000,000)
Group 25 Winning Numbers + Additional Number8% of prize pool
Group 35 Winning Numbers5.5% of prize pool
Group 44 Winning Numbers + Additional Number3% of prize pool
Group 54 Winning Numbers$50
Group 63 Winning Numbers + Additional Number$25
Group 73 Winning Numbers$10

Those are the prize chart with the Jackpot guaranteed from $1,000,000 onwards. But the chances of striking the TOTO jackpot is 1 in 14 million, which is way less probable than getting struck by a meteorite from another galaxy. However, you will never know how lucky you can get…so try your luck today with Singapore’s TOTO lottery!

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10 Great Facts of Live Casinos

Live casinos such as DON99 (Singapore’s finest & trusted online casino) is the industry’s excitement and thrill in this age of internet technology. It is taking the gambling world by storm, leaving the crowd divided between land-based and online/live casinos.

10 Great Facts of Live Casinos

Minus the atmosphere and social site of a land-based casino, live casino provides the utmost convenience to the people. Players can gamble anytime, anywhere in their own convenience, which gives a more physically safe gameplay. Money wise, online/live casinos are highly secured with their encrypted system and its collaboration with major banks provide a secure and easy transaction. Furthermore, live casinos have beautiful and realistic interface which provides an environment like a land-based casino.

Here are 10 great facts you need to know about live casinos.

  1. Evolution Gaming is (one of) the leading live casino provider in the industry. Their games are famed for its high quality and creativity, and offers one of the most generous jackpots around. Their main operations are based in Canada, Malta and Latvia.
  2. Players can interact with the dealer via optical character recognition (OCR) system. Live dealer shuffle’s cards in real-time from a live studio, which allow players to follow the entire action, and OCR is used for recognition of the dealt cards.
  3. Live casinos are transparent, fair and secure. Like land-based casinos, they are operated in a regulated industry licensed by UK Gambling CommissionMalta Gaming Authority, and so on which makes for a legal live casino. Also, DON99 live casino practices the highest form of ethics which makes for a comfortable and secure gaming experience for players.
  4. Live casino games offer an abundance of mouth-watering bonuses to every player. From welcome bonus to daily bonuses up to 100% of value is always up for grabs. One of the best in town, DON99 live casinos’ offers some of the most generous bonuses out there.
  5. The first online casino emerges in 1994. Marking the start of a new era in the gambling industry.
  6. Live casino dealers are required to complete and pass a special course and training program before becoming an official live dealer. The program usually last up to 6 weeks and everything about the games are taught, including the legal aspect of gambling. That is why live casino dealers are highly trustworthy, reliable and efficient.
  7. The appearance and personality of dealers are of high importance. Those who are highly presentable will be picked to be dealers, as they spend a lot of time on screen and hence, should demonstrate high level of sophistication and professionalism.
  8. Live casino operation is super costly. Live casino’s main expenses are used for equipment, logistics, game tables and salaries of employees. So, if there are limited offer of live casino chances, it is because the cost is high.
  9. Live casinos allow you to utilise your own strategy during gameplays. You can use card counting strategy on card games such as blackjack. You are also permitted to use your favourite approach with games like roulette, poker, baccarat and more. Just, don’t cheat or face account closure and confiscation of winning money.
  10. Live casino games are available on mobile devices. Mobile gaming is becoming the next best gaming platform. This let’s punters to enjoy their live casino experience literally anywhere, anytime. All you need is a strong internet connection and your mobile devices of the latest technology for a smooth and seamless gaming experience.

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Live casino is a very convenient, safe and fun gambling platform to play. It is the immersive digital gambling experience of the 21st century. To play the best live casinos, play it at DON99, the finest and trusted Singapore online casino.

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Best Online Betting Singapore 2022

In this detailed article, we’ll take a close look at the best online sport betting Singapore 2022, alongside other great options for punters to use in sports betting, to help you choose the best betting destinations.

Best Online Betting Singapore 2022

Online Betting In Singapore Guide

Your best chance to start betting on sports in Singapore is by doing enough research to understand the realm of betting. In doing so, you’ll have an upper hand taking into consideration that you’ll also find the best sportsbook for lucrative bonuses and other amazing offers. All you need is a great plan and you’re good to go.

All the betting sites listed here are legal and we strongly recommend that you stick to our advice if you want to succeed as a sports bettor in Singapore. Doing this allows you to enjoy sports betting on all your favorite sports.

Since Singapore’s colonial days, gambling and betting have been around for a while. There are many recorded cases of Singaporeans flocking illegal betting houses that would be later closed down by the government.

However, in 1999, Singapore’s betting was properly regulated and legalized as a Singapore sweep lottery.

Moreover, the creation of Singapore’s first professional football league was fully supported by the perspective that punters could finally wager on the league.

Three years later, the popularity of soccer leagues abroad rejuvenated Singapore’s betting world, allowing bettors to place bets on football online.

Betting in Singapore might seem like a grey area as bettors largely use an offshore sportsbook that are not really licensed in the country, yet the sportsbook still accepts Singapore players, while the government doesn’t seem to make any strides to pursue the offshore bookies.

Quick Facts

  • Betting has been legal in Singapore since 1968
  • Sports betting online was first legalized back in 2016
  • The Singapore dollar is the most preferred currency

Back in 2008, the betting industry was extended further after Singapore hosted the first Formula One race, offering bettors a bigger betting playground, which meant fewer boundaries and also established a precedent for what is allowed in the country currently.

Online Betting Singapore Laws

Until the year 2014, there are no laws, which governed or regulated sports betting. This was the year that legislators responded to the perceived needs for dealing with gambling addiction and introduced a ban on different types of wagering and gaming.

While the laws pertaining to online gambling have been murky for several years, many punters ended up taking their business to overseas casino sites and bookmakers. Therefore, in the year 2016, the gambling laws were amended to permit gambling services through state-approved operators including the Singapore Pools and the Singapore Turf Club.

Despite the relaxation of this legislation, there are doubts over the future of online betting in Singapore. The Singapore Turf Club and the Pools, only provide lottery games, F1, soccer, horse racing, and other games in between, whereas casino sites and online poker remain blacklisted. Therefore, punters continue looking for the best sports betting sites.

Also, there is a matter of Singapore having online sports betting sites at all. Essentially, problem gambling has been a major issue, and polls taken from around the world since the new 2016 amendments stated that some 74% of Singaporeans were against a move to legalize sports betting.

Online Betting In Singapore

While Singapore Turf Club is the main operator that’s allowed to offer betting services within a country's borders, a number of renowned overseas sports betting sites accept players from Singapore. In this article, we’ve listed the best sports betting sites with outstanding customer service, a wide range of markets, and offer competitive odds.

Betting options

Horse Racing

Horse racing is one of the most popular types of sports practiced in Singapore. The Singapore Turf Club is stated approved monopoly on trade, but locals greatly enjoy a wide range of options with sports betting sites that provide 24/7 horse racing from Europe, the US, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, and Asia.


As a country build on ex-pats, it isn’t a surprise that football enjoys lots of support in Singapore. Technically, the Singaporean premier league draws lots of attention from the local fans, with big money heading abroad to European competitions like UEFA Champions League, the Italian Serie A, the Spanish Primera Division, and the English premier league.


Tennis betting provides a veritable smorgasbord of betting options throughout the year. The sportsbook does some roaring trade in the Wimbledon championships, the grad slams, and the Australian Open, there are a lot of action during the regular WTA and ATP events, team tournaments, and lower-tier tours such as the Fed Cup and the Davis Cup.


Wondering why many formula One highlights are often staged in the small countries? The Singapore Grand Prix is a yearly fixture on the F1 circuit that attracts lots of interest from bettors across the world, but that is just one of the many things you can expect. Also, there are many huge betting markets for the World Rally Championship, NASCAR, Moto GP, and other popular categories.

US Sports

Gone are the days when American sports were only left for the select few. Today, the NBA ranks amongst the most popular domestic sporting events around the world, whereas overseas interests in the Super Bowl and the NFL continue growing every year. The NHL ice hockey and Major League Baseball are properly followed.

Games At The Best Singapore Casinos

Casino Slots

The best online casinos in Singapore offer a wide range of real money slots from renowned software providers like NetEnt, Microgaming, and Betsoft. These include some of the old classics to the newly released online slots loaded with progressive jackpots and bonus features.

Table Games

Sic Bo, casino poker, craps, roulette, baccarat, blackjack – whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find these games on the Internet. What many people don’t know is that online casinos offer more games than you’d find in a land-based casino, especially when it comes to roulette and blackjack.

Live Dealer

You do not need to plan to travel to Australia or Macau to enjoy real money casino games. This is because you can sign up at the best Singapore casinos and the games will be streamed directly to your screen in HD, the live dealer games are pretty close to what you can expect to find at the best brick and mortar casinos in las Vegas.

Video Poker

Many people still don’t understand that video poker is one of the best casino games they can play online. The best online casinos carry some of the most popular video poker games such as bonus poker, joker poker, deuces wild, aces and eights, all American and jacks, or better.

More Casino Games

Looking for other casino games you can play at the best Singapore online casinos? You can try out arcade-style games, virtual horse racing, real money keno, instant scratches, and online bingo games.

Mobile Betting In Singapore

Ability to bet while on the go is one of the main reasons why many people are choosing to bet online. This allows you to bet on the move, which is a very important feature with regards to properly timing your bets.

Choose A Bookie

As mentioned earlier, this guide is meant to help choose the best bookie in Singapore sports betting online. This helps ensure you enjoy a great betting experience.

Downloading the app or visiting the mobile site

Finding the best mobile betting site should be a very easy task because one single search with the mobile search engine will help you find such. Download the app can be accomplished through the app store.

Register An Account

Signing up with a sportsbook is pretty simple. All you need to do is choose the bookie and click on sign up and follow the prompts.

Choose A Betting Market And Place Your Bet

Choosing the game through the sportsbook is the most important aspect of gambling online. Choose a match and start planning ahead with regards to what you’ll be doing online.

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Today, it's 100% legal to bet on sports in Singapore, but only through the Singapore Turf Club or the Singapore Pools. Nevertheless, many regulators overlook the usage of another sportsbook.

What sports can Singaporeans bet on?

Today, there is an extensive range of sports events to bet on in Singapore. However, football is the most popular type of sport you can bet on today.

Can I bet from my smartphone?

Yes, there are many great sports betting sites that allow punters to place bets from their mobile phones. If you want a great mobile betting experience, you can choose a betting site with sports betting app. 

Are there free bets and bonuses?

Yes, the best online betting sites in Singapore offer free bets and bonuses to their players. It's important to check out whether the betting site you’ve chosen to sign up with offers free bets. Always remember to read the fine print to know what you’re expected to do to claim the bonus funds.

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Singapore Online Casino Free Credits 2022

You can find the best Singapore online casinos offering free credits to new and seasoned players on this page. Register and claim the bonus spins or start playing without having to deposit funds into your casino account. Find the online casino free credit today with our handpicked choices. We’ve a detailed list of legal online casinos in Singapore.

Singapore Online Casino Free Credits 2022

Casinos With Free Credits

On this comprehensive page, you’ll find a wide range of online casino free credits for new players, regardless of whether you play in Singapore or join offshore casinos. At the best free credits online casinos, you’ll get the first bonus after signing up at the casino.

Online casinos in Singapore attract more new players with free credit offers. They are a superb way for players to trying the new casino slots and games with zero risks. Enter the promo code when signing up and claim the free bonus after finishing the registration process.

Here are some of the best online casinos with bonuses in Singapore in 2022, we strongly recommend you bookmark this website so you can find the latest free credits offers.

Our Choices For The Best Casino Free Credits

You’ll find many of the best free credits in Singapore. Following are some of the best Singapore online casinos with free credits in 2022 that will allow you to start playing real money games with no risks.

What are free credits?

With the free credits, the online casino offers new free slot spins or free cash. You do not need to deposit funds into your account and the free credits will be credited into your account upon registration.

With the free credits codes, players can claim their winnings, but you’ll have to fulfill the playthrough requirements first. For instance, you might have to bet all your winnings a few times before cashing them from your casino account.

Some Singapore online casinos use the player point system. You get to earn points for each game you join. You can then convert these points into real money to cash out.

Types Of Free Credits

You’ll find a wide range of free credit offers in Singapore. Every online casino is unique, and the playthrough condition might vary. Following are some of the best free credit offers you can enjoy in 2022.

Free cash

Some casino sites award players with free cash to play real money games. All the winnings made while playing with the free credits are yours. The individual stakes are very limited.

Free play

This is an instant bonus such as free credits commonly found at Singapore online casinos. 

A player gets $10 - $30 in free cash to play real money games. All the winnings made when playing with the free play funds must be rolled over a few times before you can be allowed to make a withdrawal.

Free credits

Most Singapore online casinos offer players some free spins on the newest casino slots. You might get between 25 and 50 free games to enjoy all your favorite games. To release the winnings, you need to fulfill the listed playthrough conditions.


You get to earn some cashback on losing the games you play at the online casino. Nevertheless, the cashback bonus is often reserved for depositing casino players making real money wagers.

Reasons To Use The Free Credits

You will find free credits at many legal online casinos in Singapore. Therefore, we recommend free credits for every new player. Following are the main reasons:

Earn points

The top Singapore casinos allow players to earn points as they clear the free credits bonus. The earned points usually go towards the loyalty points where players can benefit from the perks.

Find your favorite slots & games

You should not register at a casino if they don’t offer a wide selection of games. At the free credits casino, you can use the promotion to offer the lobby a rigorous road check. You can test out the wide range of games available.

Test out the new Singapore casino

New casino sites are launched in Singapore every month. Utilizing the bonus offers is a fantastic way to try out the casino features and software.

Win free cash without making a deposit

The primary reason for claiming the free credits is taking advantage of the free cash. You only have to register, open a real money account and receive the free money to enjoy high-quality exciting games like blackjack and roulette.

Claiming The Free Credits

Getting started at the free credits casino is pretty easy. You can register legally at different online casinos based on what you’re looking for. Keep in mind that you must be at least 22 years to bet online.

How to claim the free credits

  1. Choose the best free credits online casino
  2. Fill in the required details
  3. Enter personal details such as email address, phone number, address, and name
  4. Enter the free credits code (optional)
  5. Verify the newly credited account

Find The Best Singapore Casino With Free Credits

You should carefully read our casino reviews to find all information you need about the best legal online Singapore casino. Sign up for an account, claim the free credits and download the iOS or Android app if you want to play from your smartphone. You can click on the links provided on this page to be directed to the best online casinos.

Create the username

You need to create your online account by filling in the required details

Enter required personal details

Next, enter the required personal information such as phone number, email, and home address. Also, you’ll be asked to enter about 4 digits of the Social Security Number. This is important for security purposes and identity verification.

Enter the free credits code

Some online casinos require players to enter the free bonus codes to claim the free credits offer. You can enter this during the sign-up process.

Verify your online account

To complete registration, you should click on the email that’s sent by your online casino. At this point, you’re free to enjoy the free credits. Just visit the casino's account page to find the bonus and any playthrough conditions.

Can You Get The Free Credits On Mobile?

Today, you can find the best mobile casino apps for download in Singapore. Play all the best table games and mobile slots while on the go. You don’t have to pay to download the native apps and you can quickly access your favorite casino games.

Also, you can join the free credits casino on your smartphone and claim the latest free credits offers by clicking on any of the links below. Just register via the mobile app and then enter your promo code during the sign-up process.

Games Eligible For The Free Credits

Although the online casino free credits, you might have strict limits on the casino games you choose to play. Keep in mind that not every casino game you find out there is eligible, and some casino games might carry various contribution rates. Ensure you carefully read through the terms and conditions because you don’t want anything to disrupt your gaming experience.

For instance, in the free credits slots bonus, you might not play high variance games or progressive slots, which carry higher payouts. For the casino free credits with the free money, you might be in a position to choose various table games like online roulette or blackjack. Moreover, different casino games have different contributions.

Keep a watchful eye on the playthrough conditions also. In most free credits, there would be a flat wagering percentage that’s applied for the games you find out there. For instance, you might have to roll over the free bonus money several times before you can withdraw your winnings.

  • Slots online – In most free credits, all the slots games you find have a 100% contribution. Nonetheless, there might be various high returns to play games that aren’t included in the bonus. Essentially, all the progressive slots won't be allowed when clearing the casino bonus.
  • Table games – Also, you can play table games to clear the free credits bonus. Baccarat, blackjack, and roulette will often contribute about 10% and 25% towards the bonus.
  • Video poker – Video poker is pretty popular at the best Singapore online casinos. Video poker games usually contribute between 5% and 20% towards the bonus requirements based on the online casino.
  • For all other casino games – It’s always important to ensure you check through the wagering requirements to find the casino games that are eligible. Essentially, any casino live dealer games would be exempt, and you might not be in a position to play instant win games or virtual sports.

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Free Credits Playthrough Conditions

If you use the free credits bonus codes in Singapore, you’ll have to comply with the strict wagering conditions. Playthrough or wagering requirements are the conditions attached to the free credits bonus you’ve claimed. This is something you don’t want to miss because they are vital to ensuring you can withdraw your winnings. 

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Instant withdrawal when playing Online Casino at Don99

Finding the instant withdrawal online casino has become very easy. If you’re looking for the fastest payout casino where you can instantly win real money, you’re in real luck. Here, we review fast withdrawal online casinos with the quickest payout time.

Instant Withdrawal Online Casino

When you choose to play casino slots or other casino games, it's important to choose an online casino that instantly pays out your winnings. Our review of online casinos Don99 for fast casino payouts includes various factors besides the instant payout methods.

For casino players looking for same-day withdrawals, payout methods are essential as they directly affect your cashout time.

Our detailed guide to fast withdrawal casino Don99 site has great steps on how to find online casino site with same-day payouts. 

Fastest Payout Online Casinos Don99

Therefore, how do you make sure the casino you’ve joined offers instant payouts? It's important to always keep in mind those withdrawals need some verification. So, the speed of the payout depends on how fast the casino you’ve chosen to join processes withdrawals.

To facilitate top casino payouts, ensure the deposit method you choose to use is one of the fastest payment options accepted by the casino for withdrawals. Withdrawals and deposits usually go together as you can only cashout through the same method you had used to make a deposit. Some casino banking options like credit cards provide instant deposits, but longer cashout times as online casinos payout the winnings into the bank account that’s associated with the credit card.

You need to have all the important documentation well filled and read for verification. Incase you fail to submit your identification document and other important documents, you’ll have to start by sending these to the casino and wait for verification before your payment can be processed.

If you can opt for cryptocurrency. Bitcoin and other popular cryptos have the fastest withdrawal time.

Fastest Withdrawal Online Casinos

Same-day withdrawal online casinos in Don99 have fast cashout methods. Withdrawing your winnings at a casino refers to the process of cashing out your winnings, including the winnings, every once in a while. Some casino sites call this process the withdrawal.

The balance with the Don99 casino site comprises 2 components. First, this is the free balance that’s available for withdrawal.

If you’ve claimed the casino bonus, the second component is the bonus. This is because the bonus is bound to wagering or playthrough conditions. The balance isn’t available for cashout until the wagering conditions are met. The bonus funds will then be transferred to your casino balance and can be cashed out.

Before making the first cashout, the casino site has to finish the verification of your address and identity. For this reason, you need to send all the documents to the Don99 online casino. It's always best if you do this immediately after registering at the casino. In doing so, you can complete the verification process by the time you wish to cash out your winnings.Instant Withdrawal Online Casino Singapore 2021Fastest Withdrawal

Instant Withdrawal Casino Options – Instant Cashout Time

Cashout methods are the tenets of fast payout online casinos. The quickest way to get the fast payout is by using the fast withdrawal options with the fastest turnaround time. Also, check the casino site terms and conditions to find out what’s the average payout time for the banking option you’ve chosen.

An essential thing for you to keep in mind is that if you deposit more at the casino, then your chances of the payouts getting processed on time is quite high. Therefore, make informed decisions when depositing funds into your account. Some casino site might allow you to cashout using another payment method, rather than the one you had used to make a deposit.

For instant casino payouts, you should closely follow these guidelines and use some of the following cashout methods.

Ecopayz casino payouts

Ecopayz works just like Neteller. It’s a great electronic money service where gamblers can send and receive funds. The benefit that ecoPayz has over other payment methods such as Neteller and skrill is that it's fully functional in the United States. Players can use it to receive and deposit payouts.

Neteller instant payouts

Neteller is a popular e-wallet that allowed players to purchase services and goods electronically. Also, it allows players to instantly receive funds from across the globe. In the United States, the use of Neteller is limited, especially with regards to gambling. However, it's one of the quickest ways to cashout funds from the casino.

Bitcoin instant withdrawal

Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals are some of the fastest at Don99 online casinos. The manner in which cryptocurrencies and bitcoin work lend themselves to instant payout casinos. Because there is no middleman to deal with, the funds move instantly and directly from the casino to the player and vice versa. 

Instant Payout Online Casino

The initial step after you’ve submitted your withdrawal request is that it will get placed in your pending period. All Singapore online casinos usually have a certain pending period that’s often known as the reverse cashout period. The online casino offers you enough time to cancel the payout if you’ve made some mistake or even changed your mind.

The casino won't process the withdrawal request during this time. All Don99 casino site don’t have a similar period. Casinos that specify short pending periods usually have fast withdrawal speeds.

The processing of the withdrawal request after the end of the period phase is faster at some casino site than others. The request will then be placed on the queue and then processed.

There are random variations in the length of this queue at any point in time. It's possible that most players took the chance to make a cashout request within the same period you’ve submitted the request. Nonetheless, it’s true that casino site with large client bases will typically have long queues.

Same Day Payout Don99 Casino

After the casino has processed the withdrawal request, the money is remitted to the player via the selected cashout method. Depending on the innate nature of every cashout option takes a very different period for delivery of the money. We’ve already discussed some of the most important payment methods at DON99 online casinos.

Bitcoin is the fastest withdrawal method you can use at an online casino. Essentially, bitcoin is a crypto that’s stored in the online bitcoin account. It works in the same way as the dollar electronic wallet.

Transfer from the casino bitcoin account to the account is undertaken electronically and is immediate.

Also, wire transfers are electronically carried out through the network like Fedwire or SWIFT. The casino instructs the banks to transfer the money to a player’s bank account, which is then rerouted to you.

Some casinos process checks and sends them out. After receiving the check, you have to physically take it to the bank and then wait for the check to clear. This takes between 7 and 10 business days.

Instant Payout Casino – Withdrawal Limits

Players have the right to cashout funds due any time they want. Don99 online casinos know this but are still constrained to imposing withdrawal limits because of the randomness in the cashout requests. In a few weeks, the overall sum of the withdrawal request is quite small and in other weeks, it might be huge and this affects the casino payouts.

Online casinos can’t keep the infinite sums of real money idle due to the fact that they have long queues of cashout requests. These work on various statistical averages. Depending on the past experience they do several works and come up with weekly limits per player.

If you happen to with large sums of cash each year, you’ll have to start by cashing out small amounts until you’ve withdrawn all your funds. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule. For instance, if you’ve been lucky and have hit the biggest progressive jackpot and want to withdraw your winnings, the best Don99 casino site allow you. It could take a while for you to organize all your payments, but the good news is that you won't be limited to the weekly limits.

Moreover, the weekly limits aren’t similar for all casino players. The players who bet large sums usually get enrolled into a VIP level and enjoy large weekly withdrawal limits.

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Benefits Of Playing With Fast Payout Casinos

Even the most patient players will find it hard to wait for weeks or months for the casino to process their withdrawal requests. It’s still beneficial to play with instant payout online casinos. It’s for this reason you should consider playing at an instant withdrawal online casino in Don99 because of the speed of the payouts. The payouts speed is one of the many things that these casinos do. Online casinos with fast payouts usually have many other things to offer including ongoing bonuses and other promotional offers. Having reputable businesses and a great cash flow makes it easier for these online casinos to partner with renowned software providers in the iGaming sector.

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Free Credit Casino Singapore 2022

Free casino credit is one of the most sought-after bonuses, offering new players free credits to use at an online casino, without having to spend their own money. The free credits bonus used to be a very common offerings at the best online casinos, but these free credits have recently become very rare. It’s this absence why every player seems to be looking for the best bonuses.

Free Credit Casino Singapore 2022

What Are Free Casino Credits?

If you are new to the world of online gambling, this might be your first time hearing about the free credits. As the name implies, players can claim this bonus offer before even depositing into the casino account. Technically, it means that only new players are eligible for the new bonus offers. The bonus might be automatically credited into a player's account or a player will be asked to use the bonus promo code.

In different ways, this makes the no deposit casino bonus similar to the sign-up bonus. Nevertheless, to claim the free credits offer players will be required to deposit large sums of money into their account. However, these free credits are usually smaller but are also very popular among gamblers. In many cases, these bonuses are usually a small amount, about $10. Nevertheless, it’s possible for people to find bigger bonuses at the best Singapore online casinos, even though these offers aren’t common. Despite the fact that they are smaller in size, players still get the casino free credits and this allows them to try out the casino and enjoy every second they spend playing there.

Types Of Free Credits

Now that you know what the free casino credits are, you also need to understand that there are several broad categories, which they fall into. Although both offer them funds to start to play at the online casino, there are a few differences with regards to how they deal with the casino winnings.

Cashable No Deposit Bonuses

The cashable free credits are without a doubt one of the most desirable offers. As the name implies, the version might be withdrawn, alongside the winnings the players have made. For example, if the available bonus was about $20 and the player wins $100, they would be able to withdraw about $120.

Non-Cashable No Deposit Bonus

As one might guess, the version of the casino bonus cannot be withdrawn. Nevertheless, all isn’t losing since players can still withdraw their winnings. Therefore, if we check out the above-mentioned example, you would be able to withdraw about $100 instead of $120.

It’s important to remember, the only time you could withdraw anything is after you have reached your playthrough conditions. New players should pay close attention to the casinos wagering conditions is, to avoid disappointment.

Bonus Free Spins Bonus

The casino-free credits haven’t just become less common, but they’ve also changed over the past few years. Most online casinos don’t offer these bonuses anymore with the fixed monetary value, rather than opt to offer players several free spins. Essentially, the online casinos offer about 10 free spins. Online casinos also tend to use these to promote new online slots that have been recently launched.

What Claims The Free Credits Casino Singapore?

Some gamblers might start wondering if the amount of the free credits is that small, why claim it in the first place? For starters, who does not like free things? You are lottery being awarded free money to play at an online casino for doing nothing.

Furthermore, it's great for new players to try a casino before they fully commit and make any type of deposit into their account. It allows players to try different games to see how you feel at the casino, although having some real cash on the line.

Some players get worried when playing the free casino games; the outcome would be different from when you have actual funds in your casino account. The free credit allows you to try different casino games, without putting your money on the line. 

Some casino players still worry that if you choose to play free casino games still the gaming experience would be different than if you choose to deposit real money into your account to play real money games. The free credit allows you the see the casino games you can play with real money in your casino account.

Terms & Conditions

As with any type of casino bonus, players should be fully aware of the T&Cs. The casino can’t be expected to offer players some bonus funds and allow the gamblers to do anything they want. Many players would just withdraw the free cash and walk away without even playing the available games.

Keep in mind that the no deposit bonuses aren’t immune to any terms and conditions and players that accept the free bonus will have to fulfill the playthrough conditions before they can be allowed to cashout their winnings. The playthrough conditions would normally be about 30x the free credits and the players will need to roll over the bonus a few times before they are allowed to cashout their winnings.

No Deposit Bonus Vs. Free Play

There is another kind of bonus that online casinos offer that similar to the sign-up bonus, referred to as a free play credit. This should be confused with the free play games, where players can try different casino games for free with no imagery credits.

The free play casino bonus offers players a certain amount of free cash, for example, you’ll find a casino offering a $500 bonus and they will have a number of times to play with the cash. After the time limit is over, they can then keep the size of the winnings.

The free play bonus is pretty rare and it's highly likely that you’ll find them being offered by some of the best casinos.

How To Choose The Free Credits Bonus

As mentioned earlier, there are very players that offer the free credits bonus; therefore, gamblers are not really spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the best bonus. However, many great options are waiting for you out there. Therefore, how do you choose the best offers available? Following is a detailed list of the things you should consider when looking for the best free credits offers.

  • Terms and Conditions – The T&Cs attached to the bonus is one of the most important things one should consider to ensure the bonus they are claiming is worthwhile.
  • The Games – To enjoy the casino games for a long period, players should check whether the casino they wish to join offers a wide range of high-quality games.
  • The casino – The bonus isn’t all that matters, after the bonus is depleted, you need to ensure the casino you’ve chosen to join is reputable and safe.
  • Bonus size – one of the most important things one should consider is the size of the casino bonus. The bigger the bonus the better.

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Free Credits FAQ

What are free credits?

The no deposit casino bonus is without a doubt one of the most wanted bonuses in the casino gaming industry. The bonus allows players to get free credits without having to deposit funds into their casino account. The deposit might not be very big, but it's free credits, so who is even complaining.

What type of no deposit casino bonuses are available?

There are different types of free credits available – these are non-cashable and cashable bonuses. The cashable bonus allows gamblers to cashout the bonus alongside their winnings. On the other hand, the non-cashable bonus doesn’t allow players to do this, players are only able to cashout the funds they hand won when using these bonuses.

How does the free casino credit bonus work?

Claiming the free credits bonus is pretty straightforward. Players would be awarded the free credits after they’ve credited the casino. In many cases, this happens automatically without players being asked to input the code. Nevertheless, as it’s always the case, always make sure you’ve read through the terms and conditions of the bonus to ensure you’re doing the right thing.

Who qualifies for the free credits?

Qualifying for the free credits is pretty easy; you need to be a new player at a casino. After you’ve signed up, the free credits would be automatically credited into your account. Nonetheless, some casinos offer free credits to existing players as part of the promotional offers.

What is playthrough requirements?

Playthrough requirements are parts of the T&Cs that online casinos put in place for all promotional offers and bonuses. The playthrough requirements define the number of times the player needs to wager the bonus before they can be allowed to cash out their winnings. For instance, if a player receives a $100 bonus attached to 40x playthrough conditions, you need to wager about $4,000 before you can be allowed to cashout your winnings.

Are free credits worth it?

Of course! Players don’t risk anything when claiming the free credits. All they have to do is sign up and claim the free credits. 

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Best Free SGD Credit Mobile Casino 2022

Mobile betting allows the players to play at their best poker rooms, bookies, and casino games no matter where they live across the globe. Currently, players can enjoy the same selection of games on their mobile devices like on their desktops and computers. In this article, we will provide a list of the top mobile casino apps as well as the best mobile bonuses.

Best Free SGD Credit Mobile Casino 2022

Mobile Casino Bonuses

Each best casino website provides some form of casino bonuses including free spins, reload no deposit, and mobile bonuses. Most of these sites provide many bonuses to accommodate both the loyal and the new players. Bonuses play a major role in attracting new customers to online betting websites and this is essential if they desire to become popular as well as remain lucrative.

Experienced players understand that they can get extra bonus rounds when betting on their tablet or smartphone or using a particular payment method. Real money websites usually test their new mobile features or apps on their clients, which implies these lucky players can get additional bonus money to extend their gameplay. Below, are some of the mobile bonuses, bettors can find at online betting sites;

Mobile Deposit Bonus

Just as its name implies, no deposit bonuses happen to be a type of bonus, which don’t need a deposit for the bettors to claim them. But, compared to other types of casino mobile bonuses, these are a bit small (normally range from $10 to 20) and are created to help players try out the casino app without risking their own money.

No deposit bonus usually attracts the players that are lazy to enter long credit card information on the touchscreen. These types of bonuses are worth providing, though they usually feature heavy wagering requirements.

Sign Up Bonuses

Sign-up bonuses are usually given to players that sign up with a specific casino site for the first time. They are similar to the match bonus, where the money deposited by the players is matched up to a particular level. For instance, if you deposit $150, you will get a match deposit of an extra $150 to inform of bonus money. Players are needed to bet using the bonus money many times, normally 25 to 50 times their deposit’s value before they can be allowed to cash out their winnings. Sign-up bonuses are also a good way of increasing your mobile gaming bankroll to extend your gameplay.

Free Spins

This is another popular mobile casino bonus that offers bettors wager-free spins that they can use on their best slot games. Normally, free spins bonuses are combined with no deposit bonus or sign-up bonuses for creating packages for the new players. Instead, some casino sites will offer free spins to make sure that the loyal players will return to the casino. To get this bonus, you will be required to deposit a small token.

Mobile Casino Options

From Android to Windows phone and iPhone, bettors have all types of methods that they can use to access online betting while on the go. With an integrated marketplace share of over 98% in Singapore, Android and iOS are without a doubt, the most used options for mobile betting.

Some years ago, Google Play Store and App Store prohibited real money betting apps. As a result of this, the online casino websites turned to HTML5, enabling mobile players to access functional websites. This made Google and Apple loosen the restriction in their own apps stores and began featuring betting apps.


Google loosened its stand on real money apps before Apple and the latter is trying to catch up. Notwithstanding having a bigger market share in major areas such as Singapore and other countries worldwide, there are more apps in the App Store than in the Google Play Store.

That’s a minor issue, though it implies that prospective bettors will be possibly be excited by having a wide selection. There is a wide range of good apps within the Google Play Store, though it’s also wise to use responsive websites for you to access them. Though the gameplay of each one of them differs.


As we stated above, Apple undertook a more practical position with regards to accepting the online betting websites earlier compared to Google. Players are offered a wide range of options in an App Store then in a Google play store.

Regardless of the online casino singapore that you opt to play at, it’s possible to find an iPhone app or an HTML5 variant of its website, which bettors can use. Just as on the Android and iOS apps, slots always feature a package of mobile game portfolios, though there are other many types of games you can play as well

Online casino mobile games

Currently, players can play most of the available games on their tablets and smartphones. Following are some casino games that players can access using their mobile devices.

Mobile Slots

In multiple ways, playing online slots using a mobile device will give you the same experience as that of a brick-and-mortar casino compared to when using a desktop or laptop. This is because modern slot machines utilize a touchscreen interface, which is similar to what bettors find on their mobile devices.

Most slots don’t need players to do much except to press the ‘Spin’ button. Slots are perfectly compatible with tablet and smartphone screens. In addition to that, the best casinos still let players play both the real money and free slots using their mobile devices.

Regardless of whether you use a responsive site or a mobile app, bettors will never face problems getting the slots games to play online because casino websites hugely market it to the players.

Mobile Poker

Poker lovers can access both the casino poker variants as well as ‘bettor versus bettor’ games such as Omaha and Texas Hold’em when playing at online casino sites. When playing on a mobile with a small screen device, the game will be adjusted, though the players will enjoy the same user experience as that of a computer.

Although you can enjoy mobile poker on the go, there are many chances of missing your turn and folding accidentally when distracted. If you avoid this, you will find mobile poker games is the best way of earning some additional cash or sharpen your skills for free.

Bettors that want to use their skills on other people should find mobile casino apps with poker rooms. But, players can enjoy casino poker games on any real money casino app.

Mobile Roulette

At first sight, roulette may not look like the best game for a smaller screen due to the wide range of bets provided on its table. As a result of this, casino game designers are working so hard to design an enjoyable and immersive roulette experience for mobile apps.

But, players usually find it hard placing outside bets (black/red, odd/even) compared to betting on single numbers. At first, bettors should try out playing free roulette games, until they learn the mechanics used. Players can enjoy the best roulette games on various mobile apps. Always ensure that you stick to European or French roulette instead of American roulette if you are looking for better odds.

Mobile Blackjack

Blackjack is the best casino game that you can enjoy on a mobile device because of the few numbers of activities gamblers can take (split, double, or hit). All the essential buttons fit on the smaller screen and with no need of sacrificing any gameplay experience.

Gamblers can enjoy real money and free blackjack games via casino apps and responsive sites. Any bet responsive website or casino app will feature one kind of blackjack for you to play. But, it’s good to read the rules (or play several hands for free) before you deposit money to make sure you understand any variations in the gameplay or rules with a particular casino.

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Top Casino Apps

There are many different factors that players should take into consideration when finding the top casino app. Some bettors, for instance, will look for the max spins available while others are after specific games in the library on online casinos. Bearing that in mind, mobile casinos offer players different types of services. This allows them to explore other games and casinos for free, anytime they want. When picking the best casino app to download, it’s good to check out for safety features and if they accept players from your country.

Free Casino Games And Apps

If you are looking to start by playing free casino games using your mobile device, there are many methods of doing that. First, you access the free mobile games offered in Google Play Store or App Store. However, one thing you need to understand is that you can’t win real money when playing free games though players may be allowed to buy extra coins or credits.

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How Can I Bet Online In Singapore?

All sports betting websites covers the most famous sports, providing a majority of marketplaces on the biggest leagues, tournaments and events. Below, we will list the leading sports in Singapore and calendar highlights for every sport.

How Can I Bet Online In Singapore?


Football is one of the most popular sports in Singapore and most players love betting on it. On the other hand, NFL is the biggest sport franchise across the globe and appeals most players. Football’s regular season concludes in January and February for the iconic Super Bowl and NFL Playoffs. Bookies provides a wide selection of marketplaces on each NFL game including the prop bets for the newbies and famous under/over touchdowns marketplaces. 


Each spring comes with a fresh season of MLB (Major Season Baseball) and bettors can place bets on all 162 games. Baseball is a stats laden sport that imparts itself well to an incredible betting experience, particularly to the bettors that places in-play bets.  If you follow our guide on baseball, you will learn the baseball odds, the best MLB betting strategies as well as help you with some of the questions surrounding baseball betting. 


This is the 2nd most popular betting option in Singapore after the NFL. NBA betting offers multiple choices for bettors in the entire season, with a broader audience opting for the NBA finals as well as the playoffs. The NCAA happens to be the state competition for the university basketball and includes March madness, a month of knockout tournament for 67 games where decisions are made on the national champions. 


From COD and FIFA to CS:Go and League of Legends, eSports is a huge business (anticipated to hit around $12.9 billion, in 2021), which hasn’t been around for so long. It’s perceived as the new frontline of online betting by many, and many bets are also available just like in the traditional sports. The major attraction of eSports betting is the live streaming. On top of that eSports has gained a huge following from the likes of YouTube and Twitch. You can follow as these actions on the top sports betting websites. 


Soccer has emerged as a major sport in Singapore with the MLS constantly gaining a huge popularity. Overseas, popular leagues such as the EUFA champions League and English Premier League also lead in the betting marketplace. Even though it carries the World Cup for the entire world to note; after every 4 years this tournament hosts 32 nations that compete for worldwide glory and the Singapore team is determined to qualify for the Qatar 2022. 


The 4 majors occurs between a space of 4 months, but bettor can bet on other events like the European Tour and PGA Tour all year round. The Singapore Open, PGA Championship and The Masters are the 3 of the 4 main championships, which takes place across Singapore. The Open on the other hand is hosted in the United Kingdom. Bettors can place their bets on anything from scoring records to outright winners. 

Ice Hockey 

With multiple fast-paced actions, the NHL has been and will always be a popular choice for the bettors, particularly in Singapore. The culmination of this season is the Stanley Cup and symbolizes the perfect chance to place a few wagers. Betting marketplaces for ice hockey have become extremely popular and cater for the advanced and newbie bettors. 

Horse Racing

This is another sports that is synonymous with betting. You can wager on races each day from Singapore and across the world. Singapore bettors can bet on Kentucky Derby as well as the Grand National of horse racing calendar. 


From the US Open to Grand Slams such as Wimbledon and ATP World Tour Final to Miami Open, tennis provides a stunning variety to the gamblers. Other surfaces that are worth your consideration includes carpet and clay, grass, synthetic, as well as tournaments such as the French Open. With all these, it’s very simple to predict on tennis results.

How We Rank The Best Online Sports Betting Websites

When betting for real money at the sports gambling websites, it’s incredibly important to ensure that you are wagering at a reputable, fair and safe bookie. It’s not simple to find a site with all those qualities in an industry with a vast range of options. However, this shouldn’t worry you as our experts have conducted a thorough list on most of the betting site and have come up with a short list where you can choose from. Our broad evaluation process rates a bookie from all major areas making sure that our readers will have a secure, safe and smooth betting experience. Below are the major areas that we look out for before recommending any betting website. 


This is our first and major priority when assessing sports websites. This to ensure that your data and money will be secure at all times. Each website we market on our site must have the right and respected licenses as well as uses a high end SSL encryption technology. 

Promotions And Bonuses

Bonuses are also important and bettors should always consider them before picking any sports betting website. We ensure that the best bookies features the welcome bonus. These shows how a bookie values new bettors and offers a good chance to wager without risking your hard earned money. 

Competitive Odds 

Currently, it’s nearly impossible to run an online bookie without offering competitive odds. But, there are sites that offers better odds than others. It’s for that reason that we make sure to promote the websites that provides the best odds. 

Range Of Markets

You can pick your favorite sport to bet on from the ones that we have listed above. Each of them features many marketplaces that you can choose from. On top of that, we also check out to see how every website covers more niche events as well as sports. 

Live Streaming And Betting 

Currently, live streaming and betting has become a part and parcel of the modern sports betting, which makes it an important part of online betting websites. Sports such as soccer, tennis and football needs to be offered by dozens of live betting marketplaces. Also, bettors should also be in a position to stream live the events and matches through the live stream app or website. 

Payment Methods

A wide range of payment methods is essential for all the best online bookies. We expect banking options to be fast and valid. On top of that, the websites should provide flawless and fast payouts with no hidden costs. 

Mobile Experience 

We also expect each top online bookie site to contain a fully functional mobile website and a simple to use, responsive and fast app. All bettors should be provided with a choice to download the app, regardless whether they are using an Android or iOS device.

Sports Betting Bonuses

Online sports betting has gained a lot of popularity than brick and mortar sports by providing bonuses. The top online bookies usually provides attractive and juicy bonuses to both the existing and new customers. Normally, these bonuses comes in the form of free money or free bets, enabling bettors to wager without any risks. But, before claiming any sports bonus, make sure that you check out the wagering requirements beforehand. 

Welcome Bonus

Once you are done with registration, you will receive a welcome bonus on your betting account from your chosen bookie. Normally, the bet is in form of free cash or free spins that will help you get started. 

Free Bets 

These are the most popular types of betting bonuses. They enable you to bet for a fixed bet free of charge, and in some cases, you will be allowed to cash out your winnings. 

Deposit Match 

This is where the bookie will match the money deposited with an equal percentage. 

Reload Bonus 

Similar to the deposit match bonus, with this type of a bonus the website will match your second bonus. Normally, reload bonus is less than the deposit match amount. 

Loyalty Bonus 

This one is for the existing bettors only. Loyalty bonuses are offered as a cash back, exclusive perks or free bets.

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Sports Betting Odds

Understanding the odds of sports betting and online casino sg isn’t always simple, mostly for the newbies. With multiple formats for different areas, it can be challenging to learn the European bookie as a Singapore bookie. Same way, it can also be confusing to know the amount you can win if your bet results from the long odds.

Whether you are an advanced bettor or not, it’s crucial to understand the difference between the decimal, fractional and Singaporean odds. Fortunately, we have been able to bring up respected and recognized guides that will help you to learn the odds very fast. When you decide to start betting, kick off with the smaller stakes, especially if you are a newbie. Starting with the low-risk strategy helps you to prepare for larger wagers.

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Factors to evaluate the best online gambling site Singapore in 2022

As the iGaming industry develops, multiple new casinos are being released on the Internet. Featuring the newest games, incredible welcome bonuses as well as a smooth user experience, there are many reasons for gamblers to try out their favorite games at the new online casino Singapore. The aim of this article is to help the players find the best new online casino that is safe with quick payouts and reliable software.

Factors to evaluate the best online gambling site Singapore in 2022

Why Pick The New Online Casinos?

At first, many people usually conclude that the new online casino are similar to the already established casino websites. But, when players dig deeper, they usually find out that new casinos provide special perks, which contributes to a great gameplay experience. Below, are some of the advantages that you will enjoy when you decide to play at the best new online casino;

Huge Casino Bonuses

One of the crucial methods that casino websites use to appeal to new players is providing welcome bonuses. It’s essential for the new websites to increase their traffic as fast as possible to become sustainable.

Bearing that in mind, new websites normally provide generous online casino bonuses to appeal to more players. If they manage to appeal many bettors to their new sites, they will be in a position to provide seasonal bonuses, which will sustain the casino.

Good Selection Of Games

Some already established websites add new games each month or week. Others, on the other hand, are already content with the traffic they have and don’t replace the old library with a new one. Top new online sites mostly utilize high-end software and provide a broad selection of games, which helps them to outshine other casinos.

Mobile Compatibility

While some already established sites are still trying to figure out how to provide games that are compatible with mobile devices and tablets, newer online casinos are designed with mobile betting as a priority. With the newer sites, expect to find a huge mobile gaming portfolio as well as user-friendly functionality.

Special Bonuses For The Loyal Bettors

New online sites know the benefit of loyal players. So, they are doing everything they can to convince the bettors to turn away from their old gambling habits and join the new gambling platform.

Just by offering generous promotions including daily bonuses for the regular players to no deposit bonus for new players and great customer support for all players, new casinos have managed to persuade the players to abandon casinos, which they have been betting at for many years and switch to the newer sites. c for new players and great customer support for all players, they have managed to persuade the players to abandon casinos, wh

Big Jackpot Prizes

Newer sites are eager to leave a good reputation on the internet. While they can’t assure players of a life-changing jackpot to be won at their casino, they provide other huge jackpot games and progressive slots. This provides them with a great chance to display huge amounts of money they have paid their bettors to inform of winnings.

Best Online Gambling Site Singapore Of 2021

How To Pick A Secure New Betting Website

The first and important thing that you should consider when picking your favorite new casino site is its security. Bettors should ensure that they check if an online site utilizes a high-end SSL encryption technology, is regulated and licensed by a popular gambling body, and displays details about any 3rd party audits tests, which its RNGs is subjected to.

Make sure that you check out whether the casino accepts bettors from your country; there is nothing frustrating like finishing up the registration process only to realize out that the casino doesn’t accept players from your jurisdiction.

It supports a vast range of banking options as well as currencies, which indicates that the casino is flexible. It’s very convenient when players use their best payment methods as well as their local currency. Lastly, it’s good to check out your favorite new casinos if they host your preferred games in their libraries.

How we rate new online casinos

Each new online website undergoes a thorough evaluation process with our experts, before being featured on our list. Some of the processes used to review the new casinos includes;


Every new site must have effective strong measures to safeguard user’s information as well as money from hackers.


On our website, we only promote the new casinos that have been licensed and are regulated by an independent authority, which checks the available games for randomness.

Casino Promotions

Our experts actively research for the new casino sites to rank the ones with great casino bonuses. We also read the terms conditions for these bonuses to make sure players get fair promotions.


We must ensure that all the casinos that we recommend provide a wide range of games to the bettors.

Mobile Gaming

All casino websites must have support for smartphones and tablets for them to appear on our website.

Fast payouts

If any online site shows a pattern of undelivered or slow payouts to the bettors, we won’t add on our list of the best new casinos.


All bettors have a dream of winning the biggest jackpot. As a result, all new casino sites must provide good rewards for our bettor’s deposits.

Fun Gameplay

We can’t dare to include a casino on our website that is malfunctioning, outdated, and boring.

What Games Should Players Expect To Play At The New Sites?

Normally, new sites offer newer games from the best software developers, though some already established casinos usually update their game libraries as well. Below are some games that you should expect to find at newer casinos:

  • Keno
  • Craps
  • Blackjack
  • Bingo baccarat
  • Video poker
  • Slots
  • Roulette
  • Poker
  • Live dealer games

Besides that, new casino sites normally take risks on non-traditional games, wacky versions, and new casino titles, which classic casinos usually avoid. If you are looking to try out new games to experience good gambling sessions, then consider playing at the newer sites.

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Guide on what to check out before joining a new online casino

Before you deposit your hard-earned money in a new site, its’ good that you follow these steps below to enhance your experience at the casino;

Check out for the sustainability of the new casino before you register

There are multiple reasons why specific casinos, even the ones we have recommended may not be suitable for some bettors. For instance, it might not accept bettors from particular jurisdictions, or it might feature a shortlist of payment methods.

Look for the best casino bonuses for you sign up

Before you open an account, it’s good that you conduct research first on which bonuses are provided by the new casino site and the requirements that you must fulfill. Some bonuses will need you to enter a code or might provide various sign-up bonuses. Decide which will be more important to you before you sign up.

Look out for the maximum and minimum withdrawals

You should be reasonable with your bankroll and only bet at the sites that you feel you can afford. A casino may be good in several ways though it needs you to make heavy minimum deposits and insists players pay out jackpot wins as allowances, making them unsuitable for all players.

Check out the player's testimonials and reviews

We created our site with an intention of helping players out to find the best new casino sites. Expert player testimonials, as well as casino reviews, are the best ways of learning the disadvantages and advantages of particular casino websites faster. On top of that, you can learn the particular pattern of specific sites, like malfunctioning games and slow payouts.

The registration process at the new online casino sites

The process of registering at the new sites is the same as signing up at an older casino. Some websites give out bonuses automatically while others will need to enter the promotional code, though that doesn’t depend on the age of the casino.

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